Tamar Lakes parkrun # 74 External Results
Tamar Lakes
19 Mar 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
120:08Brian Andrew SBS30MBideford19:4919:1417.2 
220:13James Marshall V40MUnattached    
320:19Louise Harris PBV35WNorth Devon RR20:0319:529.1 
420:27Ian Shute V35MUnattached    
521:06Paul Bunning V45MUnattached    
621:10Paul Kinsman V45MBude Rats    
721:35Jeremy Brown V40MUnattached    
822:07Jack Squire U15MUnattached    
922:52Tom Squire U15MUnattached    
1023:16Ian McMahon V55MUnattached    
1123:33Will Jennings U11MUnattached    
1223:49Paul Jennings  V55MBideford23:1422:1333.6 
1323:55Samuel Jennings U15MUnattached    
1424:11Luke G V40MUnattached    
1524:11Adrian Maddox V55MUnattached    
1624:17Issy Edworthy U15WBude Rats    
1724:19Sam Langman U15MUnattached    
1824:25Anna Tanner S30WUnattached    
1924:38Anne Binns SBV50WOkehampton24:3223:4318.9 
2024:40John Binns  V50MOkehampton22:1221:3511.7 
2124:49Holly Shute  U18WBude Rats22:5622:5019.6 
2225:44Simon Downing V40MUnattached    
2326:14Alan Littlejohns  V65MLaunceston RR25:4525:3224.1 
2426:52Lindsey Kinsman V40WUnattached    
2527:20Adam Lovejoy U11MUnattached    
2627:21Paul Lovejoy V40MUnattached    
2727:30John Constable V55MUnattached    
2827:46Matthew Down U15MUnattached    
2927:47Nicola Begg V35WUnattached    
3027:52Kirsty Gamage V45WUnattached    
3127:55Brian Perry V55MUnattached    
3227:58Mick Williams V55MUnattached    
3328:02Hayley Jollow V40WUnattached    
3428:03Jeremy Jollow V50MUnattached    
3528:25Janet Malpass V45WUnattached    
3628:51Amy Bellew S25WUnattached    
3729:05Jim Latham V50MUnattached    
3829:26Jessica Lovejoy U11WUnattached    
3929:33Daniel Brind S30MUnattached    
4029:38Rachel Lovejoy V35WUnattached    
4129:42Annie Creo V45WUnattached    
4229:57Teresa North-Lewis V55WUnattached    
4329:59Deborah Dawber V55WUnattached    
4430:15Kev Omahoney V75MLaunceston Road Runners    
4530:18Lisa Tame V35WUnattached    
4630:20Derek Pearse V70MUnattached    
4730:32Shirley Grills V50WUnattached    
4831:09Zoe Yelland S20WUnattached    
4931:37Ian Downing V65MUnattached    
5031:50Susan Doree V60WUnattached    
5132:03Laura Midelton V35WBude Rats    
5232:04Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5332:31Jane Bunning V45WUnattached    
5432:53Susan Maddox V60WUnattached    
5533:05Kirsty Davis V35WUnattached    
5633:38Jojean Romijn S30WUnattached    
5733:53Stacey Hillier Cholwill S30WUnattached    
5833:57Laura Trible S20WUnattached    
5934:38Rachel Grills S25WUnattached    
6035:35Terry Lawrence V65MUnattached    
6135:56Jackie Lawrence V65WUnattached    
6235:59Susan Taylor V40WUnattached    
6337:14Wendy Sheen V50WRun Mummy Run    
6440:16Louise Wilkinson V55WUnattached    
6541:57Melanie Johns V45WParkrunnerPB    
6657:04Melanie McVean V50WUnattached    
6757:07John McVean V45MUnattached    
6857:57Ali Moulder V55WUnattached    
6958:00John Ansell V65MUnattached