Myerscough College Croxteth Park 10K External Results
27 Apr 08
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
132:25   Rob Berry  V35MSouthport Waterloo/Edge Hill Uni/Windsor Slough Eton & Houns31:1730:292.3 
233:20   Paul Sankey SBV35MLiverpool RC33:1232:380.7 
333:25   Peter Green SBSENMLiverpool H33:2532:3036.0 
433:34   Joey Parkinson SBV40MLiverpool H/Northern Masters33:3433:3228.5 
534:11   Steve Freeman SBV40MLiverpool H34:1133:2120.0 
635:04   David Hamilton  V40MSouthport Waterloo34:5733:330.5 
736:11   Graham Cairns SBV50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton36:1135:427.9 
836:16   Maurice Collins  V45MLiverpool RC36:1335:0122.2 
936:43   David Edwards  V45MLiverpool RC36:0234:505.2 
1137:38   Chris Pedder  V50MMossley Hill/Newburgh/Northern Masters36:4935:266.0 
1237:43   Jenny Clague  SENWLiverpool H36:3233:4815.2 
1538:19   Simon Wright SBV50MWigan Phoenix38:1934:1136.0 
1638:24   Gemma Connolly PBSENWSt. Helens Sutton38:2435:324.4 
2239:21   David Waywell  V60MWesham38:3736:1524.9 
2339:31   Eric Gelshon  V55MMossley Hill39:3037:45  
3240:32   Kirsty Longley  SENWLiverpool Pembroke Sefton38:4433:350.2 
3640:46   Chris Slavin SBV60MLiverpool RC40:2538:0212.2 
4941:52   Sue Cooper  V50WSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters40:0738:4615.5 
5342:39   Sue Crehan  V50WSale Harriers Manchester42:3842:1032.5 
7144:31   Kath Hoyer  V45WWesham/Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service44:0143:1214.6 
8546:21   Karen Faloon SBV60WSouthport Waterloo45:0844:5522.0