Eastern Counties Championships External Results
21 Nov 15
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
139:17Angus Holford SENMWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Colchester H-2.6 
240:00Rob Warner SENMHavering-1.5 
340:28Spencer Goodall V45MCity of Norwich9.4 
441:02Daz Farrugia V35MColchester H/Army4.8 
542:02Robert Chenery SENMIpswich Jaffa/Bungay Black Dog-0.3 
642:25Allen Smalls V45MColchester H3.3 
742:40Richard Heath V40MColchester H3.8 
842:44Lee Taylor V40MSouthend-0.7 
942:52Roger Aldis V45MIpswich32.2 
1043:25Michael Bridgeland V55MChelmsford/Eastern Masters/Ravens City of London12.1 
1143:44Steve Hall V40MPeterborough4.9 
1244:09Paul Spowage V50MColchester H/Eastern Masters6.2 
1344:14Ian Old SENMIpswich Jaffa8.0 
1444:26Nigel Arnold V55MNorfolk Gazelles7.4 
1544:29Lee Pretlove SENMCambridge & Coleridge5.3 
1645:02Paul Rodgers V40MColchester H7.1 
1745:55Andy Preston V50MWymondham17.1 
1846:49Garry Cullum V35MIpswich Jaffa7.2 
1947:02Simon Le Mare V50MSouthend/Leigh on Sea5.0 
2047:04Oliver Mason SENMPeterborough7.1 
2147:10Tony Roberts V45MChelmsford/Framlingham20.3 
2247:28Martin Stringfellow V40MWymondham23.3 
2347:29Paul Jeggo V55MSpringfield9.0 
2447:32Russell Goodridge V45MColchester H6.5 
2548:14Karl Chapman V45MWymondham13.0 
2648:52Andrew Raynor V50MColchester H6.8 
2748:55Gary Cheek V40MSouthend32.4 
2849:26Adrian Peake V50MIpswich Jaffa6.8 
2949:27James Waterson V40MColchester H7.8 
3050:15Matthew Knowles V40MGreat Bentley19.3 
3150:28Jeff Bolton V40MSouthend16.1 
3251:01Russel Breyer V50MIpswich Jaffa14.1 
3351:16Christopher Bing V35MIpswich Jaffa15.3 
3451:21Matthew Mason V45MEly16.9 
3551:58Richard Flutter V45MHarwich/Sudbury Joggers7.8 
3652:42Stephen Dixon V50MIpswich Jaffa17.1 
3752:43Michael Monkton SENMSouthend43.4 
3853:49Simon Morgan V45MColchester H9.9 
3954:05Chris Wishlade V40MSt. Edmund Pacers40.3 
4054:14Gerald Meah V55MCambridge & Coleridge17.1 
4155:19Ben Chamberlain SENMCambridge & Coleridge9.0 
4255:37Mathew Gillard V45MSouthend14.7 
4355:55John Adams V35MIpswich Jaffa20.7 
4457:20Patrick Marsh V45MColchester H17.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
127:30Kieran McMorran U20MIpswich Jaffa/Brunel Uni London10.2 
227:51Ramadan Osman U20MColchester & Tendring/Eritrea-0.3 
329:21George Dixon U20MHavering/Ipswich Jaffa8.1 
430:24Joshua Thompson U20MIpswich11.4 
534:51Edward Harris U20MIpswich45.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
120:04Thomas Adams U17MIpswich13.4 
220:31Joseph Patterson U17MColchester & Tendring13.3 
320:36Benjamin Miller U17MColchester & Tendring11.7 
420:54Paul Wain U17MIpswich2.4 
521:03Henry Milldown U17MIpswich27.1 
621:06Jake Young U17MColchester H24.8 
721:07Adam Mason U17MStevenage & North Herts23.8 
821:40Daniel Mees U17MPeterborough/Enfield & Haringey4.2 
921:52William Page U17MColchester & Tendring2.4 
1022:14Oscar Dawson U17MColchester H10.6 
1122:18Alexander Lawrence U17MIpswich-5.0 
1223:24Drew Olley U17MColchester H4.8 
1325:16James NICHOLLSU17MSt.Edmund Pacers  
1428:27Tim Davies U17MIpswich Jaffa41.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
113:33Jack Grady U15MIpswich10.3 
213:43Reuben Handy U15MSt. Edmund Pacers17.9 
313:52Thomas Abbott U15MIpswich19.1 
413:53Danny Millward U15MColchester H3.2 
513:56Thomas McCarthy U15MWest Suffolk2.1 
614:03Henry Steele U15MSt. Edmund Pacers30.1 
714:16Max Caulfield U15MColchester H1.0 
814:29Joe Robson U15MSt. Edmund Pacers6.6 
914:37Conner Bilner U15MIpswich Jaffa14.8 
1014:46Kieran Moody U15MThetford12.9 
1114:57Matthew Snowdon U15MIpswich-0.9 
1214:59Freddy Richardson U15MColchester & Tendring-2.9 
1315:14Marcus Holmes U15MColchester H31.4 
1415:15Tom PALMERU15MColchester & Tendring AC  
1515:48Joseph Boden U15MColchester H13.1 
1616:14George Fricker U15MIpswich33.1 
1716:38Reece Gooderham U15MSt. Edmund Pacers6.9 
1816:44Adam Wood U15MIpswich19.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1713.34Noah COXU13MColchester Harriers  
1813.42Joe KENWORTHYU13MSt.Edmund Pacers  
1913.53Alec RICHARDSONU13MSt.Edmund Pacers  
2014.02Samuel Shippey U13MColchester & Tendring4.0 
2116.30Matthew Wisdom U13MColchester H38.2 
110:58Charlie Wakefield U13MSt. Edmund Pacers/Ryston-2.2 
211:00Ziggy Lambton U13MColchester H1.7 
311:04Max Godfrey U13MCambridge & Coleridge2.1 
411:22Ben BAYLEYU13MSt.Edmund Pacers  
511:38Thomas Bridger U13MCambridge & Coleridge-3.8 
611:41Fletcher Collins-Shirley U13MEly18.4 
711:50Harvey Hancock U13MPeterborough0.3 
812:09George Wharam U13MIpswich19.7 
912:20Bryce Breen U13MHerts Phoenix27.1 
1012:36Tom HENSONU13MSt.Edmund Pacers  
1112:45Anton AVISU13MSt.Edmund Pacers  
1212:51Jack Hayes U13MIpswich Jaffa/Ipswich37.6 
1312:58Freddie ADAMU13MIpswich Harriers  
1413:13Michael Knowles U13MHarwich7.6 
1513:14Joe Webb U13MSt. Edmund Pacers11.7 
1613:30Dylan BRADNAMU13MSt.Edmund Pacers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
123:29Jonathan R Haynes V60MBishops Stortford/Herts Phoenix4.8 
224:28Brian Rogers V60MIpswich Jaffa8.4 
326:02Peter Binns V65MSouthend/Castle Point Joggers11.7 
426:04Tim Newton V60MIpswich Jaffa14.2 
526:52William Haining V60MHarwich9.8 
627:04Maurice Hemingway V60MRiverside10.6 
734:16Mike Rosbrook V75MHadleigh Hares31.6 
842:16Roger Duffield V75MTiptree38.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
122:05Sophie Cowper SENWLincoln Wellington/South London3.4 
222:56Rose Nicholson SENWWaveney Valley/Hunters Bog Trotters31.7 
323:08Claire Cornwell V35WSouthend34.1 
423:41Margaret Deasy V50WColchester & Tendring8.4 
523:47Wendy King V40WChelmsford/Eastern Masters7.0 
624:10Denise Morley V45WColchester H/Eastern Masters9.5 
724:29Tracy English V35WSouthend5.4 
824:37Lacey Bareham U23WColchester & Tendring/Birmingham Uni5.7 
924:43Maureen McCarthy V50WWest Suffolk/Eastern Masters/United States10.7 
1024:58Sarah Griffith SENWSouthend/Leigh on Sea8.4 
1125:14Ella Neale SENWColchester H/Brunel Uni London8.9 
1225:23Amanda Henry V40WColchester H30.6 
1325:28Debbie Cattermole V50WColchester H13.3 
1425:44Christine Anthony V50WWest Suffolk/Eastern Masters/St. Edmund Pacers11.0 
1525:45Natasha Lagden V40WSouthend20.0 
1626:17Joanna Hudson SENWColchester H6.4 
1726:43Mellissa VOWELLV45WColchester Harriers  
1826:44Lindsay Lister V50WBiggleswade/Eastern Masters26.1 
1926:55Karen Cameron V50WHuntingdonshire21.0 
2027:37Joan Lasenby V55WCambridge & Coleridge/Cambridge Uni/Eastern Masters31.7 
2127:55Ellie Cumner V35WBraintree/Colchester & Tendring8.8 
2228:12Helen Grant V50WCambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters20.6 
2329:35Suzanne Heath V45WIpswich Jaffa23.5 
2431:04Claire Palfrey V40WIpswich Jaffa30.8 
2533:04Julie Haselwood V60WIpswich Jaffa27.4 
2634:54Fay Smalls V40WColchester H30.6 
2735:43Eva Osborne V75WWymondham/Eastern Masters23.6 
2836:06Mary Holmes V75WCambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters37.3 
2936:40Rachel Richardson-Wright V50WColchester H26.3 
3037:17Clare St. John-Coleman V55WChelmsford/Welsh Masters26.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
125:33Phillipa Baxter U20WColchester & Tendring/Royal Air Force10.3 
227:06Ellie STREETU20WColchester Harriers  
327:31Francis BETHU20WColchester Harriers  
429:27Katie Peake U20WIpswich Jaffa21.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
123:58Lily Woodruff U17WIpswich24.7 
224:01Abigail Rose U17WIpswich25.7 
325:39Mary Ann Deasy U17WColchester & Tendring31.5 
427:54Georgina Sturgeon U17WColchester & Tendring16.6 
528:23Louise Webb U17WSt. Edmund Pacers44.1 
629:23Alice Bell U17WSt. Edmund Pacers38.1 
729:27Ellie Temple U17WSt. Edmund Pacers43.5 
829:31Lauren Oram U17WGreat Yarmouth37.0 
930:36Lizzy JACKSONU17WSt Edmunds Pacers  
1032:34Holly Aston U17WIpswich46.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:14Kate O'Neill U15WHavering3.3 
214:26Shannon Flockhart U15WHuntingdonshire-0.1 
314:27Joanna Rimmington U15WSouthend10.2 
414:45Helena Dyce U15WCambridge & Coleridge17.9 
514:49Jessica Mitchell U15WHavering11.2 
615:19Charlotte Summers U15WIpswich39.4 
715:47Elsie Gray U15WColchester & Tendring17.6 
815:52Emma Livingstone U15WColchester H/Gloucestershire Schs9.4 
915:54Aoibheann Pearce U15WOrion12.8 
1015:58Jasmine West U15WColchester H29.4 
1116:02Sophie Rand U15WHavering16.2 
1216:40Emma Holmes U15WCambridge & Coleridge46.3 
1316:43Kirsten O'Brien U15WSt. Edmund Pacers24.3 
1417:20Sophie Wishlade U15WSt. Edmund Pacers41.5 
1517:26Maisy Cailes U15WSt. Edmund Pacers33.6 
1617:26Ellisa Baggott U15WColchester & Tendring23.3 
1718:40Robyn SHEEHYU15WSt.Edmund Pacers  
1818:59Evie Morgan U15WIpswich41.9 
1920:18Emma Gadsdon U15WColchester & Tendring39.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1816.21Grace Gardiner U11WColchester H31.5 
111:39April Hill U13WIpswich9.0 
212:21Holly Fisher U13WIpswich3.4 
312:21Tilly Aldis U13WIpswich14.5 
412:36Mimi Salsby U13WIpswich20.8 
512:38Eve McCallum U13WIpswich38.0 
613:17Matilda Taylor U13WCambridge & Coleridge13.9 
713:37Brooke Oram U13WGreat Yarmouth19.7 
813:40Elizabeth Taylor U13WPeterborough31.1 
913:43Holly REYNOLDSU13WSt Edmunds Pacers  
1014:01Mia Dann U13WIpswich16.3 
1114:06Connie Watson U13WSt. Edmund Pacers51.0 
1214:13Francesca NICOLLSU13WSt Edmunds Pacers  
1314:16Nellie Berry U13WIpswich34.8 
1414:50Eden HANAYU13WSt Edmunds Pacers  
1514:54Mazy King U11WColchester & Tendring38.5 
1615:09Hannah Rodgers U13WColchester H39.7 
1715:38Jennifer Palmer U13WColchester & Tendring40.1