Shorne Woods parkrun # 81 External Results
Shorne Woods
4 Oct 14
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:50Mustafa Huseyin S30MUnattached    
219:09Gavin Maley SBV35MHavering19:0917:473.8 
319:56Alan Spivey  V45MUnattached19:0119:015.2 
420:03Mark Simmonds PBV45MIstead & Ifield19:3718:5214.6 
520:16Derek George  V40MIstead & Ifield18:3218:3210.0 
620:33Tim Bell  V40MIstead & Ifield19:2918:246.1 
721:24Stephen Cason  V55MIstead & Ifield21:0821:0820.5 
821:25Steven Lamb PBV35MRebel Runners - Medway21:2521:0414.6 
921:46Phillip Sweeting V35MUnattached    
1022:04Charlotte Stickings SBV40WBlackheath & Bromley22:0320:5921.5 
1122:24Matthew Payne S30MUnattached    
1222:34Richard Garrood  V40MUnattached22:1622:0025.4 
1322:36Kaine Bateman U15MUnattached    
1422:41Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1522:51Robert Laing  V45MPetts Wood20:2819:478.8 
1622:57Dominic Pender S20MUnattached    
1723:59Alan Clayton V65MUnattached    
1824:01Robert Haigh  V50MGravesend23:5223:0318.6 
1924:03Lisa Bowring  V45WHarvel Hash House Harriers23:1922:5114.6 
2024:22Susan Beecham  V50WIstead & Ifield23:1623:0523.3 
2124:24Anthony Smith V55MUnattached    
2224:25Alfie O'Connor S20MUnattached    
2324:32Phil Batchelor PBV45MSo Let's Go Running24:3222:2311.9 
2424:41Chris Baker S30MUnattached    
2524:44Darren Harger  V40MIstead & Ifield20:4320:4310.8 
2624:45Jette Rich V40WUnattached    
2724:49Dean Rekert V35MUnattached    
2824:53Ian Auborn V50MUnattached    
2924:55Vikki Hill  V40WIstead & Ifield24:1523:5228.2 
3024:57Craig Wilson S25MUnattached    
3125:01Jason William Beaney SBV50MIstead & Ifield24:2323:3819.2 
3225:02Mark Jolley  S30MUnattached24:3523:1014.1 
3325:04Paul Butters V35MUnattached    
3425:05Sonja Laing  V40WPetts Wood23:5323:2018.0 
3525:19Anthony Davis V35MUnattached    
3625:24Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3725:26Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3825:36Tony Farmer  V65MDartford H23:1821:5012.1 
3925:41Julie Turk V50WUnattached    
4025:44Neil William Chapman  V50MSt. Mary's Richmond/Stragglers23:5321:1916.9 
4125:54James Stewart V35MUnattached    
4225:58Hilary Jones  V50WSo Let's Go Running25:3125:3126.1 
4325:59Royanna Rogers S25WUnattached    
4426:06Helen L Fooks  V40WIstead & Ifield24:4024:4020.5 
4526:09Bronte Tadman S20WUnattached    
4626:25Julie Germaney V50WUnattached    
4726:31Sheila Humphrey V40WUnattached    
4826:36Louise Chapman  S25WIstead & Ifield26:1323:1329.8 
4926:38Mat Alp S25MUnattached    
5026:42David Reed V60MUnattached    
5126:46Barbara Ockendon  V60WIstead & Ifield25:1024:3618.2 
5226:47Sally George  S30WIstead & Ifield22:3821:5113.7 
5326:50Mark Cason S30MUnattached    
5426:52Emelda Pender V45WUnattached    
5526:55Nick Hedley V40MUnattached    
5627:07Damian Pender V50MUnattached    
5727:08Claire Warren V40WUnattached    
5827:18Rachel Knott V35WUnattached    
5927:21Hajni Pecsi S25WUnattached    
6027:29Elliott Stone S30MUnattached    
6127:34David Gates  V45MIstead & Ifield25:5823:4018.1 
6227:47Jon Penfold SBV45MIstead & Ifield27:4725:3523.6 
6327:48Michael Hall V45MUnattached    
6428:17Richard Palmer V60MUnattached    
6528:25John Dolan  V55MUnattached28:1824:2236.1 
6628:27Sharon Elizabeth Dolan V40WUnattached    
6728:28Maureen Farmer SBV65WDartford H28:2827:1825.4 
6828:28Tommy Anderson U15MUnattached    
6928:29Sean Joseph U15MUnattached    
7028:29Ian Joseph V40MUnattached    
7128:30George Anderson U11MUnattached    
7228:31Sally Callaghan  V55WIstead & Ifield26:5726:3326.0 
7328:33Mark Pywell  V40MIstead & Ifield/Met Police18:3018:3012.0 
7428:38Emma Heaton S25WUnattached    
7528:39Jon Taylor S25MUnattached    
7628:40Grace Ladley  U18WSwanley25:1925:1933.5 
7729:19Kevin Ladley  V55MSwanley28:0426:3928.3 
7829:20Mia Taylor S25WUnattached    
7929:22Ray Eyles V65MUnattached    
8030:06Simon Hewett  S30MIstead & Ifield24:5524:3748.5 
8130:09Harry Stewart V50MUnattached    
8230:31Victoria Gilson V35WUnattached    
8330:35Emma-Jane Penfold  V45WIstead & Ifield26:4625:5320.6 
8430:36Lisa Sims V50WUnattached    
8531:10Teresa Gosden V55WUnattached    
8631:22Vicki Fay V40WUnattached    
8732:14Richard Haigh V40MUnattached    
8832:17Leslie Hewing V50MUnattached    
8932:18Emily Hewing U15WUnattached    
9032:55Joanne Fanning  V40WSo Let's Go Running28:4728:4742.9 
9133:54Anne Reeves-Whiteley  V40WIstead & Ifield29:2129:2148.1 
9234:16Matt Parmenter  V40MIstead & Ifield26:3824:3642.9 
9334:27Anna Spivey U11WUnattached    
9434:28Blanda Stammen V50WUnattached    
9535:20Sarah Arnold S25WUnattached    
9635:35Lynne Wheeler V35WUnattached    
9735:36Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9836:14Gillian Chapman V35WUnattached    
9936:35Eddie Scudder U11MUnattached    
10036:36Karen Scudder V35WUnattached    
10139:51Tony Russell V45MUnattached    
10240:31Bonnie Sweet V45WCani-Cross    
10343:19Sian Hamilton S30WUnattached    
10443:19Emma Foulds  V35WIstead & Ifield35:1433:3329.6 
10543:26Sharon Haigh V40WUnattached    
10655:04Margaret Allen V70WUnattached    
10755:06Victoria Wright  S20WIstead & Ifield25:5120:339.4 
10855:06Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached