Forest of Dean parkrun # 284 External Results
Forest of Dean
22 Aug 15
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:44Gerry O'Brien SBV35MSouth Derbyshire18:2018:0011.1 
218:58Tony Marshall SBV50MForest of Dean AC18:5818:302.3 
319:02Dan Sandford  V40MForest of Dean AC/Unattached18:5018:206.3 
419:41Thomas Tremlett  SENMUnattached19:3618:0436.7 
519:49Andrew Bargery  V45MArena 8018:1617:5312.4 
620:01Julian Michael Boon  V45MForest of Dean AC19:1118:277.9 
720:04Gerwyn Malpas  SENMUnattached19:1018:487.9 
820:07John Featherstone SBV45MNewent Runners20:0718:598.2 
920:45Nick Caddick S25MUnattached    
1020:47Kim Mazzucca  V50WForest of Dean AC20:2717:2637.8 
1120:51Mark Jeffries  V45MForest of Dean AC19:4519:4535.5 
1221:05Tim Watkins SBSENMUnattached21:0519:0914.2 
1321:09Daren Mark Smith  V45MForest of Dean AC19:3118:5215.1 
1421:24Dave Woodward  S30MUnattached19:5818:399.2 
1521:27Martin Beale V55MUnattached    
1621:41Ian Morgan  S25MForest of Dean AC20:2020:2022.7 
1721:48Mark Mathews  V40MForest of Dean AC19:2519:256.4 
1821:49Alan Robertson  V60MForest of Dean AC/Scottish Vets H21:1220:4917.8 
1922:08Richard Cronin  S25MWestbury19:1517:529.9 
2022:19Richard Dennant  V45MUnattached21:3820:2920.3 
2122:29Sherryl Hall  V45WForest of Dean AC21:5721:5717.0 
2222:43Lee Osborne  V40MUnattached22:1821:3115.0 
2322:52Henry Kirk U20MUnattached    
2423:17Ian Lowton  V45MUnattached21:2520:1025.6 
2523:20Simon Urry SBV40MForest of Dean AC23:2020:4150.0 
2623:22Mark Soderland V35MUnattached    
2723:35Marc Thomas  V40MKnavesmire21:2019:4024.0 
2823:39Kristy Caddick S25WUnattached    
2923:46Roger Winston  V60MHavering/Havering '90 Joggers22:1921:4715.3 
3023:51Ivan Woodward  V45MForest of Dean AC22:2022:2023.4 
3123:52Alun Davies V45MUnattached    
3223:55Piers Tremlett SBV50MUnattached23:5522:4932.7 
3323:57Brian Evans  V40MSpirit of Monmouth20:3719:559.8 
3423:58David Payton V55MUnattached    
3524:02Michael Marks  V45MForest of Dean AC22:5821:5320.3 
3624:03Mark Parkhurst V45MUnattached    
3724:06Wayne Stewart  V45MForest of Dean AC21:1121:1126.6 
3824:08Unknown Athlete   Unattached    
3924:15Patrick Rennison  V50MForest of Dean AC22:4621:2024.4 
4024:18Margaret Powles PBV55WForest of Dean AC24:1824:1830.4 
4124:18Cherry Fowler  V45WForest of Dean AC21:3019:026.8Click your Clock logo
4224:37Graham James  S20MUnattached23:3822:4517.4 
4324:43Mark James V45MUnattached    
4424:49Mark Mazzucca V50MUnattached    
4525:03Simon Tremlett  V50MUnattached24:2623:4334.1 
4625:07Andy Morgan  V40MForest of Dean AC23:3422:1917.9 
4725:14Victoria Logan  V40WForest of Dean AC23:4623:4646.4 
4825:16Lynne Park SBV50WForest of Dean AC/Civil Service25:1623:3841.0 
4925:30Ross Denison U20MUnattached    
5025:31Stefanie Francis  V45WForest of Dean AC24:1624:1617.4 
5125:32Helen Lipscomb  V35WForest of Dean AC22:3121:5720.2 
5225:34Steve Knight V50MUnattached    
5325:38James Kirk  V50MForest of Dean AC24:2523:1016.2 
5425:51Graham Bennetto  V55MForest of Dean AC/Fire Service24:4424:1527.2 
5526:01Anne Kirk  V45WForest of Dean AC25:4523:5816.4 
5626:03Faye Simons  SENWUnattached24:5523:4419.9 
5726:05Ian James  V55MUnattached24:1424:1434.0 
5826:09Emma Hale S25WUnattached    
5926:14Unknown Athlete   Unattached    
6026:28Vicki Hewlett  V50WForest of Dean AC24:1524:0718.4 
6126:35David Haworth V60MUnattached    
6226:39Colin Laver  V65MForest of Dean AC25:2325:1427.8 
6326:48Andrew Wright S30MUnattached    
6426:50Peter Hewitt  V35MForest of Dean AC23:2722:1935.4 
6526:53Jane Kearney V40WUnattached    
6626:55Gemma Hewitt  S30WForest of Dean AC24:4322:3619.7 
6727:01Naomi Berry U15WUnattached    
6827:03Nigel Brown V55MUnattached    
6927:08Karen Haile  V50WForest of Dean AC26:3826:3439.9 
7027:11Debbie Baker V35WUnattached    
7127:12Andrew R George  V50MChepstow H/Forest of Dean AC27:0824:3221.3 
7227:15Chloe Morgan  U11WForest of Dean AC25:2222:1630.0 
7327:25Claire Manfield V35WUnattached    
7427:26Ian Hill V55MUnattached    
7527:28Melinda Ruck PBV45WForest of Dean AC26:1323:4518.6 
7627:48Tony Morris V60MUnattached    
7727:58Emma Bartlett V35WUnattached    
7828:00Beth Haile U20WForest of Dean AC    
7928:15Emma Parsons  V35WUnattached25:0623:5419.3 
8028:17Bev James  V55WForest of Dean AC/Unattached27:0827:0827.4 
8128:26Sam Rank SBS30WBlythe Bridge26:1224:3928.9 
8228:29Cheryl Dabrowski  V40WUnattached26:1025:3019.8 
8328:29Unknown Athlete   Unattached    
8428:35David Bourne V65MUnattached    
8528:36Emma Woodward  S25WMalvern Buzzards23:0722:1317.9 
8628:51Keiran Jones  U18MForest of Dean AC23:5221:5541.7 
8729:04Vanessa Pegler  V45WForest of Dean AC27:2825:3123.5 
8829:09Andy Langton  V55MLonely Goat RC26:0824:3223.0 
8929:10Michelle Rudge S25WUnattached    
9029:26Hazel Winston  V55WHavering '90 Joggers27:1927:1926.0 
9129:35Michael Woodward  SENMUnattached28:4127:3253.6 
9229:38Angela Bowkett  V45WForest of Dean AC27:0226:3525.0 
9329:38Tess Tremlett  V45WUnattached28:4827:1842.0 
9429:49Helen Kelly  V45WNewent Runners28:0328:0327.2 
9529:58Linden Powell V40MUnattached    
9630:10Kate Berry  V40WForest of Dean AC27:4924:1124.3 
9730:23Unknown Athlete   Unattached    
9830:31Isabel Whittington U11WUnattached    
9930:31Matthew Harrison  V35MBodmin Running Club22:4922:4932.4 
10030:32Tracy Lord PBV45WForest of Dean AC28:5727:5929.1 
10130:32Unknown Athlete   Unattached    
10230:46Tony Hardy V50MSpirit Of Monmouth RC    
10330:59Yvonne Featherstone  V45WNewent Runners30:5328:0524.9 
10431:20Alison Burt V45WUnattached    
10531:26Ali Assirati V50WUnattached    
10631:42Mike Berry  V40MForest of Dean AC30:4622:3633.8 
10731:56Sally Turner V45WUnattached    
10832:05Miriam Paris PBV45WForest of Dean AC30:5827:4425.3 
10932:16Carol Whitehouse PBV65WSpirit of Monmouth32:1631:2435.1 
11032:16Tony Highfield V55MUnattached    
11132:21Matt Hammersley V40MUnattached    
11232:31George Rivers U15MUnattached    
11332:32David Rivers  V45MCity of Hull22:0022:0020.8 
11434:02Danielle Gilmour S30WUnattached    
11534:03Sydney Wheeler  V75MChepstow H29:0025:4745.9 
11634:08Unknown Athlete   Unattached    
11734:09Andrew Knight V50MUnattached    
11834:21Unknown Athlete   Unattached    
11934:45Martin Beard V35MUnattached    
12034:47Nic Worgan V35WUnattached    
12134:49Claire Lavender  V35WForest of Dean AC32:4430:5033.6 
12234:54Laura Beard V35WUnattached    
12335:12Jonas Leeks U11MUnattached    
12435:14Alyson Leeks V40WUnattached    
12535:34Nick Assirati V50MUnattached    
12635:53Martin Thomas V50MUnattached    
12737:10Andrew William Philip Knott  V35MForest of Dean AC29:2122:3128.8 
12838:17Lisa Cherry V40WUnattached    
12938:19Nicholas Cherry V40MUnattached    
13038:19Phil King V45MUnattached    
13139:27Abigail Simpson V40WUnattached    
13240:02Kieran Morgan  U11MForest of Dean AC24:2820:4528.7 
13341:14Kay Thomas V35WUnattached    
13441:17Mike Melhuish  V45MForest of Dean AC24:2319:4653.6 
13543:20Harry Beach V65MUnattached    
13644:43Helena Morgan S25WUnattached    
13744:43Deborah Morgenstern  V40WUnattached33:1731:3034.6 
13853:07Vic N' Skruff U11WUnattached    
13953:08Sarah Waycott S30WUnattached