Fell Foot parkrun # 62 External Results
Fell Foot
5 Mar 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:48Harvey Lord  V35MAllithwaite17:2717:234.6 
219:52Martyn James  S30MUnattached17:3317:074.5 
320:21Paul MacFarlane V35MHelm Hill Runners    
420:46Simon Thompson  V35MKeswick19:0619:066.5 
521:06Ray Gill PBV50MDallam RC20:3119:236.8 
621:15Joseph Conner U15MHelm Hill Runners    
721:23Stuart Allan V45MHelm Hill Runners    
821:26Henry Hunter U15MHelm Hill Runners    
922:21David Webster V45MUnattached    
1022:38Allan Sumner  V45MPreston21:0720:4110.7 
1123:03Bob Wells  V65MBedford H/Road Runners Club20:3220:2412.0 
1223:51Annabelle Taylor PBU15WKendal23:0723:0711.9 
1323:51Olesia Winder  U11WHoad Hill20:0818:508.5 
1424:03James Hobson V35MUnattached    
1524:04Tim Burton V55MUnattached    
1624:08Scott Postlethwaite V50MUnattached    
1724:15Michael Cummins PBV45MRoadhoggs21:5920:346.2 
1824:53Rebecca Shuttleworth S25WUnattached    
1925:09Andrew Conner  V50MHelm Hill22:2022:2016.8 
2025:12Bethan Saunders SBU11WHoad Hill25:1224:0927.8 
2125:13Lisa Bolton  S30WRed Rose22:5522:5517.1 
2225:27Richard Bebbington  V45MIvanhoe22:0720:5214.0 
2325:47David Hunter V50MUnattached    
2425:58Winder Tim V50MHoad Hill Harriers    
2526:04Martin Morris V65MUnattached    
2626:04Julie Cavin Riley V35Wfylde coast runners    
2726:22Andrea Kelly V45WUnattached    
2826:50David Shoesmith  V60MMacclesfield24:2723:3218.7 
2926:55Vincent Ewan V55MUnattached    
3027:09Jim Wright V35MUnattached    
3127:26Adrian Martin  V40MPudsey Pacers24:2823:1118.2 
3227:34David M Kidwell V50MUnattached    
3328:18Cal Wilkinson U11MUnattached    
3428:32Karen Atherton  V50WDarwen Dashers24:5622:0822.5 
3528:38Kate Brayshaw V40WUnattached    
3628:46Richard Oliver  V60MNew Marske26:0623:4918.6 
3728:50Jenny Wroe V35WUnattached    
3829:13Hazel Sankey V45WUnattached    
3929:26Anna Swallow  S30WUnattached24:0324:0322.9 
4029:38Lisa Raynor S30WWomen on the Run    
4129:45Neil Highet V65MUnattached    
4229:47Isobel Williamson V65WUnattached    
4329:48Clifford R Etherden  V65MSaddleworth/Unattached22:1920:2814.3 
4429:50Mick Crozier V50MUnattached    
4529:59Dorothy Stirling V45WUnattached    
4630:18Adrian Dobson V55MUnattached    
4730:28Peter Kelly V45MUnattached    
4831:06Fern Horsey S30WUnattached    
4931:06Tamsin Kidwell V50WUnattached    
5031:45Richard Brookes V65MUnattached    
5131:52Joanne O'Neill S25WUnattached    
5232:04Neil Stirling V75MUnattached    
5332:12Cathy Martin  V40WPudsey Pacers27:3326:5528.3 
5432:21Lucy Saunders  V35WHoad Hill26:4225:2025.0 
5532:28Eileen Jones  V60WClayton le Moors28:3527:1025.0 
5632:40Linda Ashton V35WUnattached    
5732:59Suzanne Harris V50WWomen on the Run    
5833:09Victoria Grant S30WUnattached    
5933:25Pippa Hayton S30WWomen on the Run    
6033:38Helen G Duncan Tasker V50WUnattached    
6133:39Jenny Clare V55WUnattached    
6233:40Andrew Goodson V50MUnattached    
6333:53Angela Bebbington  V40WIvanhoe26:4523:4820.7 
6433:59Ivan Winder PBU11MLeven Valley28:0724:3716.9 
6534:01Anastasia Winder S30WUnattached    
6634:56Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6735:41Maxine L. Seagrove V45WUnattached    
6835:47Emma Huddleston V35WWomen on the Run    
6936:23Tim Shuttleworth V45MUnattached    
7036:44Siobhan Caine V40WUnattached    
7136:45Helen Field S30WUnattached    
7236:45Claire Henderson S30WUnattached    
7337:09Sue Winn PBV50WWomen on the Run29:2929:0222.9 
7437:15Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7537:15Ruth Buxton V45WWomen on the Run    
7637:25Lesley Wallace SBV45WWomen on the Run30:4324:3219.2 
7737:56Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7837:58Rose Tonkin U11WUnattached    
7938:07Steve Tonkin V45MUnattached    
8038:47Victoria Shuttleworth S20WUnattached    
8138:54Janice Crozier V50WUnattached    
8239:40James Gilgannon  V35MWarrington RC31:0030:1632.0 
8340:24Claire Pearson V40WUnattached    
8441:07Doug Smith V50MUnattached    
8542:24Pat Morris V60WUnattached    
8644:15John Nettleton SBV85MGreat Langdale35:1433:3048.5 
8747:01Lisa Shuttleworth V45WUnattached    
8847:02Bryn Messam U11MUnattached    
8949:31Richeldis Messam V40WUnattached    
9055:25Jane Dewhurst V50WUnattached    
9155:28Adrian Hale V35MUnattached    
9255:28Conrad Slater  V80MKendal31:5431:5435.1