Kirkcaldy parkrun # 52 External Results
30 Jan 16
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:59Ben Hukins SBV35MCambuslang15:5215:16-1.2 
219:19David Jamieson  S25MMetro Aberdeen18:0416:140.2 
320:05Jimmy Mcintyre  V45MFife18:0518:055.7 
420:06Gordon McKenzie S30MPitreavie AAC    
520:41Kenny Tindall  V35MHarmeny19:0618:305.3 
621:06Scott MacMichael  SENMUnattached20:1019:277.3 
721:21Ryan Dunning S30MUnattached    
822:09Jamie Ryan S25MUnattached    
922:12Mark McLean V45MLeven Las Vegas Running Club    
1022:33Kevin Murray  V45MFalkland Trail Runners20:1919:469.5 
1122:34Scott Strachan  V40MKinross18:0617:131.6 
1223:03Peter Adair S30MGlenrothes Triathlon Club    
1323:14Nigel Donnell V35MUnattached    
1423:21John Kay V50MLeven Las Vegas Running Club    
1523:26Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1623:29Michiel Simons S25MUnattached    
1723:41Derek Duncan V60MPitreavie AAC    
1824:16Stuart Gibson S25MUnattached    
1924:47Sandy Adam  V45MFalkland Trail Runners23:0422:3116.2 
2025:05John Ritchie V45MUnattached    
2125:19Steven Murray V45MUnattached    
2225:23Eilish Busby S25WUnattached    
2325:49Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2425:50George Macdonald  V55MUnattached23:5223:1018.7 
2525:55Colin Robert Scott S30MUnattached    
2626:23Colin McKie U15MAnster Haddies RC    
2726:36Daniel Christie S30MUnattached    
2826:42Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2926:48Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3027:02Linsey Barclay-Smith V50WUnattached    
3127:06Cameron Ives  U11MFife24:0122:1111.4 
3227:10Debi Ives  SENWUnattached24:1223:5119.9 
3327:18Gail McNab V45WUnattached    
3427:58Malcolm Haig V40MUnattached    
3528:10Gwen Wright V50WUnattached    
3628:10Claire Walsh V35WUnattached    
3728:11Wendy Wylie V35WLeven Las Vegas Running Club    
3828:13Nicole Barr S20WUnattached    
3928:53Teri Fisher S30WUnattached    
4029:21Angie Sleep V45WUnattached    
4129:35Lewis Mcintyre  U18MUnattached22:4720:4912.4 
4229:36Ron Connelly  V60Mjogscotland27:3227:3234.8 
4330:00Lucy Wilson V45WAnster Allsorts    
4430:13Joni Leslie S30WUnattached    
4530:55John McIntyre S20MUnattached    
4634:46Amy MacDonald S30WUnattached    
4735:32Cole Christie-White U15MUnattached    
4837:17Tammy McIntyre U20WUnattached    
4937:25Darryl Gear U20MUnattached    
5037:26John Mcintyre Snr  V45MFife26:3024:4019.6 
5138:28Andrew Aird  V40MUnattached25:4225:1423.5