Hyde Park Harriers Summer Mile External Results
1 Jul 15

Times are rounded up as per UKA rules, see competition rules here: http://www.britishathletics.org.uk/EasysiteWeb/getresource.axd?AssetID=125168&type=full&servicetype=Attachment
Rule 119.24: "For all races held partly or entirely outside the stadium, the time shall be read to 1/100th second. All times not ending in two zeros shall be converted to the next longer whole second, e.g. for the Marathon a time of 2h 09m 44.32s shall be recorded as 2h 09m 45s." 29:22.000 would be 29:22 but 29:22.019 becomes 29:23.
1M 1MW 

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1M 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
18:11Roy Bean V60M     
28:21Rachel Arbury PBSENWChapel Allerton8:218:2149.8 
38:30Karen Longfellow PBV45WKirkstall8:308:3043.2 
48:48AN Other         
58:51Nicola Lewis SENWChapel Allerton RC    
68:56Pauline Hardman PBV65WSt. Theresa's8:568:5626.5 
79:09Anne Akers SBV55WEccleshill9:099:0829.6 
89:17Sue Lumby PBV50WHorsforth Harriers9:179:1734.3 
99:26Coralin Harrison SBV70WHarrogate9:269:2128.3 
109:57Geoffrey Hardman PBV80MSt. Theresa's9:579:5731.3 
1110:24Charlotte Allen PBV65WHorsforth Harriers10:2410:2445.7 
1210:32Samantha Whitaker PBV45WAbbey Runners Leeds10:3210:3229.4 
1310:32Sharron Neugebauer PBV50WAbbey Runners Leeds10:3210:3229.4 
1410:48Cassy Harrison V35W     
1513:50Sallyann Halliday V35W     
1M 10
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:28David Penman SBSENMValley Striders5:285:1814.1 
25:36Simon Mcgrath PBSENMHyde Park Harriers5:365:365.4 
35:37Ewan Fowler SENMHyde Park Harriers    
45:38Tom Eales PBSENMHyde Park Harriers5:385:3813.9 
55:45Richard Howarth PBV40MSt. Theresa's5:455:4511.6 
65:46Christopher Glover SBV50MKirkstall5:465:4414.9 
75:47Elizabeth Scott PBSENWChapel Allerton5:475:4711.1 
85:49Rachel Earl PBSENWHyde Park Harriers5:495:4910.3 
105:52Pete Twigg PBV45MRoundhay Runners5:525:5210.6 
95:52Chris Jones PBV55MHyde Park Harriers5:525:5210.1 
115:53Paul Newton PBV40MKirkstall5:535:5334.7Click your Clock logo
125:53Ken Fox SBV55MHyde Park Harriers5:535:4812.9Click your Clock logo
135:54Adam Richard Prentis PBV50MHarrogate5:545:546.3 
145:56Jonathan Eagle PBV50MHorsforth Harriers5:565:569.3 
156:01James Druce PBSENMUnattached6:016:0120.7 
166:02John Blatherwick SBV35MHyde Park Harriers6:025:409.2 
176:07Shamiso Sisimayi PBSENWKirkstall/Zimbabwe6:076:076.8 
186:23Wendy Marks PBV45WHarrogate6:236:239.8 
1M 11
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:15Dan Stevenson PBSENMHyde Park Harriers5:155:159.3 
25:20Chris Smith PBV40MHyde Park Harriers5:205:165.9 
35:20Joe Maycock PBSENMChapel Allerton5:205:2011.2 
45:23Simon Armitstead PBSENMChapel Allerton5:235:234.3 
55:26Jonathan Kent PBSENMChapel Allerton5:265:268.8 
65:26Tom Martin PBSENMHyde Park Harriers5:265:2627.9 
75:27Simon Gilbody PBV45MHyde Park Harriers5:275:2718.2 
85:30Kevin McMullan SBV45MValley Striders5:305:217.4 
95:30James Booth PBSENMHyde Park Harriers5:305:309.9Click your Clock logo
105:31Ben Watson PBV35MHorsforth Harriers5:315:316.6 
115:32Michael Richardson PBV35MSteel City5:325:327.7Click your Clock logo
125:32Emma Ballantyne PBSENWCity of York/Kirkstall5:325:326.2 
135:34Hannah Corne PBSENWValley Striders5:345:3414.9 
145:40Sean Fitzgerald SBSENMValley Striders5:405:338.0 
155:43Jon Ogle SBV35MHandsworth5:435:388.1 
165:51James Vickers SBSENMHyde Park Harriers5:515:4120.8 
1M 12
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:58Simon Midwood PBSENMValley Striders4:584:49-0.5 
25:07George Anderson SBSENMHyde Park Harriers5:075:032.3 
35:08Scott Henderson SBV35MHyde Park Harriers5:085:023.0 
45:10Matthew Pinnock PBSENMHyde Park Harriers5:105:104.3 
55:10Graham Askew PBV40MBingley5:105:104.5 
65:12Steve Darby  V45MBarnsley AC5:075:073.9 
75:13Anthony Aimon PBSENMHyde Park Harriers5:135:133.9 
85:13Hannah Oldroyd  SENWUknetrunner5:075:071.7 
95:14James Tarran PBV45MValley Striders5:145:143.9Click your Clock logo
105:15Daniel Marshall Cross PBSENMHyde Park Harriers5:155:155.5 
115:16John Robson SBV35MSt. Theresa's5:165:082.7 
125:17Richard Sutor PBSENMChapel Allerton5:175:175.6 
135:17Sean Mayall SENM     
145:20Scott Watson SBV35MHyde Park Harriers5:205:173.9 
155:25Ben Hartley PBV35MHyde Park Harriers5:255:228.7Click your Clock logo
1M 13
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:35Tom Adams PBSENMIlkley4:354:35-4.1 
24:39Peter Hopson PBSENMSaltaire Striders4:394:3910.0Click your Clock logo
34:54William Collumb PBU17MRothwell4:544:545.7 
44:56Paul Fotherby PBV40MValley Striders4:564:565.6 
54:58Michael Vargas PBSENMUnattached4:584:480.7Click your Clock logo
65:00Timmy Davies PBU23MLeeds City5:005:00-2.0 
75:01Gwilym Thomas SBV35MValley Striders5:014:543.3 
85:02Scott Bairstow PBV40MKeighley & Craven5:025:024.7 
95:08Christian Holmes PBV40MWharfedale5:085:080.5 
1M 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
17:25Rolf Neugebauer PBV50MAbbey Runners Leeds/Unattached7:257:2536.6 
27:36Graham Merrick PBV55MChapel Allerton7:367:3620.6 
37:53Laura Arendsen SENW     
48:04Jessica Dring SENW     
58:07Karen Crompton PBSENWChapel Allerton8:078:0719.8 
68:09Fiona Waterhouse PBV35WPudsey Pacers8:098:0920.1 
78:16Liz Hooper V45W     
88:18Catherine Donnelly PBV35WChapel Allerton8:188:1845.1 
98:22Anne McCaffrey V45W     
108:25Claire Hougham SBV35WHyde Park Harriers8:258:1924.7 
118:26Angela Dwyer PBV35WChapel Allerton8:268:1138.6 
128:45Hannah Roberts SENM     
138:51Teejay Jones SBV35WHyde Park Harriers8:518:0850.4 
148:58Catherine Rhodes SENW     
158:59Lindsay Lowson SBV45WChapel Allerton8:598:5130.2 
169:06Meryll Cripps SBV65WValley Striders9:068:0328.3 
179:41Clair Fitzpatrick PBV40WSaltaire Striders9:419:4141.4 
1M 3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:42Christopher Rhodes SENM     
26:55Sophie Cullen PBV40WSt. Theresa's6:556:5515.0 
37:08Molly Denly PBU23WLeeds Uni7:087:0843.4 
47:19Sioned Lloyd Owen PBSENWHyde Park Harriers7:197:1927.7 
57:28Emma Amor PBSENWHyde Park Harriers7:287:2817.1 
67:31Rici Marshall-Cross PBSENWHyde Park Harriers7:317:3120.8 
77:32Hannah Marshall SBV35WHyde Park Harriers7:327:2015.1 
87:39Caroline Sanders V35WHyde Park Harriers    
97:56Kelly Smith PBV40WSaltaire Striders7:567:5645.4 
108:11Catherine Hayward SENWHyde Park Harriers    
118:17Annabel Gratton PBSENWChapel Allerton8:178:1323.6 
128:25David Lonsdale SBV45MBaildon8:257:2119.9 
138:41Louise Hawksworth PBSENWHyde Park Harriers8:418:4131.1 
148:52Kathryn Clark  V45WWakefield Triathlon Club8:348:3129.8 
159:24Susanna Walters PBSENWBaildon9:249:2429.5 
169:24Jackie Walters PBV65WBaildon9:249:2427.6 
1M 4
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:22David Harling-Semmence SBSENMPudsey Pacers6:225:495.7 
26:32Mike Webb PBV40MHyde Park Harriers6:326:3211.7 
36:41Tony Shaw PBV65MHillingdon/Kirkstall6:416:4124.9Click your Clock logo
46:43Paul Chapman PBV40MKirkstall6:436:4316.7 
56:46Alun Griffiths SBV55MSaltaire Striders6:466:4214.1 
66:49Bob Jackson PBV60MValley Striders6:496:4921.1 
76:50Ellie Hallsworth SENW     
86:54Alan Douglas PBV45MSaltaire Striders6:546:5413.4 
96:56John Hayes PBV50MHyde Park Harriers6:566:5625.3 
107:18Bekki Wheatley SBSENWChapel Allerton7:186:5113.8Click your Clock logo
117:19Richard Edwards PBV35MHyde Park Harriers7:197:0016.3 
127:29Jemma McConville-Roe PBSENWKirkstall7:297:2924.4 
137:40Vikki Daniel-Thomas SBSENWKirkstall7:407:1033.1 
147:47Louise Wright SBV45WChapel Allerton7:477:1015.5 
157:50Matthew Gray SBSENMHyde Park Harriers7:507:4521.8Click your Clock logo
167:55Becky Haynes SENW     
178:02Jillie Townend SBV55WHarrogate8:027:5621.6 
1M 5
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:11Andy Cullen V40M     
26:11Zejun Yao SBSENMLeeds Uni Cross Country Club/France6:115:265.1 
36:26Daniel Waas SBSENMHyde Park Harriers6:265:4917.6 
46:27Noel Fitzpatrick PBV45MSaltaire Striders6:276:2411.8 
56:31Chris Riley SENM     
66:32Tim Mosedale SBV35MSaltaire Striders6:326:019.9 
76:33Robert Baxter PBV40MChapel Allerton6:336:3313.2Click your Clock logo
86:44Rodrigo Pires dos Santos SENM     
96:45Paul Glover PBV65MKirkstall6:456:4525.7 
106:46Christopher A Sawyer PBV55MValley Striders6:466:4613.2 
116:50Karl Blackburn V40M     
126:54Neil Hodgson SENM     
136:59Ralph Kidner SBV60MHyde Park Harriers6:596:2017.1 
147:01Jeremy Forber SBV55MHyde Park Harriers7:016:4830.6 
157:03Chris Scott PBSENMKirkstall/London City AC7:037:0322.3 
167:12Andrew Maddock SBV35MHyde Park Harriers7:127:0418.3 
1M 6
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:33Denise McGeachy SBV35WChapel Allerton6:336:3013.8 
26:35Jasmin Patel SENW     
36:37Lucy Rider PBV35WHyde Park Harriers6:376:3716.3Click your Clock logo
46:38Clare Evans PBSENWHyde Park Harriers6:386:2012.5 
56:39Sarah Greene SENW     
66:39Reena Mistry PBV35WEccleshill6:396:3924.1 
76:40Gemma Merritt PBSENWValley Striders6:406:4016.8 
86:44Lisa Holmes V35WWharfedale Harriers    
96:45Ruth Norman SENW     
106:47Melanie West PBV40WBaildon6:476:4718.4 
116:58Sue Sunderland SBV50WValley Striders6:586:5411.6 
126:58Vicky Houghton PBSENWHyde Park Harriers6:586:4612.8 
137:01Rhianna Rose PBSENWLeeds & Bradford TC7:017:0122.5 
147:03Annabel Moody SENW     
157:13Donna Russell V35WChapel Allerton RC    
167:29Alyson Glover SBV45WKirkstall7:297:1722.6 
1M 7
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:53Adam Sutcliffe PBV40MChapel Allerton5:535:5317.2 
26:06Kirsty Allen PBV40WBaildon6:066:068.2 
36:07David Womersley  V60MHyde Park Harriers6:026:0211.5 
46:16Claire Booth SBSENWHyde Park Harriers/Unattached6:166:1516.5 
56:17John Sutton SENM     
66:30Steven Abbott SBV55MCrossgates6:306:2316.7Click your Clock logo
76:30Robin Culshaw PBSENWHyde Park Harriers6:306:3012.6 
86:40Tom Elcock SENM     
96:43Malcolm Taylor SBSENMKirkstall6:436:1721.7 
106:46Lucy Churm PBV35WKirkstall6:466:4619.9 
116:51Peter Rawnsley PBV65MSkyrac6:516:5139.8 
126:53Des Keegan SBV35MChapel Allerton6:536:2016.9Click your Clock logo
137:06Katherine Lucy Owen SBV35WChapel Allerton7:066:4117.1 
147:09Samantha Scarlett SBU23WHyde Park Harriers7:096:5831.2 
1M 8
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:50Paul Ashwell SENM     
25:58Helen Close PBSENWHyde Park Harriers5:585:5812.5 
35:58Ian Griffiths PBV35MHorsforth Harriers/South London Orienteers5:585:5812.8 
45:59Niamh Jackson PBV35WKirkstall5:595:597.4 
56:06Michael Vinegrad SBV35MChapel Allerton6:065:439.1 
66:10Kieran O'Brien PBV35MKirkstall6:106:089.7Click your Clock logo
76:11Rebecca Gray PBSENWHyde Park Harriers6:116:118.3 
86:12Jen Willingham PBV35WSaltaire Striders6:126:1211.1 
96:18Will Worboys SENMIlkley Harriers    
106:19James Nundy PBV35MKirkstall6:196:1917.2 
116:21Neil Baxter SBV35MSkyrac6:216:159.7Click your Clock logo
126:22Mark Smith SBV45MPudsey Pacers6:226:1326.7Click your Clock logo
136:30Bartosz Lewandowski SBV35MHyde Park Harriers6:306:1619.3 
146:33Peter Martin SBV50MBlackwater Valley Runners6:336:2017.2 
156:34Andrew Brownell-Judd V50MPudsey Pacers    
166:36Curtis Parker-milnes  U23MHyde Park Harriers6:146:0811.8 
176:40Noel Akers SBV55MEccleshill6:406:3724.2 
1M 9
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:31Michael Broadhead PBSENMChapel Allerton5:315:316.5 
25:38Tom Pollard SBSENMHyde Park Harriers5:384:524.1 
35:39James Ogden PBV35MUnattached5:395:399.5 
45:43Paul Sawyer PBSENMHyde Park Harriers5:435:4310.5 
55:46Stephen Greene SENMAbbey Runners    
65:47Christopher Lee Taylor PBV35MHyde Park Harriers5:475:4717.2Click your Clock logo
75:52Tom Keeber PBSENMKirkstall5:525:5212.3 
85:53Farhad Hamad PBV35MHyde Park Harriers5:535:5322.2 
95:54Peter Enever PBV35MPudsey Pacers5:545:5410.0 
105:55Graeme Miles SBSENMHyde Park Harriers5:555:4110.3 
115:58Thomas Mason SBU23MHyde Park Harriers5:585:5713.4 
126:00David Merritt SBSENMValley Striders6:005:4712.9 
136:01Ian Jenkins SBV45MUnattached6:015:566.4 
146:01Simon Smith PBV45MKirkstall6:016:0114.4 
156:02Rosalyn Moore PBV35WHarrogate6:026:0213.9Click your Clock logo
166:03Andy Pagdin SBV55MValley Striders6:035:5425.5 
176:07Christopher Corcoran SBV60MLeeds City6:075:5212.0 
186:14Stuart Shepherd SBV35MChapel Allerton6:146:069.5 
196:19Sean Cook SBSENMKirkstall6:195:577.9 
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:02Tom Bosworth PBSENMTonbridge/Leeds Beckett Uni6:026:0216.0 
26:12Cameron Corbishley PBU20MMedway & Maidstone6:125:5931.1 
37:48Brenda Gannon PBV40WHyde Park Harriers/Sligo/Ireland7:487:4815.2 
48:26Ester Montaner Novellon SENWHyde Park Harriers    
59:15Ben Hartley PBV35MHyde Park Harriers9:159:158.7Click your Clock logo
69:30Eilidh Brailey SENW