Scunthorpe & District AC Club Championships External Results
28 Sep 14
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800 SM
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:24.0Andrew Weaver SBSENMScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:24.02:17.82.4 
22:32.2Matthew Adlington  SENMScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:22.92:22.928.5 
32:39.2Andrew Harmes SBU20MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:39.22:30.843.8 
42:42.9Rounak Sen PBU17MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:42.92:25.047.5 
52:43.3Michael Hemmings SBV40MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:43.32:38.412.0 
62:46.1Gary Spacey  V60MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:40.02:30.6020.2 
72:51.9Elliott Spindley SBU17MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:51.92:45.542.2 
83:00.7Daniel Harmes  SENMScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:31.02:23.445.4 
93:01.6Anthony Gillatt SBU20MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:01.62:56.652.7 
103:18.1Steve Heslop PBV50MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:18.13:18.124.1 
113:23.5Walter Kent PBV50MWinterton3:23.53:23.518.1 
800 U15M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:16.7Ciaran Payne  U15MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:12.362:02.722.6 
22:22.2Adam Plows PBU15MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:22.21:59.4-1.6 
32:29.9Jamie Cook  U15MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:29.462:21.820.0 
42:34.3Kieran Sycamore PBU15MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:34.32:34.341.8 
800 U11M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:38.3Joshua Lugsden SBU13MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:38.32:18.229.2 
22:50.8Oliver Spindley PBU13MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:50.82:50.846.0 
33:13.9Callum Hall PBU13MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:13.93:13.951.6 
43:17.0Kory McInnis PBU13MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:17.03:17.047.0 
800 SW
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:26.9Freya Bradshaw  U20WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)/Sheffield Hallam Uni2:23.252:21.6016.5 
22:37.1Nadina Skinner  U17WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:30.92:28.716.3 
32:46.0Jade Stewart  U20WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:41.12:41.147.1 
42:49.5Abigail Scales  U17WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:47.92:47.97.0 
52:55.8Jess Skinn  U17WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:44.942:44.9443.2 
63:00.6Hannah Frobisher PBU17WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:00.63:00.648.4 
73:15.1Bethany Wagg  U17WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:01.73:01.546.8 
83:15.5Charlotte Eaton  U17WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:58.92:58.942.8 
93:27.9Hollie Ashton SBU17WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:27.92:38.541.7 
103:28.1Olivia Bass SBU17WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:28.13:11.054.0 
113:40.4Shani Stathers SBU23WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)/Lincoln Uni3:40.43:27.336.3 
123:42.8Daisy Henry SBU17WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:42.83:10.154.0 
800 U15W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:43.3Olivia Burton SBU15WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:43.32:34.637.3 
22:44.1Emily Strickland SBU15WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:44.12:43.244.8 
32:55.6Alice Raspin PBU15WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:50.32:46.130.2 
43:09.7Lily Johnson  U15WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:58.12:56.349.8 
53:14.7Richelle Stathers SBU15WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:14.72:50.853.4 
63:17.0Kaela Curtis  U15WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:15.83:12.451.3 
800 U11W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
13:00.7Millie Weaver SBU13WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:00.72:32.112.1 
23:05.8Hannah Moat  U13WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:53.92:49.744.0 
33:06.4Sasha Skinner  U13WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)2:55.22:55.227.6 
43:29.8Jaya Gray SBU13WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:29.83:19.850.7 
53:59.0Jenna Raspin SBU13WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)3:59.03:06.745.1