MerseyVend North West 5K Grand Prix External Results
5 Sep 15
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:10   James Toohey SBSENMLiverpool RC16:1015:360.1 
216:16   Mark Dunham SBV35MManchester TC16:1615:55-1.1 
316:36   Callum Grant  U20MLiverpool H/Central Lancashire Uni16:3515:595.2 
416:45   Mark Clair  SENMKnowsley16:0616:060.9 
516:46   Andrew Kershaw PBU20MSouthport Waterloo16:4616:120.2 
616:46   Alan Ashton  V45MLiverpool H16:2415:461.2 
716:53   Peter Green  V35MKnowsley16:3916:283.5 
816:55   Mark Wynne  V40MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton16:2315:34-1.3 
917:10   Andy McQue PBV35MLiverpool H/Wirral17:1016:180.0 
1017:11   Stephen Doyle  V40MKnowsley16:4416:374.8 
1117:15   Ashley Crawford SENM     
1217:34   Joe Lazenby PBSENMLiverpool RC17:3417:3417.1 
1317:40   Steven Nijs  V40MSouthport Waterloo17:2617:1720.8 
1417:41   Mark Howard V35M     
1517:43   Maria Barrett SBSENWLiverpool H17:4317:0610.0 
1617:48   Alex Waddelove PBSENMSouthport Waterloo/Preston/Central Lancashire Uni17:4817:261.8 
1717:51   Lawrence Eccles  SENMPenny Lane17:3317:001.8 
1817:55   Paul Schumann  V50MKnowsley17:3817:295.9 
1918:00   Chris Marshall SBV45MChester TC18:0017:254.2 
2018:09   Max De Salis  V45MUnattached17:5417:5414.8 
2118:16   Patrick Boyle  V40MLiverpool RC17:5417:392.7 
2218:20   Chris Iles PBSENMMossley Hill18:2018:2019.2 
2318:20   Roy Hughes  V35MMossley Hill18:1017:347.2 
2418:27   David Lawton PBV35MLiverpool RC18:2717:344.1 
2518:33   Alex Rigby  SENMLiverpool RC18:1817:122.7 
2618:52   Paul Demore  V45MSt. Helens Striders18:5118:128.4 
2718:53   Charlotte Wilson-Dewhurst  SENWLiverpool H18:4818:236.5 
2818:58   Matthew Collins PBV35MMossley Hill18:5818:588.9 
2918:59   John Halson  V50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton18:1918:106.3 
3019:04   Rob Supria SENM     
3119:08   Ant Cassidy PBV40MMossley Hill19:0817:367.5 
3219:11   Dominic Cooper  SENMMossley Hill18:5418:506.1 
3319:12   Andy Cantwell  V35MPenny Lane/Unattached19:0719:0713.6 
3419:17   Rachael Fairclough  SENWSt. Helens Striders/St. Helens Sutton19:1418:546.7 
3519:17   Peter Fairclough  SENMSt. Helens Striders18:0816:361.0 
3619:30   Kev Outten  V40MSt. Helens Striders18:5318:536.3 
3719:34   Allan Lawson  V50MMossley Hill19:2619:087.7 
3819:38   Anthony Metcalfe SBV60MMossley Hill19:3818:588.3 
3919:45   William John Jones  V45MKnowsley19:0318:5510.4 
4019:48   Robert Wood  V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:3519:237.0 
4119:51   John Jensen  V35MPenny Lane19:2619:268.0 
4219:51   Ian Hamling SBV35MHelsby RC19:5118:266.9 
4319:55   Brian Middleton  V60MSt. Helens Striders19:43 19:43 7.2 
4419:57   Joe Chedgzoy SENMKirkby Milers    
4519:58   Michelle King PBSENWPenny Lane19:5819:5826.2 
4619:59   Nathan Parry  U20MKnowsley19:3418:1512.9 
4720:07   Daniel Fegan SBV45MSt. Helens Striders20:0719:199.7 
4820:14   Helen Sahgal PBSENWLiverpool H19:2117:384.2 
4920:14   Richard Thorpe  SENMPenny Lane19:3518:5913.0 
5020:18   Fiona Dutton SBSENWPenny Lane20:1820:0827.5 
5120:23   Sharon Samson  V35WPenny Lane20:0219:279.6 
5220:34   Alan Joyce  V60MSouthport Waterloo19:3419:258.2 
5320:35   Michael Connor SBV50MKnowsley20:3519:427.9 
5420:38   Peter Sandford  V55MDallam RC20:1917:338.7 
5520:45   Michael O'rourke  SENMPenny Lane20:1119:496.9 
5620:47   Paul Warrington  V35MSouthport Waterloo20:0618:525.4 
5720:50   Thomas King PBSENMPenny Lane20:5020:5027.4 
5820:53   Rik Meadows V45M     
5921:07   Neil Sahgal PBV35MUknetrunner20:3819:5311.5 
6021:11   Lisa Crosby  V40WMossley Hill20:5520:1012.0 
6121:13   Malcolm Lingard PBV50MSpectrum21:1321:1327.6 
6221:16   Tracey Allan  SENWSouthport Waterloo21:0818:556.9 
6321:18   Alan Spencer  V55MKnowsley21:1420:009.7 
6421:18   Tony Craig SBV45MKirkby Milers21:1820:308.3 
6521:20   Carl Yu  V40MLiverpool RC21:1920:1710.0 
6621:21   Neil Dixon V35M     
6721:23   Steven Owens V35M     
6821:26   Mike Walker PBV65MSouthport Waterloo21:2620:037.5 
6921:32   Louise Davison PBSENWPenny Lane21:3220:5915.4 
7021:33   Robbie Trecarichi  V40MSouthport Waterloo21:2320:5216.7 
7121:38   Andrew Glen  V50MKnowsley20:1219:177.2 
7221:58   Neil Rigby PBV40MSt. Helens Striders21:5821:5830.3 
7322:02   Ashley Abbley SENM     
7422:03   Pauline Horsfall  V55WSt. Helens Striders21:3221:1513.4 
7522:06   Jeanette Fisher  V40WSt. Helens Striders21:3021:3024.3 
7622:09   Justine Moore  V40WKnowsley22:0721:1011.3 
7722:10   Laura Buckley  SENWSt. Helens Striders22:0622:0612.9 
7822:14   Anthony Horsfall  V50MSt. Helens Striders21:2521:2512.0 
7922:22   Francis Slavin SBV60MNorthern Masters22:2220:3912.5 
8022:22   Mark Bleasdale SBV55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton22:2219:1217.0 
8122:23   Helen Sharman (was Wilkinson)  SENWKnowsley21:4021:3520.2 
8222:30   Annmarie Williams PBV45WPenny Lane22:3022:2613.9 
8322:31   John Dobie SBV65MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton22:2720:5215.2 
8422:32   Chris Wills PBV35MKnowsley22:3221:099.5 
8522:37   Dave Tomkins  V65MNorthern Masters/Warrington AC21:5320:2416.5 
8622:46   Katrina Iles SENWMossley Hill    
8722:49   Stephen Watkin  SENMPenny Lane17:3916:291.1 
8822:51   Anna Watkin PBSENWPenny Lane22:5122:3117.3 
8922:55   Sam Tiger  V35WMossley Hill22:1121:3932.8 
9022:56   Arthur Cross V55MKnowsley Harriers AC    
9123:12   Carla Houghton SENWKirkby Milers    
9223:17   Lynn Lewington  V45WKirkby Milers23:1223:0319.9 
9323:21   UNKNOWN ( unknown SENW     
9423:21   Christopher Mcelroy PBV35MMossley Hill/Unattached22:4120:3210.4 
9523:21   Jason Faragher SENM     
9623:22   Peter Jones SENMMossley Hill    
9723:23   Abigail Willmit SENWLiverpool Running Club    
9823:34   Helen Lodge  V45WSouthport Waterloo23:2523:2514.8 
9923:52   Joanne Jackson V40WSt Helens Striders    
10023:59   susan Carter SENWKirkby Milers    
10124:01   michael Maloney V60MKnowsley Harriers AC    
10224:04   James Stansfield  SENMPenny Lane23:2321:5019.1 
10324:16   Alex Sharman SENM     
10424:22   Katie Cunliffe  SENWKnowsley23:5723:5720.2 
10524:22   Lynsey Unsworth  SENWKnowsley20:0920:0918.8 
10624:34   Brian Fitzhenry PBV45MKirkby Milers24:3422:5215.2 
10724:41   Jennifer Chedgzoy  SENWKirkby Milers24:3521:5417.7 
10824:53   Mick O'Brien  V45MKnowsley24:4024:2524.2 
10925:00   Fildelma Hawes V45WMossley Hill    
11025:01   Mohammed Mulla SENM     
11125:11   Sue Rogers SBV55WMossley Hill/Marlow Striders25:1124:5823.7 
11225:13   Carl Williams  V50MKnowsley24:1524:1536.0Click your Clock logo
11325:14   David Standaloft SENM     
11425:18   Billy Hargreaves  V65MSouthport Waterloo23:3519:0916.4 
11525:38   Ian Dutton V45MKnowsley Harriers AC    
11625:43   Christopher Sullivan PBV40MKirkby Milers25:4323:5819.6 
11725:44   Nicola Howarth SBV45WSt. Helens Striders25:4424:1021.3 
11825:44   Natalie Duckworth PBV35WSt. Helens Striders25:4425:4436.0 
11925:51   Louis Atkinson SENMKirkby Milers    
12025:53   Nicola Meredith SENW     
12126:04   Bhavua Mistru V40WKirkby Milers    
12226:10   Tom Preece U11MKirkby Milers    
12326:16   Claire Meadows  V45WPenny Lane26:0224:4919.4 
12426:21   Christine Carter PBV35WKirkby Milers26:2126:2124.9 
12526:26   Simon Ellis PBSENMKnowsley26:2424:2317.0 
12626:33   Tracey Carr  V50WKnowsley22:3922:3920.9 
12726:33   Kieron Carr  V40MKnowsley22:0021:2811.1 
12826:48   Collette O'Halleron  V40WKirkby Milers26:0325:3120.9 
12927:04   Rachel Tickle PBSENWSt. Helens Striders27:0424:5118.5 
13027:08   Andy Amos SENMKirkby Milers    
13127:12   Claudia McLean V40WKnowsley Harriers AC    
13227:14   Lyn Vickers V50W     
13327:22   Sue Hamley V35WKnowsley Harriers AC    
13427:25   Sheila Rodgers PBV50WKirkby Milers27:2527:2527.1 
13527:26   Stan Cottier  V65MLiverpool RC26:5023:0516.4 
13627:34   Olga Jarzynka V35WKnowsley Harriers AC    
13727:34   Clare Pascoe V40WKnowsley Harriers AC    
13827:51   Ann Standish V50W     
13927:52   Gemma Cross SENW     
14027:52   Peter Davies V55MMossley Hill    
14128:39   George Hamling V60M     
14228:49   Jo Sutherland SBV40WPenny Lane28:4927:3519.6 
14329:04   Nathan Cubbins U13MKirkby Milers    
14429:04   Natalie Cubbins PBV35WKirkby Milers29:0428:0426.5 
14529:07   Ronald Thornton V70M     
14629:25   Stephanie Charman V60WSpectrum Striders    
14729:26   Mick Charman  V65MSpectrum21:2620:3916.9 
14829:51   Ann Green PBV55WKirkby Milers29:5129:5123.0 
14929:59   Harry Dutton U15M     
15031:56   Jan O'Hanlon PBV45WKnowsley31:5631:5634.6 
15131:58   Owen Preece U9MKirkby Milers    
15232:04   John Preece  V40MKirkby Milers/Warrington RC17:5117:515.7 
15332:04   Rachel Craig SBV45WKirkby Milers32:0429:4733.4 
15437:46   Robert Hughes U9MKnowsley Harriers AC    
15537:47   Derek Hughes  V60MKnowsley30:0824:4328.9