Maldon Prom parkrun # 68 External Results
Maldon Prom
13 Dec 14
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:03Paul Dobson  V45MSpringfield/Ilford16:5416:402.7 
219:28James Crisp  V40MWitham (Essex)19:2117:4711.1 
319:41Leo Cole  V45MWitham (Essex)18:0517:335.3 
419:52Graham Sayer V40MUnattached    
519:54Steve Knights  V40MBlackwater Triathlon Club19:2519:2538.1 
619:57Michael Capon S30MLittle Baddow Ridge RC    
720:20Oliver Southgate  V40MChalkwell Redcaps19:2519:2536.4 
820:35Andy Ritchings  V50MLittle Baddow Ridge19:3419:349.0 
921:17Ryan Grant S20MUnattached    
1021:40Matthew Jones V35MBlackWater Tri Club    
1121:44Jacob Robinson S25MMersea Island Hash House Harriers    
1221:49Mark Pilkington V40MUnattached    
1321:53Daniel Hewitt V50MUnattached    
1421:59George Hay  U15MChelmsford20:0919:3036.6 
1522:08Ben East U20MMaldon Rugby club    
1622:11Jason Finch V40MUnattached    
1722:14Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1822:15Bill Smythe  V45MWitham (Essex)21:3320:3512.2 
1922:25James Westall  SENMUnattached19:1819:1829.9 
2022:33Al Beard V40MUnattached    
2122:44Paula Purtell  V45WMid Essex22:4022:3114.3 
2222:48Jason Freeman V40MUnattached    
2322:58Thomas Russell U20MUnattached    
2423:06James Williams U20MUnattached    
2523:09Lee Kerrison  V40MTiptree22:4621:3713.5 
2623:17Jon Yorston V40MUnattached    
2723:34Danny Kirk V45MDanbury and Bicknacre FC    
2823:44Henry Charles Green  U20MUnattached21:1719:4319.3 
2923:48Chris Axford  V45MJogging Made Easy23:0521:3513.5 
3023:53Daniel King U15MUnattached    
3123:59Paul R Tawn PBV50MMid Essex23:5922:2015.2 
3224:00Charles Green  V50MSutton Runners22:0418:508.8 
3324:04Malcolm Bailey  V55MTiptree23:2122:5521.6 
3424:08Phil Kinsman  V45MTiptree21:4321:4331.4 
3524:12Darren Bishop V45MUnattached    
3624:13Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3724:15Jason Searles  V40MUnattached23:3522:2922.5 
3824:44Bradlee McIntosh U20MUnattached    
3924:49Stephen Cottis V45MBlackWater Tri Club    
4024:51Tim Baker V45MUnattached    
4124:54Robert McIntosh V45MUnattached    
4225:02Mark Beckwith V40MUnattached    
4325:12Ben Freeman U20MUnattached    
4425:13Stephen Robinson  V45MTiptree24:1324:1130.1 
4525:16Joanne Overton V45WWitham RC    
4625:17Sam Jones S25MUnattached    
4725:18Teddie Summers U15MMaldon Rugby club    
4825:18Alfie Summers U15MMaldon Rugby club    
4925:22Simon Baker  V50MTiptree24:0622:2714.6 
5025:23Colin Corby V55MUnattached    
5125:25John Clemo V55MUnattached    
5225:27David Southgate V45MBlackWater Tri Club    
5325:27Tracy Russell V40WBlackWater Tri Club    
5425:28Mark Amner V45MUnattached    
5525:33Stewart Ellis  V35MHalstead18:3417:1712.6 
5625:48Phoebe Wiseman  U15WChelmsford24:2723:2552.0 
5725:48Andy Murphy V50MUnattached    
5825:49David Morris V45MUnattached    
5925:52Oliver Gille U15MDanbury and Bicknacre FC    
6026:00Nigel Hunter V40MUnattached    
6126:03James Harper V45MBlackWater Tri Club    
6226:05Thomas Smythe U20M295 Striders    
6326:10Chris Briggs V60MUnattached    
6426:16Hannah Berry U15WMaldon Rugby club    
6526:37Bill Voyce V65MUnattached    
6626:38Rachel Crisp  V40WWitham (Essex)26:0423:4735.4 
6726:43John O'Leary U15MDanbury and Bicknacre FC    
6826:45Karen Berry V45WMaldon Rugby club    
6926:49Luca Johns U11MDiscovery Tri    
7026:54Kevin Carley  V65MBlackwater Triathlon Club26:0325:4827.5 
7126:57Rose Cooper  SENWUnattached26:1422:4914.3 
7226:59Andrew Lager  V40MWitham (Essex)20:4118:315.0 
7327:01Kate Priest  V35WLittle Baddow Ridge26:2826:2820.2 
7427:18Aimee Freeman U15WUnattached    
7527:26Matthew Warner U15MUnattached    
7627:28John Buchanan V50MEssex Hash House Harriers    
7727:29Karen Kirk V40WUnattached    
7827:34Jackie Robinson  V45WTiptree26:4723:2115.3 
7927:53Sean Morris V50MUnattached    
8027:59Emma Search V35WUnattached    
8128:11Talbot Dixon V45MUnattached    
8228:26Clive Smith V55MUnattached    
8328:27Alexander King U15MUnattached    
8428:49Wyndham Brunt U15MMaldon Rugby club    
8528:58Andrew White V45MUnattached    
8629:04Clare Rowe  V40WLittle Baddow Ridge26:3525:3924.0 
8729:05Barbara McDonnell  V55WDengie 10026:2126:0424.2 
8829:20Jessica Rowe  SENWLittle Baddow Ridge27:2227:2237.5 
8929:24Sarah Wilkin V45WUnattached    
9029:25Suzie King V45WUnattached    
9129:28Barbara Hobbs V50WUnattached    
9229:30Jackie Davies V45WUnattached    
9329:33Sue M Smith  V40WUnattached27:2027:0425.1 
9429:48Roger Duffield  V75MTiptree27:0625:3638.1 
9530:03Daniel Beard U15MUnattached    
9630:09Sofia Johns U11WDiscovery Tri    
9730:10Spike Johns  V50MUnattached25:4621:1612.9 
9830:11Jacqueline Morley V45WUnattached    
9930:12Andrew Morley V40MUnattached    
10030:13Jane Brunt V40WMaldon Rugby club    
10130:15John Pritchard V60MUnattached    
10230:16Claire Marshall S30WUnattached    
10330:20Rebecca Baker S20WUnattached    
10430:20Lorraine Baker  V45WTiptree25:4924:2120.5 
10530:23Annette George V60WUnattached    
10630:28Lauren Kemp S20WUnattached    
10730:33Dan McDonnell PBS25MDengie 10030:3326:2027.7 
10830:38Holly Searles V40WUnattached    
10930:42Bryony Buck V35WUnattached    
11030:57Rachel Sarah Smith S25WUnattached    
11131:56Abby Bezant U15WUnattached    
11232:02Jonathan Brown U20MUnattached    
11332:23Jill Rosenbaum V50WUnattached    
11432:30Rory Lee U15MBurnham on Crouch RUFC    
11532:30Jonathan Lee V45MBurnham on Crouch RUFC    
11632:33Kerry Cable V40WUnattached    
11732:44Finley Crisp U11MUnattached    
11832:46Steven Rowe V45MUnattached    
11932:51Jessica Crisp V40WUnattached    
12032:56Tracey Kemp V45WBlackWater Tri Club    
12132:59Steven Filbey V55MUnattached    
12233:10Sue Brewster V40WUnattached    
12333:38Elizabeth Warner V40WUnattached    
12433:49Jessica Davies U11WUnattached    
12533:54Bill Davies V45MUnattached    
12634:18Amy Sanderson S30WUnattached    
12734:23Kate Rodman V50WUnattached    
12834:37Andy Lumb V45MUnattached    
12934:40Jo Beard V40WUnattached    
13034:41Trish Jarvis  V45WJogging Made Easy24:4824:4617.2 
13135:03Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
13237:08Brigid Lager V50WUnattached    
13338:18Elaine Vaughan V40WUnattached    
13442:08Maria Smith V50WUnattached    
13543:30Georgia Tawn U15WUnattached    
13644:35Emma Vaughan U15WUnattached    
13744:47Kerry East V40WMaldon Rugby club    
13845:09Joanne Webb V40WUnattached