Self Transcendence 3 x Mile Relay External Results
19 Jul 16
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1ML L1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:16John Rooney  V35MBristol & West  8.5 
25:22John Cox  SENMGreat Western  2.1Click your Clock logo
35:24Robin Phillips  V40MWestbury  3.5 
45:29Nathan Marchant PBU15MBristol & West 6:2812.0 
55:31Gary Hughes  V50MTeam Bath 5:138.7 
65:32Greg Chance  V35MBristol & West  3.3 
75:39Fred Hawker  U13MBristol & West  6.9 
85:41Luke Isles U20MBristol & West AC    
95:51Graham Unknown SENMEmersons Green RC    
105:55Tim Wildman SENMGreat Western Runners    
115:55Mark Wilkins  V50MTown & Country  11.2 
126:01Jason Bidwell SENMFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
136:01Otto Kingston PBU13MBristol & West6:046:0410.8 
146:03Andrew Wright  V35MGreat Western/Bristol & West  13.7Click your Clock logo
156:04Lucy Ellis  SENWGreat Western  10.8 
166:04Jake Vincent SENMFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
176:07Lewis Adamson  U13MBristol & West5:555:4512.8 
186:11Charlie Hodges  U13MBristol & West6:076:075.8 
196:13Jonathan Goodland  V55MBristol & West/Great Western  7.8 
206:20Daryl Phillips  SENMBristol & West  5.6 
216:39Matilda Jones U20WBristol & West AC    
226:52Garce Claridge SENWBristol & West AC    
236:52Paul Owen SENWBristol & West AC    
246:56Sophie Whiteford U20WBristol & West AC    
257:09Emma Withers  V45WBristol & West  17.6 
267:10Mike Willcox SENMGreat Western Runners    
277:12Anna Williams  SENWGreat Western  29.4 
287:13Caroline Bull  SENWWestbury  33.8 
297:36Tor Davies SENWGreat Western Runners    
307:54Kathy Tiley SENWFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
318:15Trudi Johnson  V45WWestbury  32.8 
328:35Shelley Armorgie SENWFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
338:41Sophie Paine SENW     
349:01Yanessa Redmond V40MNorth Bristol Running Group    
359:16Cathie Walsh SENWFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
369:24Ella Campbell SENW     
379:27Caroline Neale SENWFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
389:40Jo Pearce SENWFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
399:48Alexander Whale SENM     
4010:10Leanne Alden SENWFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
4110:19Garard Watson V40MBristol & West AC    
1ML L2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:55Maciej Bialogonski  SENMBristol & West/Poland  -1.0 
25:01Robert Stewart  SENMBristol & West  -1.8 
35:29Ashley Wright  V40MEmersons Green RC  16.0 
45:37Will Hillier  V45MGreat Western  10.8 
55:39Charlie Pantlin  V40MBristol & West  10.9 
65:41Brendan Gould SENMGreat Western Runners    
75:56Bruce Sellers SENMFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
86:10Martin Kilb SENMBristol & West AC    
96:26Louise Cronin  V45WGreat Western  12.0 
106:31Clare Meraz  SENWGreat Western 6:0211.7 
116:34Zachary Roe PBU11MBristol & West6:496:4917.9 
126:37Jacob Roe PBU13MBristol & West6:485:3812.7 
136:37Taryn Zahringer  U13WBristol & West6:246:2434.4 
146:38Molly Orchard  U15WBristol & West6:186:1832.7 
156:49Tom Burgess  V65MSouth West Vets/Bristol & West/Team Bath  16.0 
166:50Katie Wright  V40WEmersons Green RC  27.2 
176:50Sam Oxley SENMFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
186:58Harry Constable U20MBristol & West AC    
196:59Chris Whale  V45MSouthville  19.9 
207:00Ian Haynes SENMGreat Western Runners    
217:14Nathan Walsh SENMFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
227:21Amos Kingston  U13MBristol & West6:566:5610.7 
237:25Claire Fletcher SENWFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
247:28Fi Lang  V35WGreat Western  11.9 
257:29Jo Amos  SENWGreat Western  16.2 
267:30Alex Hodges  U11MBristol & West6:516:5144.6 
277:41Anya Wheatley SENWBristol & West AC    
287:43Vinnie Williams  U13MBristol & West  43.7 
297:52Jonathan Hurford SENMGreat Western Runners    
307:58Karen Watson V35WBristol & West AC    
318:24Sue Campbell  V55WBristol & West  29.2 
328:24Joshua Patterson SENM     
338:25Paul Burgess V40MFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
348:39Lorna Kinsman SENWFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
358:48Eithne Noonan SENMWestbury Harriers    
369:14Pete Vincent SENMFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
379:27Linda Philips SENWWestbury Harriers    
389:33Doreen Paine  V65WSouth West Vets  27.3 
3910:01Niamh Roe SENWBristol & West AC    
4010:05Andrea Cox SENWFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
4110:24Jane Tyack SENWFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
1ML L3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:40Mark Edwards  SENMBristol & West/Unattached  14.1 
24:45Scott Campbell PBV35MWestbury 4:592.2 
35:24Nick Bennett SENMFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
45:25Samuel Stone  V35MEmersons Green RC  21.7 
55:29Steven Speak  SENMGreat Western  2.4 
65:30Gavin Watkins  V35MGreat Western  4.7 
75:45David Honeywill  V40MGreat Western  10.1 
85:52Noah Walsh SENMFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
95:55Beck Hardine-Hill U20MBristol & West AC    
105:58Cole Edmunds U20MBristol & West AC    
115:59Tom Watkins  SENMBristol & West  5.5 
125:59Chris Palmer  V35MWestbury/Sandhurst 5:000.9 
136:02Graham Unknown SENMEmersons Green RC    
146:12Robert Keikuth PBU15MBristol & West 6:5623.3 
156:13Michael Coombes  SENMBristol & West  17.6 
166:14Sophie Walton SENWGreat Western Runners    
176:14Claudia Spice  U13WBristol & West5:595:5911.1 
186:15William Jones  SENMBristol & West  14.6 
196:19Ben Vincent SENMFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
206:21Danni Sinclair  U13WBristol & West6:186:187.1 
216:23Chris Whiteford SENWBristol & West AC    
226:28Fred Cummins U20MBristol & West AC    
236:35Peter England SENM     
246:47Wayne Inker  V35MFrampton Cotterell  22.9 
256:48Fleur Cockley  V40WBristol & West  20.5 
266:49Kate Pettitt SENWGreat Western Runners    
277:04Catherine Mills  V35WGreat Western  22.7 
287:08Jill Robinson SENWFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
297:12Phil King V40M     
307:15David Campbell SENM     
317:26Ishmael Bradley SENM     
327:27Gary Kinsman SENMFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
337:54Ron Paine SENMBristol & West AC    
348:08Joseph Hull  U13MBristol & West 5:393.0 
358:10Roger Haynes  V70MGreat Western  20.5 
368:11T J Jagger SENM     
378:34Paul Taylor V40MBristol & West AC    
388:53Emma Hendy SENWFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
399:05Rebecca Oxley SENWFrampton Cotterell Harriers    
409:05Caroline Scarpen SENWWestbury Harriers