Nene Valley Graded Night External Results
18 Sep 14
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800 U11X 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:43.7Samuel Oakley PBU11MNene Valley2:43.72:13.96.8 
22:46.4Freddie House SBU11MNene Valley2:46.42:33.516.5 
32:55.6Angus Bowling SBU11MNene Valley2:55.62:19.527.8 
42:56.8Joseph Reindel SBU11MNene Valley2:56.82:16.70.9 
53:08.7Jack Jackson SBU11MNene Valley3:08.72:12.136.4 
63:11.6ISSAC FELL U11MNene V    
73:17.2Ethan Cutforth SBU11MNene Valley3:17.22:57.940.1 
83:20.7Oliver Booth PBU13MNene Valley3:20.73:20.754.0 
93:21.1Kyle Warner SBU11MNene Valley3:21.12:49.817.8 
103:48.8LOUIS WESTWOOD U11MNene V    
114:36.8MAX WESTWOOD U11MNene V    
124:40.8CALLUM LETMAN U11MNene V    
800 U11X 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:56.3Joe Garner SBU11MNene Valley2:56.32:40.119.2 
22:58.6Jose Downer PBU11WNene Valley2:58.62:58.652.9 
33:04.6Leo Cochrane PBU11MNene Valley3:04.63:04.654.0 
43:09.1Lottie Hemmings SBU11WNene Valley3:09.12:39.67.4 
53:15.3Theo Briston SBU11MNene Valley3:15.32:55.847.6 
63:21.2HARVEY LAUGHTON U11MNene V    
73:21.4TOBY COOKE U11MNene V    
83:23.2Lilley Mccann PBU11WNene Valley3:23.23:23.249.1 
93:23.5Charlie Molyneux PBU11MNene Valley3:23.53:23.554.0 
103:33.8BEN BLADES U11MNene V    
113:36.3Devonne Piccaver SBU11WPeterborough3:36.33:16.135.8 
123:43.4SEB BAKER U11MNene V    
800 U11X 3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:59.3Flo Brill SBU11WNene Valley2:59.32:16.712.4 
23:04.7Hugo Brill SBU11MNene Valley3:04.72:25.517.2 
33:13.1Alicja Gawronski SBU11WNene Valley3:13.12:41.534.7 
43:18.4Abbie Martin PBU11WNene Valley3:18.43:18.454.0 
53:29.4CRAIG AL'ROUSIN U11MNene V    
63:38.4Lauren Day PBU11WNene Valley3:38.43:38.454.0 
73:46.0BETHANY McMILLEN U11WNene V    
83:49.2Lottie Tasker SBU11WNene Valley3:49.23:36.454.0 
800 SX 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
11:57.3Ben Jones PBU23MNene Valley/Brighton Uni1:57.31:57.342.5 
31:58.7Josh Reed SBSENMNene Valley1:58.71:58.24-0.1 
41:59.6Sean Reidy SBSENMNene Valley1:59.61:57.54.6 
52:03.4Lloyd Kempson  U23MNene Valley1:56.551:56.55-2.8 
2NTBradley Spurdens  U17MNene Valley/Unattached1:56.711:55.704.9 
800 SX 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:06.0Ollie Bowling PBU17MNene Valley2:06.01:58.12.9 
22:06.1Michael Cawood PBU17MNene Valley2:06.12:04.329.8 
32:08.4William Baker  U17MNene Valley2:07.292:07.2929.8 
42:10.5Jake Richardson SBU20MNene Valley2:10.52:08.40.6 
52:11.4Austin Herbert  U17MNene Valley2:08.82:01.522.5 
62:18.4Lucas Fidler  U17MNene Valley2:13.82:11.236.4 
800 SX 3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:15.9Niam Payne PBU17MNene Valley2:15.92:08.5110.8 
22:18.3Robert Prady SBV35MNene Valley2:18.32:14.53.1 
32:19.9Lee Hartill SBSENMNene Valley2:19.92:19.13.8 
42:20.9Ben Roberts PBU13MPeterborough/Nene Valley2:20.92:17.018.7 
52:20.9Megan Ellison  U15WNene Valley2:19.32:12.2116.0 
62:23.2Lance Hemmings SBV45MNene Valley2:23.22:20.419.0 
72:24.6Oliver Oakley PBU15MNene Valley2:24.62:18.429.2 
800 SX 4
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:24.8Ben Harding PBU17MNene Valley2:24.82:24.821.5 
22:29.1Ethan Ellison PBU13MNene Valley2:29.12:19.630.7 
32:29.6CHARLIE EVANS U15MNene V    
42:33.4Alice Callcut  U15WNene Valley2:30.62:30.633.4 
52:34.1Adam Fidgett SBSENMNene Valley2:34.12:15.426.9 
800 SX 5
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:27.8Joshua Akinwumi PBU15MNene Valley2:27.82:27.844.9 
42:34.8Ben McCann PBU13MNene Valley2:34.82:32.329.0 
52:35.5Amber Park  U13WNene Valley2:32.82:18.585.1 
72:45.7Paula Naylor  U15WNene Valley2:38.92:34.936.1 
82:48.5Matthew Church  U13MNene Valley2:37.22:16.012.5 
92:52.3Olivia Ozkan PBU15WNene Valley2:52.32:52.339.4 
2NTLewis Cunningham  U17MNene Valley    
3NTChristopher Jones  U15MNene Valley 2:20.239.2 
6NTBethany Goymour  U17WNene Valley2:37.82:37.838.7 
800 SX 6
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:31.4Scott Waumsley PBU15MNene Valley2:31.42:31.450.4 
32:40.3DENZIL MPUSO U15MNene V    
42:40.8Megan Pusey PBU17WNene Valley2:40.82:32.739.5 
52:42.7Gemma Andreae  U17WNene Valley2:37.22:37.218.9 
62:47.1Jasmine Oldfield  U17WNene Valley2:36.42:35.931.8 
72:53.8Nikkita Robinson SBU17WNene Valley2:53.82:48.453.3 
82:55.1Sarah Chan SBU20WNene Valley2:55.12:40.921.9 
92:57.7Leigh-Ann Rose  U17WNene Valley2:40.682:30.445.3 
102:57.8Angharad Gray PBU17WNene Valley2:57.82:57.849.8 
113:02.7Ffion Lewis PBU13WNene Valley3:02.72:47.941.4 
800 SX 7
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:42.4Jasmine Allen PBU15WNene Valley2:42.42:42.452.8 
22:42.8Elana Payne SBU20WNene Valley2:42.82:29.2437.5 
32:46.4Ellie Piccaver PBU15WNene Valley2:46.42:26.910.5 
42:46.4Josie Fortune  U15WNene Valley2:41.22:30.021.0 
52:52.7Jess McKenzie  U13WNene Valley2:48.62:43.935.7 
62:55.1Hana Ray  U13WNene Valley2:48.82:37.331.4 
73:02.4Elly Simpson SBU13WNene Valley3:02.42:42.238.7 
83:05.3Elysia Costanzo PBU13WNene Valley3:05.33:05.354.0 
93:07.5Zoe Cawood  U13WNene Valley2:53.972:53.9750.9 
800 SX 8
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
13:00.2Tyler Savage  U13MNene Valley2:44.52:44.546.4 
23:02.9Katie Tasker PBU13WNene Valley3:02.92:36.613.2 
33:03.8Caitlin Back  U15WNene Valley3:02.02:45.849.5 
43:04.5Elizabeth Wright SBU13WNene Valley3:04.52:43.549.6 
53:05.1Lucy Molyneux PBU13WNene Valley3:05.13:05.152.2 
63:05.1Chloe Squires SBU15WNene Valley3:05.12:41.141.3 
800 SX 9
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:48.8James Farrington PBV35MNene Valley2:48.82:46.131.0 
22:50.1Ryley Briston SBU13MNene Valley2:50.12:38.548.7 
32:51.5SAM GARDNER U13MNene V    
42:59.4Alex Gibb SBSENMNene Valley2:59.42:02.9-0.5 
53:02.3Joshua Goodwin PBU13MNene Valley3:02.33:02.317.2 
63:04.2Adam Blades SBU13MNene Valley3:04.22:55.349.9 
73:06.6Emily Davis SBU13WNene Valley3:06.62:54.8746.9 
83:09.9SAM CALLCUTT U13MNene V    
93:13.4Eden Oldfield PBU13WNene Valley3:13.42:45.126.2