Merseyside County Championships External Results
Arrowe Park
9 Jan 16
11.2KXC 7.5KXC 5.4KXC 3.8KXC 2.9KXC 1.7KXC 

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11.2KXC SM
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
145:54Dejene Gezimu U23MLiverpool H0.6 
245:55Richard Burney V35MLiverpool H-0.5 
346:38Matthew Thompson V45MSouthport Waterloo22.5 
447:04Joseph Vis SENMSouthport Waterloo/Manchester Uni-0.3 
547:24Phil Robertson U23MSale Harriers Manchester-2.9 
647:44Ben Johnson SENMSouthport Waterloo/Loughborough Students/Shettleston-1.5 
748:46David Mulvee SENMHerne Hill/Southport Waterloo5.2 
848:51Mark Wynne V40MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton-1.0 
949:02David Brockway U23MWirral2.7 
1049:03Martin Swensson V40MPenny Lane0.5 
1150:05Michael Fitzsimmons SENMLiverpool H14.1 
1250:41Connor McArdle SENMWallasey/Loughborough Students5.7 
1350:51John Hunt V45MDark Peak/Wirral3.7 
1450:57Ryan Whiston U23MLiverpool H-0.7 
1551:00Kyle Harrison U23MLiverpool RC3.0 
1651:03Laurie Luscombe SENMLiverpool H/Manchester Uni0.9 
1751:05D LoweSENMMrsyTr  
1851:11Alan Ashton V45MLiverpool H1.3 
1951:15Adrian Roach V40MLiverpool H0.9 
2051:20David Hamilton V45MSouthport Waterloo-0.1 
2151:28Alan Robertson V35MWirral8.1 
2251:34Mark Hulmston V40MWirral6.2 
2352:02Mike Green V40MWallasey5.1 
2452:16Lawrence Eccles SENMPenny Lane1.3 
2552:22Gavin Mcbride SENMLiverpool H15.8 
2652:40Ian Magill V45MLiverpool RC8.1 
2752:47John McMaster SENMLiverpool RC31.6 
2852:51J ThompsonSENMKnwsly  
2952:58Greg Jones SENMWallasey6.7 
3053:04Colin Taylor Potts V45MLiverpool H5.2 
3153:08Rob Pearse V40MWallasey-0.7 
3253:11Greg Williams SENMSt. Helens Sutton14.4 
3353:23Peter Fairclough SENMSt. Helens Striders4.7 
3453:35F RaffertyV45MSWAC  
3553:40Matthew Hughes SENMLiverpool H0.9 
3653:46Gary English V50MLiverpool RC6.8 
3753:51Adam Clansey SENMSouthport Waterloo/Ulster Uni/St. Malachy's37.7 
3853:59A SmithsonSENMMrsyTr  
3954:03Jeremy Fellick V45MWallasey10.0 
4054:07John Cain V35MLiverpool H15.8 
4154:09Neil Bullock SENMPenny Lane/Wallasey8.8 
4254:14John Armstrong V45MWallasey4.0 
4354:25Alex Waddelove SENMSouthport Waterloo/Preston/Central Lancashire Uni2.5 
4455:09John Halson V50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton10.7 
4555:15Colin Dobbs V40MPenny Lane8.0 
4655:23John Sprackland V50MSouthport Waterloo7.3 
4755:28Ralph Pawling SENMPensby7.9 
4855:38Paul Martin SENMMersey Tri1.4 
4955:43Peter Roome V50MSouthport Waterloo4.3 
5055:47R OwensSENMKnwsly  
5155:50Simon Fox V50MWirral10.2 
5256:07Chris Pownell SENMKnowsley-2.3 
5356:09Alistair Rutherford U23MBirchfield H/Birmingham City Uni/Mossley Hill-3.9 
5456:11Ian Palin V40MLiverpool RC8.7 
5556:12Colin Palmer V50MWallasey13.2 
5656:18Chris Dunn V45MSouthport Waterloo36.3 
5756:34Richard Bargh SENMWirral4.9 
5856:51Kevin Charleston SENMPensby6.9 
5957:01Paul Demore V45MSt. Helens Striders10.0 
6057:05Myles Robertson V50MWirral/Pensby/Police51.0 
6157:07Phil Cuthbert V40MVillage RR10.8 
6257:12Neil Adshead V50MSouthport Waterloo9.9 
6357:20Chris Pedder V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Northern Masters7.9 
6457:22Ian Shorrock V40MPensby9.5 
6557:30Mark Bissell SENMKnowsley0.8 
6657:37David Lawton V35MLiverpool RC5.5 
6757:56Harley Henshaw U23MWirral1.9 
6857:59Mike Kelly SENMWallasey14.9 
6958:06Ian Hayburn V45MSt. Helens Sutton20.2 
7058:15Neil Toner V40MWirral5.1 
7158:20Ian Russell V50MPenny Lane16.5 
7258:21Nick Wilson V40MWirral5.5 
7358:24Ian Costello V45MSt. Helens Sutton11.1 
7458:28Robert Wood V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton10.6 
7558:29Phil Dabner V45MWallasey9.6 
7658:32R JohnsonV45MSWAC  
7758:35S BrittenSENMMrsyTr  
7858:48Bryan Stevenson V35MWallasey6.3 
7958:51Tomas Murphy V35MWallasey16.7 
8058:52T GraceV40MMrsyTr  
8159:19Jack Poland SENMWallasey-1.7 
8259:24David Mcniven V45MLiverpool H31.7 
8359:39L WarburtonV45MPLS  
8459:59Robert Givnan V40MLiverpool RC23.2 
8560:02Ian Fitzpatrick V50MSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters6.6 
8660:04Kev Outten V40MSt. Helens Striders11.5 
8760:19Danny Gilbody SENMLiverpool Pembroke Sefton6.7 
13160:48George Pierce V45MLiverpool RC16.5 
8860:48D LeeSENMKnwsly  
8960:59Michael Connor V50MKnowsley8.0 
9061:02Thomas Rimmer SENMPenny Lane22.8 
9161:08Thomas O'Dowd SENMKnowsley1.4 
9261:15Simone Capponi V35MPenny Lane13.8 
9361:32Mark Hughes SENMWirral24.4 
9461:35Rob Beech SENMPensby8.2 
9561:42Robert Burke V50MLiverpool RC6.1 
9661:44Andrew Gaskell V45MSpectrum8.9 
9761:51Christopher Gibbs V50MWirral23.0 
9861:53Ian Wilson V35MWallasey34.6 
9962:12J BassettV50MWallsy  
10062:34Gary Thornton-Allen V35MPensby28.5 
10162:50Stuart Russell V40MLiverpool RC40.6 
10263:09R ShayleV45MPnsby  
10363:35Keith Swift V40MSouthport Waterloo8.1 
10463:36C MarslandV50MPnsby  
10563:49Michael Stone V55MWirral19.7 
10664:11K SmythSENMLRC  
10764:28S RogersV50MPnsby  
10864:36D ThomasSENMPLS  
10964:42Thomas King SENMPenny Lane38.0 
11065:29Peter Clarke SENMWallasey9.8 
11166:00Geoff Rudd V55MLiverpool RC19.3 
11266:17Phil Bird V50MWallasey15.6 
11366:37J AdamsV55MPnsby  
11466:42L AbbottV55MStHStr  
11566:49Derek McArdle V50MWallasey15.4 
11667:01Neil Sahgal V40MMersey Tri22.0 
11767:07P LeadbeaterV50MKnwsly  
11867:22A AbbottSENMStHStr  
11967:44Billy Hargreaves V65MSouthport Waterloo22.4 
12067:49Steve Norton V50MWirral8.8 
12167:52G ScholefieldV60MPnsby  
12268:05A CrossV55MKnwsly  
12368:21Peter Bird U23MWallasey3.5 
12468:31Kieron Carr V45MKnowsley13.1 
12568:45George McCann V45MLiverpool RC24.3 
12669:05Kevin Hall V45MWallasey7.5 
12769:10Ian White V50MSt. Helens Sutton25.8 
12869:29Michael O'rourke SENMPenny Lane6.9 
12969:40Dave McAlister V55MWallasey11.6 
13069:45Stephen Dipple V40MPenny Lane9.9 
13269:52R FisherV60MPnsby  
13369:59N CromptonV50MPnsby  
13470:22James Roberts SENMPenny Lane19.6 
13570:31M GriffithsV60MWallsy  
13671:17Steven Armstrong V45MWallasey24.8 
13771:25C LampreyV50MPnsby  
13871:32James Atkin V60MWirral25.1 
13972:24A WebsterV50MKnwsly  
14072:40Frank Murphy V50MKnowsley27.5 
14173:13J GreenV45MWallsy  
14275:18P WalpoleSENMPnsby  
14375:45A SpencerV55MKnwsly  
14475:47Adam McGlory SENMPenny Lane36.2 
14575:55Peter McArdle V55MWallasey35.3 
14676:16S PooleV40MStHStr  
14776:32Peter Brunt V50MWallasey39.0 
14889:33Keith Marsden V55MWallasey33.7 
14989:37Rolf Westrum V60MWallasey33.5 
7.5KXC U20M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
131:24Richard Evans U20MLiverpool H15.9 
231:39Aaron Jarvis U20MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton8.4 
333:12Andrew Kershaw U20MSouthport Waterloo1.0 
434:04Callum Seymour U20MWirral26.4 
535:35Jonathon Bride U20MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton3.0 
637:39Kristian Quirk U20MLiverpool H26.2 
738:46Nathan Parry U20MKnowsley23.8 
841:57Hugo Kearsey U20MSouthport Waterloo25.3 
5.4KXC U17M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
121:12Daniel Slater U17MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton2.3 
221:19Joseph Ford U17MLiverpool H8.6 
322:28Lewis Rooney U17M 10.3 
422:54Christian Woods U17MLiverpool H7.0 
523:01Michael Rooke U17MWirral18.5 
623:16Matthew Richardson U17MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton25.7 
723:26Daniel Nuttall U17MWirral26.6 
823:47Kyle Dentith U17MLiverpool H17.0 
924:17Ieuan Kearney U17MWirral21.0 
1024:39Joe Martin U17MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton30.5 
1124:43Owen Thomas Jones U17MWirral/Wallasey27.1 
1226:11Harry Das U17MWirral33.2 
1327:30Duncan MacDonald U17MWirral39.5 
1427:52D JamesonU17MWirral  
1528:03Leon Hill U17MSt. Helens Sutton13.8 
1630:46Benjamin Sara-Kelly U17MWirral36.6 
3.8KXC U15M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:40Max Brame U15MLiverpool H6.3 
216:08Arran Kearney U15MWirral-2.0 
316:10Tom Spence U15MWirral10.7 
416:22Daniel Preston U15MLiverpool H1.3 
516:51Martin Hurst U15MWirral10.1 
617:01Jacob Brophy U15MWirral13.3 
717:12Jake Quarmby U15MWirral23.7 
817:26Max Alexander Clark U15MWirral27.9 
917:34Joe Houghton U15MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19.7 
1017:52Harry Pike U15MSouthport Waterloo12.2 
1117:59Andrew Grant U15MLiverpool H21.5 
1218:16Samuel Tempest U15MWirral-0.8 
1318:26Harry Martin U15MWirral10.9 
1418:33Alex Norton U15MWirral8.4 
1518:46Sam Roach U15MLiverpool H50.0 
1619:07William Atherden U15MWirral34.0 
1719:31Harry Ball U15MWirral39.8 
1819:42Jackson Sloan U15MWirral1.2 
2.9KXC U13M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:07Louis Johnston U13MWirral4.2 
211:37Zachary Russell U13MWirral8.6 
311:41Finan Johnston U13MWirral5.8 
411:50Louis Relph U13MLiverpool H27.2 
511:54Sam Flaherty U13MLiverpool H-2.3 
611:57Matthew Brennan U13MLiverpool H2.8 
712:02Joseph Fountain U13MWirral24.1 
812:11Charlie Teare U13MLiverpool H-0.6 
912:17Daniel Hayes U13MWirral-3.0 
1012:25Gabriel Meehan U13MLiverpool H15.4 
1112:36Michael Brussels U13MSt. Helens Sutton2.7 
1212:41Joe Spence U13MWirral34.8 
1312:41Joshua Hale U13MWirral-2.5 
1412:43Charlie Roberts U13MSt. Helens Sutton-4.3 
1513:05R CharlesU13MWirral  
1613:08Matthew Edwards U13MWirral17.7 
1713:14Sam Coupland U13MSouthport Waterloo7.5 
1813:22Drew Daniel Davies U13MWirral42.7 
1913:29F AustinU13MWirral  
2013:36Joseph Ryan U13MWirral31.4 
2113:42Tyr Bujac U13MWirral23.7 
2213:53 McMahonLU13MSWAC  
2314:07Rhys Davies U13MSouthport Waterloo18.2 
2414:17Liam Houghton U13MSt. Helens Sutton33.2 
2514:38Harry Sweeney U13MLiverpool H-1.8 
2615:07Oisin Cody U13MLiverpool H32.9 
2718:00Finley Mckenna U13MKirkby Milers43.0 
1.7KXC U11M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:47Alex Poulston U11MWirral-1.6 
27:01J BernhamU11MWirral  
37:12Michael Dobson U11MSt. Helens Sutton0.8 
47:15C ClarkU11MWirral  
57:17Elliott Bujac U11MWest Cheshire21.7 
67:19T PikeU11MSWAC  
77:20Ethan Brady-Jones U11MWESPA/Wirral-2.8 
87:39J RobinsonU11MLivHar  
97:48Harry Kaye U11MWirral11.6 
108:01Rhys Martin U11MLiverpool H47.3 
118:02B RoachU11MLivHar  
128:38Felix Anderson U11MSouthport Waterloo38.0 
138:42S LovettU11MSWAC  
149:59Joshua Craven U11MWirral33.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
133:45Rachael Burns V35WLiverpool H/Northern Masters9.9 
234:22Amanda Crook SENWSouthport Waterloo/Edge Hill Uni9.9 
335:18Kirsty Longley V35WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton0.8 
435:47Sophie Mellor SENWLiverpool H7.7 
536:07Alex O'Brien SENWLiverpool RC1.7 
636:24Helen Sahgal SENWMersey Tri11.8 
736:25Rachael Fairclough SENWSt. Helens Striders/St. Helens Sutton7.3 
836:37Catherine Howard SENWKnowsley20.8 
937:34Ailbhe McDaid SENWLiverpool H/Ireland5.5 
1037:43Sarah Kearney V40WWirral7.8 
1139:29Sallie Holt V35WWallasey11.3 
1239:47Clare Constable V40WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton8.3 
1340:08Sharon James V40WLiverpool RC33.1 
1440:22H FrancesSENWKnwsly  
1540:34Anne Rosbottom V40WWirral13.9 
1640:40Vicky Gilbody SENWLiverpool Pembroke Sefton15.5 
1740:48Lucy Partridge V35WPensby21.4 
1841:40S WoodsSENWLRC  
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