Prostate Cancer Halewood 5K Series External Results
6 Aug 16
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:28   James McNally  SENMLiverpool H15:1814:55-0.9 
217:34   Chris Fitzpatrick  V35MHelsby RC17:2016:530.8 
317:42   Stephen Watkin  V35MPenny Lane16:4016:290.2 
417:53   Ashley Crawford SENM     
518:02   Joe Lazenby  SENMLiverpool H17:4917:3411.9 
618:06   Kieran Mcging SENM     
718:28   Ant Cassidy  V40MMossley Hill17:3717:365.1 
818:29   John Halson  V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton18:1818:105.5 
918:50   Tony Lawlor  V50MKnowsley17:2516:531.5 
1018:52   Stephen Tod V40MLiverpool Harriers    
1118:59   Catherine Howard  SENWKnowsley17:2817:285.4 
1219:22   Dave Barr SBV45MLiverpool H18:4117:247.3 
1319:32   Marc Goudie PBSENMPenny Lane18:5218:066.8 
1419:36   Robert Moore  V40MKnowsley19:1519:027.1 
1519:38   John Harrison PBSENMEllesmere Port19:3419:165.9Click your Clock logo
1619:41   Robert Wood  V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:2319:238.6 
1719:45   Andrew Glen SBV50MKnowsley19:1919:177.8 
1819:59   Philip Rose SBV50MWarrington RC19:5819:117.7Click your Clock logo
1920:10   Paul Warrington  V40MSouthport Waterloo19:2818:525.5Click your Clock logo
2020:20   Peter Sandford SBV60MDallam RC20:0717:339.1 
2120:29   Gavin Parry PBV45MKnowsley20:2320:1110.2 
2220:32   Carl Yu PBV40MLiverpool RC20:1720:179.1 
2320:39   Mike Walker PBV65MSouthport Waterloo20:2420:176.9 
2420:41   Angela Delaney SBV45WSouthport Waterloo20:1719:4110.5 
2520:47   John Bampton SBV45MPenny Lane20:4719:236.3 
2621:07   David Lawton  V35MLiverpool RC17:4017:345.6 
2721:19   Martin Hirrell  V50MPenny Lane20:3019:1510.7 
2821:40   Peter Foale V60M     
2921:43   Alan Spencer SBV55MKnowsley20:3420:1510.6 
3021:48   Carol Shaw  V50WHelsby RC21:1321:1312.4 
3121:53   Lisa Crosby  V40WMossley Hill20:1020:1011.4 
3221:56   Chris Wills  V35MKnowsley21:2921:2910.9 
3321:59   Lauren Wilson SENW     
3422:00   Helen Sharman SENWKnowsley Harriers AC    
3522:07   Tony Peacock SBV65MPenny Lane21:5019:3010.2Click your Clock logo
3622:10   Sue Cooper  V60WSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters21:5719:1717.0 
3722:26   William John Jones  V50MKnowsley19:5718:558.9 
3822:35   Sarah Richards  V35WPenny Lane22:1122:1112.3 
3922:40   Michael Maloney PBV60MKnowsley22:4022:2414.4 
4022:44   Michael Charman V65MKnowsley Harriers AC    
4122:45   Justine Moore  V40WKnowsley21:3421:1010.0 
4222:46   Debbie Read SBV55WHelsby RC22:3622:0112.8 
4323:06   Jennifer Grant  U11WLiverpool H22:0621:4512.5 
4423:07   Stuart Atherton V35MKnowsley Harriers AC    
4523:07   Nigel Grant  V50MPenny Lane18:2516:427.8 
4623:14   Carol Foster  V55WSt. Helens Striders22:4822:29 19.0 
4723:16   Peter Rodrigues V35M     
4823:27   Billy Hargreaves  V65MSouthport Waterloo22:4719:0915.6 
4923:37   Neil Spencer V45MSt Andrews    
5023:57   Annmarie Williams  V45WPenny Lane22:2622:2614.6 
5124:00   Nigel Foo  V45MPenny Lane20:5920:248.0 
5224:00   Alex Sharman SENM     
5324:00   Julie Houghton  V45WMossley Hill23:2223:2214.3 
5424:08   Sunny Gunessel SENM     
5524:09   Andrew Fearns V40M     
5624:26   Vinni Gunessel V35M     
5724:28   Alison Dale  V45MBury22:5722:5714.8 
5825:06   Jeff Burke V45MCourt Hey Chasers    
5926:13   John Dobie  V65MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton23:4320:5213.4 
6026:15   Coletts Roche V50W     
6126:22   Daniel cassidy U13M     
6226:28   Michelle Kelly  V55WPenny Lane26:2524:0521.1 
6326:47   Eunice Nopondo SBV50WPenny Lane26:4726:0322.3 
6427:59   Marie Bellamy V35WCourt Hey Chasers    
6528:28   Joanne Flynn V45WCourt Hey Chasers    
6628:38   Peter Coulson V60MCourt Hey Chasers    
6729:00   Lisa Townsend V45WCourt Hey Chasers    
6829:27   Cara Bartlett PBV40WKnowsley29:0429:0426.0 
6929:27   Nick Bartlett  V40MKnowsley25:3125:3123.2 
7029:27   Helen Stretch SBV60WAberystwyth29:2726:2621.9 
7129:41   Caroline Mulvey V35WCourt Hey Chasers    
7230:10   Sue Towner V50WPenny Lane Striders    
7331:29   Sarah Spall V40WKnowsley Harriers AC    
7431:31   Jayne Ellis V45WKnowsley Harriers AC    
7531:41   Peter Davies V55MMossley Hill    
7631:56   Jon Windle  V40MPenny Lane25:0724:3619.5 
7733:10   Derek Hughes  V60MKnowsley30:2824:4325.8 
7833:27   Breese Shaw V55WAberystwyth AC    
7933:52   Stephanie Charman  V65WSpectrum32:2023:5526.6 
8038:39   Nina Lempor V40WCourt Hey Chasers