Champagne League 8.4 External Results
Wauldby Green
23 Jun 15
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
149:28Stuart Carmichael V40MBeverley/City of Hull/Kingston upon Hull5.4 
251:20Matthew Hayes V40MEast Hull1.9 
351:34Chris Adams SENMEast Hull27.6 
451:34Gregan Clarkson SENMKingston upon Hull-0.5 
553:41Nick Harne SENMCity of Hull6.4 
653:57Adrian Bushby V45MCity of Hull1.9 
753:58Darren Edge V45MBeverley1.9 
854:03Carla Stansfield SENWCity of Hull11.3Click your Clock logo
954:53John Parham V35MCity of Hull26.6 
1056:24Andrew Hemmings V35MCity of Hull4.6 
1156:28Brian Ward V50MCity of Hull12.8 
1256:34David Morrison SENMBeverley2.3 
1357:25Nichola Jackson U23WPreston/Hull Uni/City of Hull3.2 
1457:43James McGivern V50MBeverley19.4 
1558:14Tom Morgan SENMBeverley33.6 
1658:34Nick Maynard V40MCity of Hull5.0 
1758:51Andrew Johnson V45MBeverley8.0 
1858:55Darren White SENMEast Hull3.2 
1958:58Stephen Taylor V35MEast Hull9.0 
2059:00Richard Mccoid U23MCity of Hull31.4 
2159:04Robert Gray SENMBeverley2.3 
2259:15Christopher Monk V35MCity of Hull25.6 
2359:24Mark Wragg V35MCity of Hull6.3 
2459:32Sara Rookyard V40WEast Hull14.7 
2559:46Paul CartwrightV55MCOH  
2660:02Edward Lisney SENMBeverley25.4 
2760:14Paul Frost V55MEast Hull37.0 
2860:24James ColdwellSENMCOH  
2960:35Daniel Barrass SENMHull Springhead5.5 
3060:43Mark Dalton V50MBeverley6.0 
3160:48Hamid Mardi V40MCity of Hull18.3 
3260:50Keith Joules V50MEast Hull25.5 
3361:21Paul Body V40MCity of Hull13.6 
3461:36Michael Petersen V35MEast Hull9.9 
3561:42Simon Ellerker V40MBridlington7.1 
3662:21Paul Nippress V50MEast Hull6.9 
3762:36Alan Smith V45MWhite City (Hull)5.2 
3862:41Graham Wilkinson V55MEast Hull14.1 
3963:26Lee Craven V35MCity of Hull10.9 
4063:28Jim Harbidge V45MBeverley25.1 
4163:39James Abel V55MCity of Hull12.7 
4263:45Chris Sumpton V40MEast Hull12.7 
4364:10Paul D Clark V45MBeverley11.0 
4464:16David Bell V35MWhite City (Hull)10.6 
4565:11Richard Harrison V45MCity of Hull4.1Click your Clock logo
4665:17Emma Greensmith V40WBeverley11.3 
4765:51Amanda Dean V55WWest Hull Ladies11.7 
4866:01Alan Flint V65MBeverley12.7 
4966:25Mark Sykes-Cook V35MBeverley41.6 
5066:40Peter Watkinson V60MBeverley14.5 
5166:44Dave Playforth V50MEast Hull8.4 
5266:45Ian McCoid V50MCity of Hull10.6 
5367:26Andy Guymer V35MCity of Hull12.8 
5467:31Guy Gibson V50MEast Hull16.1 
5568:49Kevin Rennison V55MCity of Hull19.3 
5669:24John Smith V55MCity of Hull11.3 
5769:41Andrew Tate V50MBeverley11.1 
5869:45Keith Conkerton V50MEast Hull22.1 
5969:52Alison Hayes V40WEast Hull13.7 
6069:55Carl Horth SENMCity of Hull10.2 
6170:01Stephen Coveney V60MCity of Hull20.6 
6270:02Bethaney Hunt U20WEast Hull42.3 
6371:13Stephen Richmond V55MEast Hull15.6 
6471:40David Rivers V45MCity of Hull17.9 
6572:10Sally Widdowson SENWWest Hull Ladies34.3 
6672:20Graham Naylor V60MWhite City (Hull)16.9Click your Clock logo
6773:02Darren Knowles SENMEast Hull44.6 
6873:17Karl Rolstone V35MEast Hull9.6 
6973:42Alex Broadbent V40MWhite City (Hull)45.6 
7073:54Lee Smith V40MCity of Hull25.0 
7173:58Kelvin Westerman V60MEast Hull17.6 
7274:30Rachael Laughton V40WWest Hull Ladies42.1 
7374:37Melvyn Hurren V55MWhite City (Hull)43.1 
7475:08Alex GymerV60MBEV   
7575:13Zoe Jameson SENWWest Hull Ladies35.1 
7675:22Dianne Coleman V50WBeverley25.8 
7776:04Tim Welbourn V55MCity of Hull20.5 
7876:12Roy Dennison V65MCity of Hull30.8 
7976:28David Johnson V50MCity of Hull25.3 
8076:36Jayne Dale V55WBeverley11.7 
8176:52Stephen Brotherton V40MBeverley28.7 
8277:12Kenneth Barnes V75MEast Hull48.1 
8377:47Andrew Grainger V50MBeverley25.3 
8477:51Fiona Holland V40WBeverley19.1 
8578:04Stuart Thomson V55MCity of Hull49.4 
8678:07Jan Draper V50WWest Hull Ladies23.1 
8778:29Sam Mould V35MCity of Hull47.9 
8878:44Lorna Fallon U23WCity of Hull20.1 
8978:58Kristina Rose SENWEast Hull21.7 
9079:13Jill Jameson V50WWest Hull Ladies30.9 
9179:42Neil PlummerV55MBEV   
9279:48Sara Ellis V40WWest Hull Ladies13.8 
9379:56Kevin McManus V60MCity of Hull23.4 
9480:10Angela Collins V50WBeverley48.7 
9580:17Eileen P Henderson V55WCity of Hull25.4 
9680:51Mandy Davison V50WEast Hull21.5 
9780:52Liz DraperSENWWHL  
9881:27Mike O'Brien V55MCity of Hull19.8 
9982:57Mark Oglesby V50MBeverley27.4 
10083:14Linda Dodsworth V60WWest Hull Ladies27.4 
10183:40Graham Jenkinson V40MWhite City (Hull)21.7 
10283:53Penny Darmody V50WEast Hull25.3 
10386:02Stephen WilletsV45MBEV   
10486:05AN Other      
10587:17Karen Towner V55WWhite City (Hull)41.8 
10688:24Jeffrey Copping V65MCity of Hull26.9 
10789:09Elaine Julian V50WBeverley20.7 
10889:32Rachel Whittaker V35WWest Hull Ladies17.5 
10989:34Julie HankinV55WCOH  
11089:55John Pawson V70MCity of Hull25.9 
11190:11Verity Pick V35WWest Hull Ladies28.8 
11291:20Jane Allen V35WWest Hull Ladies29.4 
11392:07Sarah Tock V40WBeverley24.4 
11492:12Pam Atkins V65WBeverley28.5 
11593:42Kay Farrow V55WBeverley23.0 
11693:52Andrew Meese V40MBeverley35.9 
11794:10Christine Whitehouse V60WBeverley25.9 
11895:12Frank Harrison V75MCity of Hull32.5 
11995:36Julie Thomson V50WCity of Hull42.3 
12098:35Catriona Williamson V55WBeverley27.2 
12199:48Mary Carrick V65WEast Hull/Beverley37.5 
1221:41:40Richard Tomlinson V65MBeverley51.5