Barry Island parkrun # 48 External Results
Barry Island
2 Apr 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:46Andrew Tuckey SBV35MBridgend16:4616:202.4 
218:08Ben Butler-Madden  S30MPenarth & Dinas16:4815:49-1.8 
320:09Joanne Donnelly  V40WNewcastle (Staffs)19:2619:236.4 
420:17Daniel Bratton  S25MDorking & Mole Valley19:0719:026.6 
520:47Rob Evans  V60MLes Croupiers19:2319:0211.0 
621:12Rhys Hardman  U15MBridgend19:4516:12-1.9 
721:28Benjamin Macey  U15MBarry & Vale20:2219:2211.4 
821:34Hannah Bye  S30WUnattached20:1020:109.1Click your Clock logo
921:53Rhodri Thomas PBV35MPegasus RC20:5520:5514.4 
1021:58Gina Hardman  V45WBridgend20:4420:269.2 
1122:07Robert Newman V45MUnattached    
1222:20Elliott Thomas  V40MUnattached22:0121:4416.8 
1322:23Mark Ellis  V40MBarry & Vale21:3721:3715.8 
1422:57Matthew Morrell V40MUnattached    
1523:17Mike James  V50MUnattached21:3619:5913.5 
1624:32Peter Stunell  V35MUnattached22:2819:3315.8 
1724:49Caitlin Williams U15WSeriously Mad Runners (Barry)    
1825:26Jack Graham U15MUnattached    
1925:27John Lewis  V50MBarry & Vale24:3823:1229.1 
2025:38Bethan Williams U18WSeriously Mad Runners (Barry)    
2126:38Sophie Gott  V35WHendre Lake RC23:5323:5317.4 
2226:45Neil Graham S30MUnattached    
2326:52John Frazer V60MUnattached    
2426:54Lisa Williams V40WSeriously Mad Runners (Barry)    
2526:58Nina Ray V35WUnattached    
2626:59Ben Donnelly U15MNewcastle (Staffs) Triathlon Club    
2727:18Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2828:26Taylor Hughes U15MUnattached    
2928:32Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3028:33Brian Snelling V65MAthletics North    
3128:35Andrew Paul V60MSeriously Mad Runners (Barry)    
3228:43Olivia Townsend U15WUnattached    
3328:45Matthew Lewis V40MUnattached    
3429:08Paul Buckle V45MUnattached    
3529:32Oliver McNabb U11MUnattached    
3629:38Rhys McNabb U11MUnattached    
3729:39James McNabb V35MUnattached    
3829:42Justin Doran  S30MUnattached28:5226:5419.8 
3929:44Julie Spurway V45WUnattached    
4030:07Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4130:08John Deakin  V70MBarry & Vale28:2228:2224.6 
4230:18Vicky Greest V40WUnattached    
4330:23Stacey Anastasi V35WUnattached    
4430:35Allan Price  V45MUnattached26:3223:4227.7 
4530:36Ryan Price S25MUnattached    
4630:42Tracy Buckle V40WSeriously Mad Runners (Barry)    
4730:43Martyn Parsons V45MSeriously Mad Runners (Barry)    
4832:18Michelle Green S25WUnattached    
4932:19Jonathan Murrin V45MUnattached    
5032:28Lia Fry U15WUnattached    
5134:11Sarah Betts V45WUnattached    
5235:22Jane Ellis V40WUnattached    
5335:24Amanda Jones V40WUnattached    
5455:17Jason Elworthy T38/F38  V40MBarry & Vale/Welsh Masters53:0143:1439.0Click your Clock logo
5555:17Mark Broughton  V45MUnattached36:5123:1022.7