North Yorkshire & South Durham League External Results
15 Nov 15
8.9KXC 4.6KXC 3.2KXC 2.8KXC 1.7KXC 

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
132:40Gregory Jayasuriya SENMMiddlesbrough & Cleveland-4.7 
234:13Adam Mitchell SENMMiddlesbrough (Mandale)-1.5 
334:22Richard DarlingSENMH'Pool Burn Road  
434:29Drew Inglis SENMDarlington H-0.4 
535:01Scott Wardman SENMRichmond & Zetland1.5 
635:18Christopher Rumsey SENMMiddlesbrough & Cleveland0.2 
735:36Colin Taylor V40MDarlington H0.8 
835:41Tony Lambert V45MRichmond & Zetland3.1 
935:50Paul Brown V35MNew Marske-0.8 
1035:57Paul Wilson V35MHartlepool0.0 
1136:04Michael Jefferies SENMBillingham/Richmond & Zetland/Sedgefield4.4 
1236:41Andrew Pearson V40MNew Marske2.3 
1336:47Paul Helliwell V45MDarlington H13.2 
1436:53Vaughan Godber V40MHartlepool10.2 
1536:53Mark Wade SENMAycliffe3.7 
1636:57Christian Brown U20MDarlington Tri6.9 
1737:13Steve Middleton V40MRichmond & Zetland0.7 
1837:24Darren Armstrong V35MHartlepool9.3 
1937:27Ken Harker V40MRichmond & Zetland/VAA North East2.5 
2037:29Mark Flannery V45MRichmond & Zetland4.7 
2137:38Andy Chadfield V40MBillingham2.1 
2237:54Paul Stephenson V40MHartlepool5.4 
2338:23Paul Darroch SENMNew Marske-1.1 
2438:26Ian RobinsonSENMGuest Heaton H.  
2538:28Nathan HemmingbroughSENMDarlington Harriers  
2638:35Philip Utley V45MNorth York Moors7.2 
2738:41John Hunter V50MLoftus & Whitby4.7 
2838:45Paul Wildmore V35MNorth York Moors21.0 
2938:56Andrew Lilley V35MHartlepool20.3 
3039:01Richard Fawcett SENMNorth York Moors5.5 
3139:01Andy KellyV40MH'Pool Burn Road  
3239:03Julian SimpsonV40MRichmond & Zet. Harr.  
3339:07Michael Lamb V45MHartlepool25.8 
3439:14Ian Wilson SENMHartlepool9.6 
3539:24Paul McGough V40MNorth York Moors2.9 
3639:26Philip Teece V55MStockton Striders6.5 
3739:33Dez Fielden V40MAycliffe4.3 
3839:35Simon Rogers V45MDarlington H3.1 
3939:47Daniel Holdsworth V35MRichmond & Zetland21.6 
4039:50Anthony Oliver V45MHartlepool4.7 
4139:52Joe Blackett V50MNorth York Moors/Dark Peak4.9 
4240:05Karl Edwards V60MHartlepool4.7 
4340:06Aaron Keys SENMMiddlesbrough & Cleveland3.3 
4440:20Steven Smith SENMNorth York Moors10.7 
4540:24James Keenan U20MBillingham26.0 
4640:30Brian Derek Casson V40MThe Sixth Dimension/Middlesbrough & Cleveland14.2 
4740:31Adam Poole V35MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland3.2 
4840:39Matthew Frost U23MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland4.5 
4940:42James BurnsV55MStockton Striders A.C.  
5040:49Peter Milburn V55MAycliffe6.9 
5140:50John Davis V40MHartlepool9.8 
5240:51Ronnie CorbettV45MRichmond & Zet. Harr.  
5340:55Daniel Hunter V40MDarlington H19.7 
5440:58Bryan Saysell V50MNorth York Moors/North East Vets17.6 
5541:04Stephan Tomaszewski V55MThirsk & Sowerby6.5 
5641:24Andrew Minister V35MHartlepool/Durham Fell Runners4.0 
5741:32David McKenna V45MDarlington H7.0 
5841:34Mark Evans V45MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland10.8 
5941:39Chris Jefferies V40MBillingham4.3 
6041:39Dean Wilson V40MLiverpool RC/North York Moors6.4 
6141:40Phillip Noble SENMRedcar/New Marske8.1 
6241:48Peter Armstrong SENMDarlington H7.3 
6342:24Chris Williams V35MHartlepool12.2 
6442:31Sascha Brame V45MStockton Striders30.9 
6542:33Paul Chow V40MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland2.4 
6642:37Keith Galbraith V55MHartlepool11.7 
6742:39Lewis BounerSENMM'bro & Cleve Harriers  
6842:43David Aspin V45MNew Marske8.5 
6942:46Trevor Baker V50MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland/North East Vets10.6 
7042:47Darren Stockdale V35MDarlington H13.4 
7142:49Paul Garrens V40MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland3.6 
7242:50Graham Jones V45MHartlepool5.6 
7342:50Stephen King V45MBillingham8.6 
7442:50Nigel Barnbrook V55MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland9.6 
7542:52Michael Thompson V40MQuakers8.1 
7642:54Andrew Vernon V35MQuakers7.4 
7742:55Robert Burn V60MThirsk & Sowerby9.2 
7842:56Gordon Baird V55MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland6.6 
7942:59Ben Wilson V40MDarlington H26.3 
8042:59Simon Withers V45MRichmond & Zetland11.4 
8143:03Steven Small V40MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland7.8 
8243:08Dominic Colley SENMDarlington H9.9 
8343:13Aaron Dodds U20MBillingham16.3 
8443:14Graham Robinson V60MThirsk & Sowerby23.6 
8543:15James BatesV40MH'Pool Burn Road  
8643:29Jordan StandenU20MM'bro & Cleve Harriers  
8743:36Barry Bell V45MDarlington H10.4 
8843:41Paul Chapman V45MScarborough9.6 
8943:46Phil Rutter V50MQuakers10.3 
9043:50Graham Bell V60MDarlington H/Northern Masters15.7 
9143:56Owen Willis V45MScarborough15.0 
9244:05Paul Roberts V50MQuakers14.4 
9344:13Steven Elliott V40MDarlington H11.4 
9444:16Michael Fawcett V50MStockton Striders9.3 
9545:08Robert Gillham V45MQuakers12.1 
9645:17Graham Park V50MQuakers12.6 
9745:22Stewart Hopes V35MRedcar29.1 
9845:24Darren HarrisonSENMLoftus & Whitby A.C.  
9947:38Graeme Surtees V50MHartlepool14.0 
10047:39Alan BellSENMH'Pool Burn Road  
10147:42Eddie Meehan V60MNorth York Moors15.1 
10248:01Dean Law V40MNorth York Moors9.8 
10348:07Ian Brown V50MDarlington H11.7 
10448:23Shane Doe U20MAycliffe28.5 
10548:25David Wallace V55MHartlepool8.2 
10649:44Steven Scott V45MThirsk & Sowerby22.1 
10749:48Stephen Smith SENMAycliffe/Darlington H10.5 
10850:24Paul Bainbridge V45MNorth York Moors12.6 
10950:35Peter Foulds V35MDarlington H15.3 
11050:43Nigel Shaw V55MHartlepool12.5 
11151:03Colin Gibson V55MAycliffe30.9 
11251:10Jonathan Pearse V50MNew Marske46.0 
11351:40Peter Johnson V60MHartlepool17.2 
11452:17Andrew BateV40MH'Pool Burn Road  
11552:35Mark Brown V40MNorth York Moors10.0 
11653:25David Aiken V35MDarlington H5.6 
11754:01Andrew Lamplough V40MHartlepool38.5 
11855:23Trevor Needham V60MAycliffe14.0 
11955:58Simon LawlerV40MH'Pool Burn Road  
12056:39Lewis Boshier U20MQuakers19.5 
12156:39Gary Read SENMQuakers9.0 
12256:40Mark Tallon SENMDarlington H12.4 
12356:50Neil Sergeant V60MBeverley17.3 
12456:57Keith Webber V35MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland33.0 
12557:02Paul Appleton V50MStockton Striders21.5 
12657:38Tony Slater V60MNew Marske21.3 
12759:47Matt Jackson V45MQuakers23.5 
12859:52David Ledgerwood V40MQuakers18.0 
12960:11Jeff Marriott V50MQuakers17.6 
13060:16Rob Nicholson V60MAycliffe21.4 
13160:17Dave Thompson V55MAycliffe21.7 
4.6KXC U17M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
117:02Harry Robson U17MRichmond & Zetland12.4 
217:28Cameron Stainsby U17MDurham26.1 
317:34Ben Bergstrand U17MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)-2.7 
417:59James Greer U17MRichmond & Zetland17.2 
519:03Ben Palmer U17MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)-0.2 
619:59Sean Connolly U17MDarlington H11.3 
721:20Colin WallerU17MMarsh House Harriers  
822:58Matthew WindramU17MH'Pool Burn Road  
3.2KXC U15M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:51Jake Stephenson U15MRichmond & Zetland-2.2 
213:15James Somers U15MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)13.5 
313:20Luke Pettit U15MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)2.0 
413:21Daniel Gunn U15MNew Marske6.0 
514:01Sam Tyers U15MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)/Cleveland Schs-2.6 
614:01Christian Mummert U15MScarborough4.3 
714:05Will Smith U15MRichmond & Zetland16.4 
814:45Elias Ben-Tiba U15MNew Marske5.2 
915:07Thomas Aspin U15MNew Marske-0.5 
1015:24Cole Baldam U15MHartlepool Triathletes.com16.2 
1115:42Matthew Lambert U15MRichmond & Zetland-0.3 
1215:52Jonathan Dennison U15MBeverley10.9 
1316:42Lewis Moore U15MRichmond & Zetland8.1 
1417:11Kian Wildmore U15MNew Marske30.2 
2.8KXC U13M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:38Archie Lowe U13MNew Marske-3.4 
212:01Daniel Payne U13MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)-1.7 
312:12James Roberts U13MDarlington H8.8 
412:16Harry Crawshaw U13MBillingham25.2 
512:31Liam Brittle U13MDarlington H3.1 
612:50William Simpson U13MBillingham8.2 
713:06Benjamin Johnson U13MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)4.2 
813:08Ben Lambert U13MRichmond & Zetland30.2 
913:11Daniel Cutter U13MDarlington H36.3 
1013:13Nathan Nicholson U13MBillingham4.7 
1113:49Aidan Glover U13MBeverley14.5 
1213:56Matthew Chinnock U13MNew Marske19.5 
1314:02Rob Smith U13MBeverley30.0 
1414:04Jonathan Callaghan U13MHartlepool41.5 
1514:16Noah RobsonU13MMidd (Mandale) A.C.  
1614:40Matthew Somers U13MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)5.6 
1715:26Thomas GodberU13MH'Pool Burn Road  
1815:31Charlie Stephenson U13MRichmond & Zetland-2.2 
1915:49Sebastian Pearson U13MNew Marske5.0 
2015:54Alfie Willis U13MScarborough34.9 
2115:59Taili Schuman-SaundersU13MScarborough A.C.  
2216:02Dominic CoxU13MH'Pool Burn Road  
2316:03Ralph Chisholm U13MRichmond & Zetland20.9 
2416:52Guy HarbridgeU13MBeverley A.C.  
2517:07Ewan Baxter U13MRichmond & Zetland36.2 
2617:11William Callaghan U13MHartlepool48.9 
2718:19Jack Atkinson U13MNew Marske48.9 
2822:15Daniel Raper U13MHartlepool AC54.0 
1.7KXC U11M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
14:44Alex MainU11MMarsh House Harriers  
24:45Ben HodgsonU11MMarsh House Harriers  
34:49Rohan Teasdale U11MBillingham2.8 
44:50Dylan Appleby U11MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)15.8 
54:51Joshua Hammett U11MRichmond & Zetland2.5 
65:03Scott Temple U11MHartlepool AC-2.1 
75:18Joel HarbridgeU11MBeverley A.C.  
85:31Jack Farrel U11MNew Marske5.2 
105:43Matthew Downs U11MNew Marske2.5 
95:43Luke Hall U11MDarlington H36.7 
115:50James BennettU11MDarlington Harriers  
125:57Curtis Johnson U11MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)20.4 
135:58Jack Marsay U11MBeverley26.4 
146:29Adam Nicklin U11MNew Marske36.5 
156:37Alexander Muir U11MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)37.3 
167:11Ryan Broadbent U11MBeverley29.7 
177:37Jamie Main U11MBillingham37.1 
4.6KXC M65
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
121:26Michael Ludgate V65MHartlepool30.2 
223:44David Clouston V65MHartlepool20.7 
4.6KXC M70
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
124:56Danny Gordon V70MQuakers19.3 
4.6KXC M75
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
133:40Ray Todd V75MAycliffe33.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
117:52Emma WilliamsSENWGuest Windsor  
218:15Becky Briggs U17WBeverley-0.4 
318:39Nicola Kent V45WLoftus & Whitby18.7 
419:10Eli Barnbrook U17WNew Marske5.6 
519:16Beth CampbellSENWM'bro & Cleve Harriers  
619:45Brigid Dennehy U23WMiddlesbrough & Cleveland/Ireland6.3 
719:47Lisa Bennett V40WNew Marske9.2 
819:57Lizzie Cramb U17WDurham24.5 
1020:05Katie Noble U17WDarlington H28.8 
920:05Sue Phillips V50WDarlington H11.5 
1120:30Kath Aspin V45WNew Marske8.9 
1220:42Linda Noble V50WDarlington H9.7 
1321:04Cheryl LaycockV35WH'Pool Burn Road  
1421:09Natalie CurgenvenV35WDarlington Harriers  
1521:22Rebecca SimpsonV35WRichmond & Zet. Harr.  
1621:25Zara Noble SENWLoftus & Whitby23.3 
1721:27Kirsty Robinson SENWDurham11.2 
1821:40Michelle Zamir V35WAycliffe12.3 
1921:49Hannah Bayes U17WScarborough31.2 
2021:51Sharon Stephenson V40WHartlepool14.1 
2121:59Pauline Brown V50WDarlington H9.1 
2222:03Lucy Surtees U17WGateshead36.6 
2322:11Laura Kirkham U17WRichmond & Zetland17.9 
2422:17Jessica McMullanV35WM'bro & Cleve Harriers  
2522:21Lesley Miller V45WDarlington H17.8 
2622:25Kay Stokes V55WStockton Striders11.9 
2722:28Michelle Jane SENWAycliffe11.4 
2822:28Patricia Speedie V45WNew Marske8.3 
2922:41Leanne VoddinSENWLoftus & Whitby A.C.  
3022:57Sue DickV40WLoftus & Whitby A.C.  
3122:59Ellie Beauchamp U23WLoftus & Whitby26.7 
3223:02Emma Morley V50WDarlington H14.2 
3323:10Rebecca Aspin U17WNew Marske12.9 
3423:17Natalie WadeSENWM'bro & Cleve Harriers  
3523:21Cyd DeniseV50WAycliffe Running Club  
3623:27Fay Debenham U17WScarborough30.2 
3723:37Jo Beddow V35WHartlepool18.0 
3823:49Sarah Watson SENWQuakers23.5 
3923:50Susan Milburn V55WAycliffe15.0 
4023:54Fiona Wilson V45WRichmond & Zetland14.2 
4123:54Liz SimpsonV35WStockton Striders A.C.  
4223:59Emma Watson V35WHartlepool29.9 
4324:02Claire Earle V40WHartlepool16.7 
4424:27Pauline Whittaker V45WRichmond & Zetland13.5 
4524:47Rebecca Howard SENWQuakers8.0 
4624:53Jan Naisbitt V50WHartlepool20.1 
4724:54Caroline Surtees V50WHartlepool21.4 
4824:57Louise Danby SENWNew Marske12.7 
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