FNB Guernsey League
Home Farm
6 Feb 16

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:01Chris Bain U13MGuernsey-1.4 
214:04Eliza Mason U15WGuernsey33.4 
314:43Amy Dallamore U15WGuernsey34.9 
414:53Jack Reed U13MGuernsey  
515:45Eloise Scholes U13WGuernsey32.8 
616:13Antonia Barton U13WGuernsey48.9 
716:20Alex Brouard U13MGuernsey53.2 
816:22Harriet Bonner U13WGuernsey50.0 
916:27Jennifer Creed U15WGuernsey51.6 
1016:37Alex Sexton U13MGuernsey  
1117:01Daisy Dorrity U13WGuernsey42.9 
1217:19Jack Migasiuk U13MGuernsey  
1317:39Sophie Gallienne U13WGuernsey51.9 
1417:40Jessica Gallienne U17WGuernsey41.3 
1517:59Julie Chester V40WGuernsey  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:21Sam Culverwell U15MGuernsey30.4 
221:18Anton Goovaerts U15MGuernsey21.1 
321:19Mikey Ingrouille U15MGuernsey3.1 
422:44Danny Blake SENMGuernsey  
523:13Jack Cummins U15MGuernsey38.6 
623:41Renee Hubert U17WGuernsey35.7 
723:57Francesca Bown U17WGuernsey40.6 
823:59Isaac Powers U15MGuernsey6.9 
924:06Darren Holden SENMGuernsey19.9 
1024:07Jocelyn McLellan SENWGuernsey  
1124:12Caroline E Creed V45WGuernsey24.9 
1224:13Timothy Hatton V50MGuernsey  
1324:22Gemma Le Sauvage V35WGuernsey15.3 
1424:47Glenn Gallienne V40MGuernsey31.2 
1525:00Mike Brehaut V40MGuernsey  
1625:35Jon Press SENMGuernsey  
1725:40Pippa Inderwick SENWGuernsey  
1826:17Vicki Joyce V40WGuernsey  
1926:18Aileen Chapple V50WGuernsey52.9 
2026:24Ali Gavey V45WGuernsey  
2126:43Rosie Williams SENWGuernsey  
2226:45Paul Ferbrache V55MGuernsey  
2326:50Brian Holden V65MGuernsey35.2 
2427:57Ross Le Brun V40MGuernsey  
2528:12Paul James V40MGuernsey  
2628:15Nicola Smith SENWGuernsey  
2728:20Laura Clayton SENWGuernsey  
2828:27Anne Setters V55WGuernsey54.0 
2928:47Alun Williams V55MGuernsey24.3 
3028:56Amanda Mew V45WGuernsey  
3129:07Sue Lawrence V50WGuernsey  
3229:09Tess Murphy SENWGuernsey  
3329:26Bruce Dovey V40MGuernsey  
3429:30Sharon Finn-Davey V40WGuernsey  
3529:44Terry Harnden V55MGuernsey29.8 
3729:52Gill Quigley V45WGuernsey48.7 
3829:53Sam Sexton V40WGuernsey  
3929:55Terry Greening V60MGuernsey  
4030:00Catherine Birnie V50WGuernsey  
4130:01Debbie Crosland V60WGuernsey  
4230:37Rick Mann V60MGuernsey  
4331:07Trevor Jeffries V70MGuernsey  
4431:21Ian Harrison V40MGuernsey  
4532:15Sam Ingrouille V45WGuernsey23.0 
4632:45Raymond Scholes V70MGuernsey  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
125:10Alex Rowe U17MGuernsey-2.0 
225:19Samuel Galpin U17MGuernsey-1.3 
325:48Sarah Roe SENWGuernsey5.0 
425:49Richard Bartram U20MGuernsey-2.7 
526:12Sean Galpin V50MGuernsey8.0 
626:23Laura McCarthy SENWGuernsey23.9 
726:25Fabio Teles SENMGuernsey8.8 
826:39Ian Scholes V45MGuernsey19.4 
927:01Simon Ingrouille V45MGuernsey3.4 
1027:11David Crosland V35MGuernsey16.8 
1127:41Jon Osborne SENMGuernsey  
1227:55Gareth Corbett V40MGuernsey  
1328:14Louise Perrio SENWGuernsey18.5 
1428:26Robert Cornelius V40MGuernsey29.7 
1528:28James Priest SENMGuernsey0.0 
1628:44Steve Smith V45MGuernsey13.2 
1728:46Chantal Green SENWGuernsey31.4 
1828:55Don Hays SENMGuernsey  
1928:58Jenny James SENWGuernsey  
2029:12Russ Smith SENMGuernsey  
2129:17Kate Wilesmith SENWGuernsey31.1 
2229:22Jon Shaw V40MGuernsey  
2329:41Richard Stapley V45MGuernsey17.6 
2429:47Colin Jeffreys SENMGuernsey15.5 
2530:30Emma Beardsell V40WGuernsey14.4 
2630:55Nick Mann V35MGuernsey2.5 
2832:13Richard Curtis V40MGuernsey  
2732:23Megan Chapple U20WGuernsey4.5 
2933:00Sam de Kooker SENMGuernsey  
3033:37Andrew Mcarthur SENMGuernsey TC3.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
135:37Matthew Loveridge SENMGuernsey32.5 
236:34Tristan Robilliard V35MGuernsey27.9 
337:10Daniel Galpin U20MGuernsey-2.1 
437:34Michael Wilesmith SENMGuernsey/Bridgtown Cona Testa Tri Team13.6 
537:42Alan Rowe V50MGuernsey8.5 
637:55Sebastian Foy SENMGuernsey36.9 
738:21James De Garis V35MGuernsey4.9 
839:07Esmond Brown SENMGuernsey  
940:22Luke Richards SENMUnattached29.5