Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC Club Championships External Results
6 Sep 15
800 1200 1500 Mile 

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800 U20M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
T2:01.59Luca Chiossone  U20MBasingstoke & Mid Hants/Portsmouth Uni1:59.211:54.5310.4 
T2:14.53Dylan Bardell  U20MBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:05.532:05.5326.7 
800 U17M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
T2:17.18Tom Want  U17MBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:14.752:14.7535.4 
T2:17.39Marco Chiossone  U17MBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:15.02:11.9226.6 
800 U15M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
T2:23.70Jacob Barnett PBU15MBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:23.702:23.7033.0 
T2:40.57Jack Campbell  U15MBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:32.72:23.830.9 
800 U13M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
T2:36.30William Parkinson  U13MBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:26.92:11.610.6 
T2:44.47Stefan O'Loughnane PBU13MBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:44.471:53.03-3.0 
TDNSTom Matthews  U13MBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:47.52:31.6237.2 
800 U15W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
T2:39.50Niamh Doyle PBU15WBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:39.502:36.236.5 
T2:42.04Bryony Henshall  U15WBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:36.252:32.113.7 
T2:43.83Harriet Cope PBU15WBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:43.832:43.8333.6 
T2:49.81Isobel Mannion  U15WBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:29.22:16.6010.2 
T2:51.44Tayla Wegg  U15WBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:39.72:37.7840.6 
800 U13W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
T2:41.8Isabel Pinder  U13WBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:31.732:17.2716.1 
T2:47.9Lottie Mobbs  U13WBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:40.512:27.9618.0 
T2:50.8Daniella Nash-Oliver PBU13WBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:50.82:39.934.0 
T3:02.6Verity MacNair  U13WBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:57.72:43.0242.2 
T3:07.6Cara McGrath  U13WBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:59.42:33.4420.1 
T3:16.8Katie Crow  U13WBasingstoke & Mid Hants2:58.42:58.448.5 
1200 U13W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
T4:25.9Lucy Hempstead  U13WBasingstoke & Mid Hants4:21.44:21.430.9 
T4:48.0Olivia Rugman  U13WBasingstoke & Mid Hants4:34.54:34.522.5 
1500 U17M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
T4:45.40Harry Richardson SBU17MBasingstoke & Mid Hants4:45.404:16.822.3 
T4:50.36Henry Morris SBU17MBasingstoke & Mid Hants4:50.364:44.230.0 
1500 U15M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
T5:06.66James Porter  U15MBasingstoke & Mid Hants/Farnham TC4:57.64:35.54.6 
T5:26.86Ben Matthews  U15MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:08.55:08.536.2 
1500 U13M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
T5:04.65Cameron Coveney  U13MBasingstoke & Mid Hants4:56.74:04.510.7 
T5:25.98Richard Sutton  U13MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:00.24:26.14.9 
T5:48.10Alexander Lakeland  U13MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:22.24:14.262.6 
T5:50.65Oliver Smith  U13MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:38.94:29.11.7 
T6:08.06Joseph Grice  U13MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:54.45:46.140.0 
1500 U17W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
T4:53.08Maddie Deadman  U17WBasingstoke & Mid Hants4:47.154:26.231.7 
Mile SX 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:43.08Martin Broderick PBSENMBasingstoke & Mid Hants4:43.084:43.0817.0 
24:53.57Ben Hazell PBSENMBasingstoke & Mid Hants/Brunel Uni London4:53.574:53.572.3 
34:54.34Justyn Moore PBV35MBasingstoke & Mid Hants4:54.344:54.344.2 
45:03.19Ashley Coxden PBSENMBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:03.195:03.192.9 
55:04.33Jonty Davison SBU20MBasingstoke & Mid Hants/Enfield & Haringey5:04.334:54.232.1 
65:05.11Tim Ellis SBV55MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:05.115:02.46.2 
75:05.41Marc Soane PBV40MBasingstoke & Mid Hants/Chineham Park5:05.415:05.418.2 
85:05.80Alex Bigg PBU20MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:05.804:43.93-0.8 
95:12.80John Bigg PBV50MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:12.805:12.804.5 
105:15.50Karl Norfolk PBSENMBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:15.505:15.5013.8 
115:19.90Oliver Thomas  U20MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:12.225:12.229.5 
125:21.88Ian Thompson PBV40MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:21.885:20.106.4 
135:24.97Dylan Bardell SBU20MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:24.975:00.926.7 
145:27.80David Eastman PBV35MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:27.805:27.8033.4 
Mile SX 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:25.46Michael Hickey PBV55MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:25.465:25.469.8 
25:26.11Krissy Lloyd PBV35WBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:26.115:26.1128.1 
35:35.61Glen Jepson PBU23MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:35.615:35.617.3 
45:39.81Russell Burton SBV60MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:39.815:18.47.9 
55:40.79Mark Walker PBV40MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:40.795:40.7935.8 
65:44.14Sian George SBSENWSwansea/Basingstoke & Mid Hants5:44.145:39.938.7 
75:47.31Charlotte Ragan SBSENWBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:47.315:20.292.2 
85:48.30Andy Cullen PBV45MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:48.305:48.309.6 
95:49.95Don Powell SBV60MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:49.955:49.09.3 
105:51.93Michael Hill SBV35MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:51.935:18.815.5 
116:03.33David Sheard SBV50MBasingstoke & Mid Hants6:03.335:46.015.8 
Mile SX 3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:18.62Caroline Partner PBV35WBasingstoke & Mid Hants6:18.626:18.6214.5 
26:30.45Simon Crute SENMBMH    
36:35.46Paul Sandford PBV50MBasingstoke & Mid Hants6:35.466:35.4638.6 
46:39.55Dee Barrett SBV45WBasingstoke & Mid Hants6:39.556:26.6115.2 
56:47.40Adrian Sutton SBV40MBasingstoke & Mid Hants6:47.406:29.3620.2 
66:50.34Catriona Coveney SBV45WBasingstoke & Mid Hants6:50.346:34.814.1 
76:50.42Marie Shone SBV50WBasingstoke & Mid Hants6:50.426:28.6317.2 
87:00.99Geoff Butler SBV45MBasingstoke & Mid Hants/Southern Counties Vets7:00.996:09.4613.8 
97:16.74Susanne Hurst PBV45WBasingstoke & Mid Hants7:16.747:16.7441.8 
107:18.96Steve Till PBV55MBasingstoke & Mid Hants/Southampton7:18.967:05.7827.2 
117:30.44Alison Jones PBV50WBasingstoke & Mid Hants7:30.447:30.4420.7 
127:45.13Tracey Grigoleit SBV50WBasingstoke & Mid Hants7:45.137:19.7520.3 
137:55.32Paula Steckiw PBV60WBasingstoke & Mid Hants7:55.327:55.3223.3 
147:58.58Katia Hazell PBSENWSale Harriers Manchester/Brunel Uni London/Basingstoke & Mid7:58.587:58.5845.5 
158:01.95Liz Furness PBV40WBasingstoke & Mid Hants8:01.958:01.9537.9 
168:04.06Graham Kent PBV60MBasingstoke & Mid Hants8:04.068:04.0618.2 
178:32.51Wally Thorpe SBV75MBasingstoke & Mid Hants8:32.518:23.536.0 
Mile U20M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
T5:24.97Dylan Bardell SBU20MBasingstoke & Mid Hants5:24.975:00.926.7