Essex County U13/U15/Veterans' Championships External Results
Abbey Fields
28 Nov 15
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:20Elliot Cordery U15MChelmsford11.1 
212:26Joseph Owen U15MOrion/Middlesex Schs-4.8 
312:28Connor Page U15MBraintree20.1 
412:40Sonny Bastone U15MColchester & Tendring31.3 
512:51Lewis Harknett U15MHarlow AC-1.4 
613:01Thomas Keevil U15MChelmsford8.5 
713:03Thomas Stuttle U15MSouthend28.5 
813:07Taylor Newell U15MThurrock-2.0 
913:09Leon Wheeler U15MThurrock-0.1 
1013:10Daniel Riley U15MBasildon5.6 
1113:11Samuel Norris U15MSouthend-1.2 
1213:23John Fennessey U15MHavering29.8 
1313:24Danny Millward U15MColchester H4.3 
1413:31Jay Shotter U15MOrion8.6 
1513:32Max Caulfield U15MColchester H0.1 
1613:33Samuel Atkins U15MHavering-2.1 
1713:34James Wood U15MOrion38.5 
1813:34Sarab Dhillon U15MThurrock-1.4 
1913:38Joseph Clark U15MOrion6.8 
2013:40Craig Wheeler U15MSouthend27.7 
2113:41George Hill U15MBasildon1.8 
2213:41Harry Smith U15MSouthend19.6 
2313:41Luke Gill U15MEast Essex TC7.4 
2413:46Owen Harknett U15MHarlow AC16.6 
2513:51Freddy Richardson U15MColchester & Tendring-4.5 
2613:52Joe Rowson U15MEnfield & Haringey32.3 
2713:53Reece Scott U15MBasildon14.2 
2813:56Joseph Geller U15MWoodford Green Essex Ladies12.8 
2914:01Todd Maleary U15MWoodford Green Essex Ladies22.1 
3014:03Ben Prior U15MThurrock-2.5 
3114:06Alexander Friend U15MHavering6.5 
3214:06Luke Savage U15MBasildon15.0 
3314:07Hayden Maleary U15MWoodford Green Essex Ladies22.8 
3414:13George Joslin U15MChelmsford32.8 
3514:16Mason Hambleton U15MThurrock20.1 
3614:19Alexander Williamson U15MColchester H10.5 
3714:25Henri Willett U15MThurrock9.6 
3814:35Liam Brockway U15MOrion27.2 
3914:39Sam Wheatley U15MSouthend-1.9 
4014:43James WhiteU15MBasildon  
4114:44Jack HallU15MIlford  
4214:49Saul Ashon U15MOrion22.7 
4314:54William Jones U15MOrion20.8 
4415:05Thomas Palmer U15MColchester & Tendring-1.6 
4515:15Joseph Boden U15MColchester H10.9 
4615:18Billy Fox U15MHavering31.1 
4715:33Matthew Houchell U15MBasildon-3.1 
4816:02Ellis Swindell U15MBenfleet2.8 
4916:06Ryan ByrneU15MWoodford Green  
5016:43Cameron Campbell U15MOrion36.3 
5119:43Ben Sanctuary U15MBraintree50.9 
5220:34Lukas Speed U17MBraintree54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:03Harry Parker U13MThurrock8.3 
29:05Max Godfrey U13MCambridge & Coleridge10.7 
39:07Joe Morgan U13MHarlow AC19.7 
49:17Alex Ford U13MHavering-0.9 
59:20Daniel Bryant U13MOrion23.1 
69:24Ziggy Lambton U13MColchester H12.1 
79:25Farris Vakil U13MIlford-3.1 
89:34Kai Boggon U13MHarlow AC11.0 
99:36Ben Sloan U13MHarlow AC4.6 
109:40Henry Lay U13MHavering24.1 
119:42Jamie Mack U13MThurrock5.1 
129:42Liam Waldron U13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies4.8 
139:43Kyle Gill U13MEast Essex TC25.7 
149:46Ben Naish U13MHavering/Oxford Brookes Uni2.3 
159:48Arun Manget U13MIlford8.8 
169:49Rhys EdwardsU13MWoodford Green  
179:51Daniel Houchell U13MBasildon6.6 
189:53Edoardu SanzogniU13MHavering  
199:56Dylan Harrod U13MThurrock-1.7 
209:57Sam Sloan U13MHarlow AC6.4 
219:58Jack Saunders U13MBasildon22.4 
229:59Samuel Shippey U13MColchester & Tendring4.3 
2310:02Sebastian Poskitt-Richardson U13MEssex Schs/Unattached26.6 
2410:04Matthew Hick U13MIlford11.4 
2510:07Max Stapleton U13MSouthend-0.9 
2610:11Bradley Deacon U13MIlford1.1 
2710:14Thomas Woodward U13MChelmsford-0.1 
2810:16Henry Jones U13MOrion21.9 
2910:22Owen Adams U13MBasildon28.8 
3010:22Teddy Norcott U13MThurrock42.1 
3110:23Luke Randall U13MSouthend0.2 
3210:31Dominic Jarvis U13MHavering24.6 
3310:34Billy Saunders U13MBasildon23.5 
3410:36George Hey U13MSouthend9.0 
3510:38Jordan Ryan U13MHavering47.6 
3610:39Michael Knowles U13MHarwich6.4 
3710:56Timi McDaniel U13MHavering11.6 
3810:59Sunny Vehit U13MThurrock1.7 
3911:01Joshua Smith U13MBasildon22.1 
4011:06Euan Johnstone U13MIlford36.2 
4111:14James LeeU13MBasildon  
4211:16Jake Long U13MHavering24.7 
4311:18Daniel Mayes U13MEast Essex TC10.0 
4411:23Reece Debenham U13MHavering32.0 
4512:03Fred Taylor U13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies15.2 
4612:04William Mayes U13MEast Essex TC20.1 
4712:42Alex Aldridge U13MSouthend35.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
127:21Nick Shasha V40MOrion/Eastern Masters-0.1 
227:28Kevin Murphy V40MWoodford Green Essex Ladies/St. Edmund Pacers3.5 
328:11Richard Heath V40MColchester H2.1 
428:14Barnaby Foot V45MOrion8.8 
528:15Steve Rand V40MHavering4.5 
628:17Mark Dillon V45MOrion12.5 
728:24Allen Smalls V45MColchester H2.6 
828:29Paul Dobson V45MSpringfield/Ilford3.5 
928:35Mark Waine V45MAmpthill & Flitwick2.0 
1028:41Lee Taylor V40MSouthend0.3 
1128:47Matthew Bland V45MHavering/Eastern Masters/Brentwood RC3.1 
1228:54Mark Harrod V40MColchester H20.4 
1329:03Gareth Cavell V45MWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Veterans14.5 
1429:04Jim Roche V40MWoodford Green Essex Ladies20.4 
1529:09Gary Chandler V45MSpringfield/Ilford4.7 
1629:11Jonathan Nears V40MColchester H1.1 
1729:16Lee Martin V40MSpringfield/Chelmsford/Eastern Masters1.0 
1829:22Adam Baker V40MOrion1.5 
1929:25Terence Spooner V40MBenfleet3.4 
2029:34Colin Read V45MOrion2.4 
2129:44Stuart Raven V40MSpringfield7.0 
2229:45Spencer Welch V40MBillericay4.4 
2329:47Peter Caton V40MWoodford Green Essex Ladies4.2 
2429:49Giles Hopkinson V45MOrion14.7 
2529:53Paul Rodgers V40MColchester H4.2 
2629:56Martin Chester V40MHavering4.2 
2729:58James Crisp V40MWitham (Essex)8.1 
2830:14Peter Riley V45MWitham (Essex)3.7 
2930:16Paul Holloway V45MIlford4.0 
3030:19Tim Wright V45MOrion5.8 
3130:26Toby Draper V40MThurrock0.4 
3230:33Stuart Putt V40MSpringfield29.0 
3330:35Keith Marley V45MColchester H4.0 
3430:38Andrew Wright V45MBillericay7.0 
3530:44Keith Willett V40MThurrock7.8 
3630:49Adrian SmithV40MOrion  
3730:53Kevin Wotton V45MIlford9.7 
3831:14Sean Ketteridge V45MColchester H9.0 
3931:19Paul Berrett V50MHavering/Eastern Masters9.9 
4031:30Lloyd Miles V45MBillericay11.1 
4131:45Tom RobertsV40MChelmsford  
4231:54Dan FosterV40MColchester Harriers  
4332:00Jon Whitehouse V40MLoughton3.9 
4432:04James Campion V40MSouthend12.0 
4532:05James Perry V40MWoodford Green Essex Ladies22.7 
4632:09Leo Cole V45MWitham (Essex)4.9 
4732:33Paul Wyatt V40MHavering9.3 
4832:38Stuart Colley V40MOrion16.7 
4932:40Matt Stenning V40MBillericay12.4 
5032:48Paul Dellar V45MTiptree5.0 
5133:01Carl Easton V45MPhoenix Striders13.4 
5233:08Simon Tippett V45MBasildon29.9 
5333:09Russell Goodridge V45MColchester H6.0 
5433:19Stuart Mills V40MWitham (Essex)23.3 
5533:37Matthew Knowles V40MGreat Bentley26.5 
5633:50Steve Walker V45MHavering6.0 
5733:58Ian Pike V40MBenfleet9.1 
5834:01Brian Venton V40MBenfleet12.9 
5934:09David Findlay V45MBasildon13.1 
6034:42Alan Monte V40MSouthend25.6 
6134:59Tony Wallen V45MWitham (Essex)10.0 
6235:07Dave SmithV40MWitham  
6335:24Alexander Stuckey V40MWitham (Essex)13.8 
6435:27Mark Lawes V45MTiptree9.2 
6535:50Simon Morgan V45MColchester H11.2 
6635:58Steve TaylorV40MWoodford Green  
6736:06Ian Brazier V40MSpringfield9.6 
6836:08Colin White V45MBillericay11.9 
6936:11Lee Pembroke V40MWitham (Essex)18.9 
7036:18Patrick Marsh V45MColchester H16.9 
7140:03Richard Lee V45MBillericay17.1 
7241:50Peter RixsonV40MBasildon  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
128:53Colin Ridley V50MColchester H/St. Edmund Pacers/Eastern Masters1.7 
229:02Stephen Philcox V50MIlford2.1 
329:20Michael Bridgeland V55MChelmsford/Eastern Masters/Ravens City of London12.2 
429:38Dean Moy V50MOrion19.7 
530:00Paul Spowage V50MColchester H/Eastern Masters4.2 
630:09Simon Le Mare V50MSouthend/Leigh on Sea5.7 
730:11Neil Crisp V50MIlford8.7 
830:12Eric Paul V55MOrion10.4 
930:15Alec Kyriakides V50MSouthend4.6 
1030:20Ian MacDougall V50MBourton6.6 
1130:29John BakerV50MThrift Green  
1230:30Andrew Raynor V50MColchester H5.8 
1330:30Peter West V50MColchester H5.6 
1430:33David Cox V60MWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Veterans8.6 
1530:46Martyn Clarke V50MColchester H6.6 
1630:48Tony Pamphilon V55MWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Veterans5.4 
1730:51Don Lawless V50MThurrock9.6 
1830:53Paul Green V50MThurrock23.8 
1931:02Christopher Purse V55MSpringfield7.6 
2031:13John Green V50MThurrock28.6 
2131:25Eamonn Shelley V50MThurrock13.9 
2231:27Tony Hyde V50MIlford6.5 
2331:28Paul Jeggo V55MSpringfield7.1 
2431:47Richard Boden V50MColchester H6.4 
2531:50Nick Rankin V55MBenfleet5.9 
2631:59Simon Smith V50MColchester H5.2 
2732:01Ian Budge V50MBillericay8.6 
2832:03Michael Valbonesi V55MBenfleet23.8 
2932:10Richard Jones V50MBenfleet12.9 
3032:11Jonathan Metcalf V55MThurrock/Eastern Masters7.8 
3132:15Anthony Nixon V65MIlford16.3 
3232:28Mark Gowers V55MBillericay9.3 
3332:30Peter Tullett V55MChelmsford4.4 
3432:49John LynchV60MOrion  
3533:00Mike Bumstead V60MThurrock14.3 
3633:01Eamon Brown V55MBillericay10.5 
3733:20Terry Knightley V55MIlford/Billericay4.7 
3833:23Kevin McAlinden V50MEastern Masters/Colchester H8.7 
3933:24Nigel Coates V55MSaffron Striders10.2 
4033:30Bob Langley V60MHalstead10.5 
4133:33Alun T Evans V55MWoodford Green Essex Ladies8.8 
4233:39Stephen Foggo V50MBillericay8.2 
4333:55Peter Binns V65MSouthend/Castle Point Joggers10.9 
4434:15Arthur Whiston V60MColchester H12.9 
4534:21Andy Bryant V50MSaffron Striders14.4 
4634:40Malcolm Jarvis V50MGreat Bentley13.7 
4734:50Toby Lumsden V55MSaffron Striders11.8 
4835:16Phil DaviesV50MMid Essex Casuals  
4935:17Rodger Alexander V55MColchester & Tendring/Great Bentley40.1 
5035:19Alistair Holford V55MWoodford Green Essex Ladies14.6 
5135:33Gary Rayner V60MSpringfield17.8 
5235:44Paul Bryan V65MColchester H52.2 
5335:54Richard Taylor V60MSpringfield14.4 
5435:55Kevin Kirby V50MChelmsford19.5 
5536:11John WilsonV60MBillericay  
5636:16Stephen Burton V55MBenfleet11.5 
5736:24Tim Brockington V55MSpringfield12.2 
5836:49Paul Carlisle V55MGreat Bentley16.1 
5936:51Peter J Spelman V60MIlford22.9 
6037:15Bryan Newman V60MOrion16.9 
6137:20Mike Grealy V60MHalstead13.4 
6237:22Trevor Powell V60MWoodford Green Essex Ladies20.7 
6337:55Edward Skinner V55MTiptree/Ilford15.9 
6438:00John Mackenzie V60MIlford41.7 
6538:10John Markham V55MHalstead44.0 
6638:27Rick Deacon V55MBillericay19.2 
6738:38Duncan Russell V50MPhoenix Striders25.7 
6838:48Ian Carmichael V50MBillericay20.0 
6938:58Bernard Johnson V60MThurrock14.2 
7039:25Donald Sinclair V55MPitsea RC14.0 
7140:18Peter McLaughlin V55MPitsea RC32.8 
7240:38Rob Sargent V60MIlford/Veterans20.7 
7340:45James Russell V55MPitsea RC30.1 
7441:03Keith Walker V65MBillericay22.5 
7541:21Rob Hadgraft V60MTiptree27.1 
7641:46David Mills V55MPhoenix Striders28.2 
7742:12Martin Clarke V60MIlford/Harwich30.6 
7842:17David Game V65MMid Essex22.4 
7942:31David Davidson V50MPitsea RC16.9 
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