Wilkies 5M Classic
22 May 08
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
126:18   Aaron Doherty PBSENMCity of Derry26:1826:181.2 
227:32   Colin Loughery PBV40MSpringwell27:3227:326.8 
328:38   Paul McCafferty SBV40MCity of Derry28:3827:516.0 
428:47   Martin Gormley  V40MLetterkenny, IRL/Ireland28:0928:098.2 
528:51   Sean Laverty  V40MCity of Derry28:1728:0131.6 
629:01   James Crampsey SBV40MCity of Derry29:0128:415.9 
729:18   Gerry O'Doherty PBV50MSpringwell29:1829:147.5 
829:35   Billy Orr SBV45MFoyle Valley29:3527:3213.6 
1431:04   Cathy McCourt  V35WNorth Belfast30:2228:438.7 
1531:11   Margaret Kelly PBV35WLetterkenny, IRL/Ireland31:1131:1135.1 
1631:14   Peter Lilburn SBV50MCity of Derry31:1429:5218.0 
2032:04   Gillian Wasson PBSENWSpringwell32:0430:257.5 
2132:18   Christy McMonagle PBV60MCity of Derry/Ireland32:1832:1833.6 
2232:19   Olivia McCullagh PBSENWCity of Derry32:1932:19  
3033:04   Hannah Shields SBV40WCity of Derry33:0431:449.3 
3935:03   Bernie Ryan PBV45WCity of Derry35:0335:03