East Yorkshire League External Results
6 Mar 16
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
133:27Jack Robertson U23MScarborough/Loughborough Students19.9 
234:58Phillip Taylor V35MBridlington-0.2 
335:30Shaun Hobson V40MDriffield Striders0.9 
435:54Scott Hargreaves SENMBridlington-0.3 
535:59Jim CrispV40MCity of Hull AC  
636:06Adrian Bushby V45MCity of Hull3.1 
736:08Nick Wilmot V35MCity of Hull24.9 
836:23Chris Duck V40MScarborough7.1 
936:40Tyler EvansSENMScarborough AC  
1036:53Jim Rogers V50MCity of Hull/East Hull2.7 
1136:56Darren Rodmell V40MBeverley17.6 
1237:19Carla Stansfield SENWCity of Hull5.3 
1337:22Jonny McFaul SENMGoole Viking Striders4.3 
1437:25Neil Ridsdale V55MDriffield Striders16.3 
1537:29AN Other      
1637:33Jeremy Edeson V55MDriffield Striders12.7 
1737:37Kevin Moment V45MScarborough12.3 
1837:39James WilsonSENMDriffield Striders  
1937:54Luke Davison SENMBeverley2.2 
2038:01Darren Edge V50MBeverley1.1 
2138:27Mark Woodley V40MBridlington20.0 
2238:30David Morrison SENMBeverley3.7 
2338:38Simon Rycroft V40MPocklington7.2 
2438:50Andy MastermanV45MGoole Viking Striders  
2538:54Martin Booth V55MGoole Viking Striders5.9 
2639:01Ian Hird V55MCity of Hull10.3 
2739:08Philip Reese SENMBeverley4.8 
2839:23Tony Smith V50MBridlington15.5 
2939:26James Bray SENMCity of Hull5.4 
3040:12Matt ShillingsSENMGoole Viking Striders  
3140:20Darren Ball V45MPocklington3.6 
3240:23Rhona Marshall SENWScarborough4.2 
3340:35Paul Body V40MCity of Hull12.4 
3440:40John Harrison V55MDriffield Striders23.1 
3540:51Alison Crellin V50WDriffield Striders10.9 
3640:55Matt PillingV40MBridlington Road Runners  
3741:10Stuart Lazenby V50MCity of Hull11.5 
3841:11Paul CartwightV55MCity of Hull AC  
3941:19Glyn Hewitt V40MScarborough4.3 
4041:27David Parkin V45MDriffield Striders8.1 
4141:38Stuart Buchan V55MCity of Hull13.9 
4241:49Emma Williams SENWDriffield Striders26.0 
4341:55Paul D Clark V45MBeverley11.2 
4442:10Joshua Taylor U20MBridlington0.7 
4542:13Martin Stack V50MDriffield Striders9.8 
4642:15Emma Brown V40WBridlington25.2 
4742:23Paul Goodlass V45MDriffield Striders16.3 
4842:31Colin Langley V40MCity of Hull22.8 
4942:40Christopher Dugher V40MSelby8.7 
5042:47Stuart Evans V50MPocklington17.4 
5142:53Joanna HolmesSENWSelby Striders  
5243:01Richard M Bramham V50MGoole Viking Striders8.8 
5343:07Dave Shipley V60MScarborough13.4 
5443:09Steve Evins V45MBeverley7.6 
5543:11Lizzie NairnSENWSelby Striders  
5643:14Emma Greensmith V40WBeverley10.8 
5743:15Corinna Emily Turner SENWCity of Hull12.0 
5843:20Paul Chapman V45MScarborough9.6 
5943:40Julie Masterman V50WGoole Viking Striders7.3 
6043:43Geoff Cromack V55MScarborough18.5 
6143:54Becky CliftonV40WBridlington Road Runners  
6244:00Sue Haslam V60WScarborough10.0 
6344:01David Birkin V40MCity of Hull8.8 
6444:14Alan Bayston V50MCity of Hull18.2 
6544:26Sian Morgan V50WDriffield Striders14.8 
6644:33Zoe Parkin V50WDriffield Striders11.8 
6745:25Simon Starrett V35MDriffield Striders21.1 
6845:29Paul Davis V40MCity of Hull11.9 
6945:36David Hanney V55MGoole Viking Striders17.2 
7045:49Alan Flint V65MBeverley12.3 
7145:53Ian McCoid V50MCity of Hull8.3 
7245:58Sarah Wood SENWBridlington26.4 
7346:03Jonathan Poulter SENMScarborough36.4 
7446:12Steven Lund V55MGoole Viking Striders32.0 
7546:23Nigel Warner V65MGoole Viking Striders33.0 
7646:45Mark May V50MScarborough10.5 
7747:22Stephen Headley V50MSelby18.4 
7847:34Hiede Coates V35WScarborough23.1 
7947:40Peter Watkinson V60MBeverley14.4 
8048:28Jonty ParkinV45MSelby Striders  
8148:38Allan ClaytonV55MBridlington Road Runners  
8248:41Stephen Coveney V60MCity of Hull17.2 
8348:52John Smith V55MCity of Hull9.5 
8448:57Kevin Lewis T20/F20 V50MBridlington21.4 
8549:30Malcolm Sweetlove V60MScarborough22.1 
8649:30Kathryn Parker SENWSelby16.3 
8749:45Debbie Rycroft V45WPocklington22.3 
8849:52Paul Firth V40MSelby21.5 
8950:12Simon PorterV40MBridlington Road Runners  
9050:27Andy Wilks V50MBeverley18.8 
9150:35Helen Rutter V40WScarborough13.7 
9250:59Tim WelbourneV55MCity of Hull AC  
9351:01Tracy LacyV45WSelby Striders  
9451:18Janet Potter V60WBridlington14.3 
9551:35James Durham V35MBeverley6.7 
9651:49Leoni Bradnam SENWScarborough28.8 
9751:49Phil AlfordV40MSelby Striders  
9851:51David Kellett V55MSelby21.4 
9952:48Mike Lake V60MCity of Hull21.5 
10053:04Stephen Williets V45MBeverley15.3 
10153:16Nicole Masterman U23WGoole Viking Striders22.3 
10253:25Robert Eyre V70MBridlington16.9 
10353:39Tracey Holden V45WPocklington19.9 
10453:47Dominique Webster V40WBridlington18.2 
10553:56Joanne Lock V45WSelby25.8 
10654:59Sam Shepherdson V40WScarborough24.1 
10755:10Fiona J Headley V50WSelby26.8 
10855:34Aldie HoldenV45MPocklington Runners  
10956:19Lynne Stabler V40WBeverley21.3 
11057:16Sally Kingscott V50WScarborough22.7 
11157:17Debbie Scott V50WSelby26.2 
11259:04Kerry LeatherV40WSelby Striders  
11359:25Jeffrey Copping V65MCity of Hull23.3 
11459:56AN Other      
11560:47Sarah Mason V45WSelby22.5 
11661:47Deborah Cahill V45WPocklington21.5 
11761:56Lindsey GrenvilleV55WCity of Hull AC  
11861:56Tim HeneghanV45MCity of Hull AC  
11963:19David Foster V55MBridlington25.8 
12065:04Penelope Booth V60WBeverley24.6 
12165:54Frank Harrison V75MCity of Hull28.4 
12267:03Victoria Evins V40WBeverley26.8 
12367:18Heather WestronV35WScarborough AC