Queens parkrun # 5 External Results
24 Mar 12
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:00   Adam Clansey  S30MSouthport Waterloo/Ulster Uni/St. Malachy's18:0917:2628.3 
219:30   James Trainor  S25MDub Runners of Belfast18:4616:512.8 
319:40   Jim McKeown  V45MUnattached19:2118:5214.3 
419:50   Ian Farr  V40MOrangegrove19:3017:595.8 
521:00   Philip Patrick Donnelly  SENMNorth Belfast19:3018:284.4 
621:10   John Cahill  V45MUnattached20:1220:1236.0 
721:20   John Lavery  V50MNorth Belfast20:1320:0419.1 
821:30   Claire Prenter  S25WNorth Belfast20:5219:1010.1 
921:40   David Taylor PBV40MCity of Lisburn21:0119:325.7 
1021:50   Kevin Lavery SBV45MNorth Belfast21:5020:2916.5 
1122:00   Charlie J Mcstravick PBV45MUnattached22:0022:0036.0 
1222:20   Gerald Murray PBV55MUnattached22:2022:2036.0 
1322:40   Ron O'Neill  V50MLagan Valley21:0521:0536.0 
1422:50   Jack Crangle SBSENMUnattached22:5019:4011.9 
1523:00   Ciaran Loughran  V45MUnattached22:5520:5836.0 
1623:20   John Smith  SENMUnattached21:2520:047.1 
1723:30   Rob Giles V40MUnattached    
1823:30   Gary Nicholl PBV70MLagan Valley23:3023:3034.3 
1923:40   Caoimhin Mac Colaim  SENMUnattached22:4320:5736.0 
2023:50   Charles Hutchison  V45MUnattached22:1022:1034.9 
2124:50   Andrew Mc Parland S25MUnattached    
2225:00   Mark Chapman  V50MUnattached22:1521:3835.6 
2325:10   Neil Smyth S30MUnattached    
2425:20   Lorcan Short  U18MUnattached24:0922:5436.0 
2525:30   Cillian Short  V45MUnattached22:4820:5316.4 
2625:40   Conor Taylor  U18MUnattached23:2918:4115.4 
2725:50   Clodagh McStravick V45WUnattached    
2826:00   Dominik Zolnowski  SENMUnattached23:2623:2636.0 
2926:05   John Mcgill  SENMUnattached24:2424:2436.0 
3026:10   Maeve Lavery  S20WUnattached21:4918:2413.4 
3126:20   Emma Cooney U15WUnattached    
3226:30   Jack Hutchison  SENMUnattached23:4420:5030.4 
3326:40   Jane Bourke PBSENWUnattached26:4026:4036.0 
3426:50   Damien McCaffrey S25MUnattached    
3527:00   Suzy Kennedy  S25WUnattached25:4422:0017.6 
3627:20   Aodan Short PBU11MBeechmount25:3022:5520.1 
3727:30   Pearce Short SBU11MBeechmount27:3025:152.9 
3827:40   Charlie Cooley U11MUnattached    
3927:50   Una Short  V45WUnattached26:3325:5717.6 
4028:00   Julie Carville V35WUnattached    
41NT   Sean Baker  SENMUnattached22:5820:4711.8 
42NT   Clare Loughran  SENWUnattached28:3826:5628.7 
43NT   Pola Loughran  V45WUnattached28:0127:2036.0 
44NT   Jean O'Neill  SENWUnattached26:5826:5834.2 
45NT   Pierse Chapman U11MRunner Beans    
46NT   Jacqui McEwen V45WUnattached    
47NT   Stephen Smith  V50MUnattached29:3923:4436.0 
48NT   Siobhan Boyd V35WUnattached    
49NT   Tracey Graham V35WUnattached    
50NT   Sinead Cooney V35WUnattached    
51NT   Kathleen Callaghan S30WUnattached    
52NT   Roisin Cooney V45WUnattached    
53NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
54NT   Bronagh Wilson V50WUnattached    
55NT   Margaret Short  V50WUnattached27:3422:0136.0 
56NT   Anne Fisher S30WUnattached    
57NT   Cathy Matthews V40WUnattached