Great Yarmouth 5M Series External Results
Great Yarmouth
7 May 08

Times rounded up to nearest second.
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
126:44   Robert Chenery PBU23MIpswich Jaffa26:3726:31-0.8 
226:51   Carl Prewer PBV35MLowestoft26:5126:331.5 
327:18   Steve Jones  V35MNorth Norfolk BR27:0427:0436.0 
427:23   Andy Bunn PBU23MNorwich RR27:2327:00  
527:25   Richard Moore PBV40MWaveney Valley27:2527:2525.4 
627:55   Mike Auger PBSENMUnattached27:5527:55  
828:34   Robert Cheverton PBV50MWaveney Valley28:3428:024.2 
928:37   Kevin Sharman  V40MLowestoft27:5627:2936.0 
1128:59   Phil Cooper PBV40MNorfolk Gazelles28:5928:59  
1229:08   Andrew Houghton  V50MUnattached28:5227:2036.0 
1630:02   Pete Johnson  V50MNorfolk Gazelles29:4029:148.0 
2330:32   Dale Hurren SBV50MCity of Norwich30:3228:406.9 
2630:55   Jane Clarke SBV45WCity of Norwich/Eastern Masters30:5529:387.6 
3031:13   Terry Epps PBV50MWymondham30:2830:2815.7 
3131:14   Emma Sharples  SENWCity of Norwich30:0930:0919.1 
4432:27   Ellie Grubb  U23WCity of Norwich31:1028:357.9 
4532:35   Jim Hayes PBV60MNorth Norfolk BR32:3532:3515.6 
5833:39   Terry Brannan PBV60MWymondham33:3433:3428.5 
7234:29   John Bone SBV60MGreat Yarmouth RR/Great Yarmouth34:2933:2315.4 
9135:33   Julie Brown SBV45WIpswich Jaffa35:3333:2836.0 
9335:45   Anne Millett SBV50WNorwich RR/Waveney Valley35:4534:1617.6 
10837:07   Pauline Norman PBV55WLowestoft37:0737:07  
12538:46   Gill Woodhouse SBV60WDereham38:4638:1518.3