Brecon AC 5 External Results
7 Jun 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
126:31Phil Matthews SBV35MSwansea26:3125:37-3.8 
228:30Tim Iveson SBSENMBuilth28:3026:28-0.1 
328:50Matthew Evans  SENMAberdare Valley27:1027:103.0 
429:44Sam Lewis Jones SENMParc Bryn Bach    
530:00Neil Jones  V35MOgmore Phoenix/Unattached29:5629:18-0.1 
630:28Liam Mills SENMArmy    
730:32Barney Goodrich SBV40MBrecon30:3230:076.9 
831:38Tom Wood U20MChrist Col    
931:42Phil Kendrick  V50MBrecon/Spa Tans30:4227:3517.6 
1031:45Michael Holloway SENM     
1131:47John Mullaney PBSENMAberdare Valley31:4731:4516.3 
1231:52Dale Williams PBV40MBrecon31:0331:0316.1 
1332:35Katie Roby PBSENWBrecon/MDC32:3532:3525.9 
1432:51Lauren Cooper SBU23WParc Bryn Bach32:5129:081.3 
1533:12Paul Davies SBV35MAberdare Valley33:1231:2013.3 
1633:39Mark Dunscombe SBV50MAberdare Valley33:3932:4711.4 
1733:44Andrew Brassington V50MEbbw Vale    
1833:54Pete Sowerby SBV50MBrecon33:5431:235.0 
1934:05Craig Whittall U20MChrist Col    
2034:09Emma Matthews SBSENWBuilth34:0934:008.5 
2134:31Tony Bramuan V35M     
2234:35Rebecca Templeton SENW     
2334:44Kelly Morgan SBV35WAberdare Valley/Police34:4432:236.9 
2434:45Natalie Taylor SENWMynydd Du    
2535:09Graham Mack SBV55MMerthyr RC35:0934:008.4 
2635:18Martin Carter SBV45MHay Hotfooters35:1832:5814.4 
2735:19Wendy Price V35W     
2835:26Andrew Smart V35M     
2935:26Allen Bunney SBV45MAberdare Valley35:2633:3513.3 
3035:37Robert King PBV35MParc Bryn Bach35:3735:3714.3 
3135:47Steve Paskell V40MPontyclun    
3235:50Stephen Davies SENM     
3335:55Mark Sims SBV60MBrecon/Pewsey Vale35:5535:5212.4 
3435:56Danielle Phillips SBSENWParc Bryn Bach35:5633:158.1Click your Clock logo
3536:03Adrian Taylor SBV55MParc Bryn Bach/Merthyr RC36:0333:5318.5 
3636:14Dean Thomas PBV45MMerthyr RC36:1436:1421.4 
3736:16Jon Heissig V45MBrecon Tri    
3836:20Emma Bald PBV35WBrecon36:2036:2024.2 
3936:22Paul Tucker V50M     
4036:46Geraint Evans V45MLlandovery    
4136:47Naomi Law PBV50WMynydd Du36:4736:4727.6 
4236:53Barry Griffiths SBV50MBrecon36:5335:3610.1 
4337:02Will Ford V35MHay Hotfooters    
4437:21Ashley Haworth V45M     
4537:24Derek Osborne SBV50MBrecon/Welsh Masters37:2434:1513.5 
4637:24Aimee Ferguson PBSENWBrecon37:2434:249.4 
4737:34James Williams PBSENMParc Bryn Bach37:3437:3415.5 
4837:41Chris Dodds PBV50MUnattached37:4137:4135.7 
4937:50Mike Lewis V45M     
5037:55Bob Smith SBV60MBuilth37:5537:0229.0 
5138:03David Rees SBV65MHay Hotfooters38:0333:0037.8 
5238:13Sian Jones SENWParc Bryn Bach    
5338:23Brian Morgan V45MHay    
5439:26Kate Griffin U20WChrist Col    
5539:30Ania Ciolek SBV35WVillage Vipers/Welsh Masters39:3038:1712.7 
5639:42Matthew Dempsey U20MChrist Col    
5739:42Sam Jones U20MChrist Col    
5839:53Beth Wood U20W     
5940:11Brenda Avery SBV65WChepstow H/Welsh Masters40:1137:1219.7 
6040:20Catherine Gilbert SBV40WBrecon40:2038:0716.0 
6140:33Simon Jones SBV50MAberdare Valley40:3339:0438.5 
6240:35katie Mills SENW     
6340:37Jill Williams V40WHay Hotfooters    
6440:38Kelly Collins SBV35WParc Bryn Bach40:3838:3917.4 
6540:44John Price SBV55MHay Hotfooters40:4439:3121.6 
6640:44Rob Williams SBV55MBrecon40:4439:4525.4 
6741:06Rhodri Price SENMSW Police Tri    
6841:13Tim Sheppard V40M     
6941:31Suizanne Kendrick V50WRhayadar    
7041:37Gary Bartram V35M     
7141:46Martin Charles V35MPontyclun    
7241:49Kevin Dunster V50M     
7341:59Andrew Meadows SENMBrecon    
7441:59Aled Edwards V40MBrecon Tri    
7542:07Kate Hovers V55WBrecon Tri    
7642:13Beverley Tucker SBV45WBrecon42:1335:0420.1 
7742:31Alan Davies V55M     
7842:42Thomas Few SENMTaff Ely Tri    
7942:42Jo Lord SBV50WHay Hotfooters42:4242:2036.3 
8042:51Molly Smith U20WMerthyr    
8142:52Anne-Marie Montoto SBV45WMerthyr RC42:5242:3123.2 
8242:57Rodri Evans SENMChrist Col    
8343:03Gary Starkey SENMHay Hotfooters    
8443:26Dhana Caple  V40WCDF Runners42:5442:5418.8 
8543:36Les Williams V60MRhayadar    
8643:45Tim Trumper V50MChrist Col    
8743:46Matthew Harris V50MPontyclun    
8843:56Bethan Jones V50W     
8944:10Paul Bufton V40MBrecon Tri    
9044:14Jo Rodderick V40W     
9144:15Geoff Key V60M     
9244:21Gareth Holyfield V50M     
9344:55Eirian Griffiths SENW     
9445:03Claire Key PBV35WBrecon45:0345:0344.6 
9545:05Sian Williams SBV55WBrecon45:0542:3031.7 
9645:12Tina Lavelle SBV55WHay Hotfooters45:1243:1325.5 
9745:31Duncan Crawley SBV50MBrecon/Unattached45:3139:4017.6 
9845:38Stewart Webb PBV45MBrecon/Brecon TC45:3845:3832.5 
10045:40Joni Parry SBSENWMerthyr RC45:4040:5727.4 
9945:40Claire Jones PBV45WMerthyr RC45:4045:4033.1 
10145:46Michelle Jayne SBV35WParc Bryn Bach45:4644:2725.0 
10245:54Liam Daly  V55MBuilth41:4539:5120.6 
10346:30David Roberts SENM     
10446:37Kathryn Vaughan SENWHay Hotfooters    
10547:33Julie Smith SBV45WMerthyr RC47:3344:3821.6 
10648:01Rhys Alexander Lewis SBV40MParc Bryn Bach48:0146:2622.8 
10748:29Rachel Powell PBSENWBrecon48:2948:2932.8 
10849:01Caz Phillips V35WHay Hotfooters    
10949:24Lucy Jardine V45WHay Hotfooters    
11049:29Jessica Brusden-Brown SENW     
11149:33Nicola Williams SBV35WBrecon49:3347:0533.0 
11249:37Caroline Frampton SBV55WBrecon49:3741:5625.5 
11349:40Liz Rijnenberg PBV55WBrecon49:4049:4038.6 
11450:26Rebecca Saunders Jones V45W     
11551:28Sue Richards SBV60WBrecon51:2844:3543.0 
11651:55Penny Maisey V45W     
11751:58Helen Smart V35W     
11854:35H Davies V60M     
11956:49Paula Price SBV50WBrecon56:4953:0630.2 
12058:21Jenny Stephens V60W