Gwent Leisure Centre League External Results
11 Jan 15
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTMark JenningsSENM   
2NTMatthew SymesSENMPont-y-Pwl  
3NTStefan SimmsSENM   
4NTSean Taylor V35MPont-Y-Pwl4.4 
5NTMatthew Grantham U17MLliswerry-1.0 
6NTLee Aherne V45MParc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters0.0 
7NTMiles Thomas SENMLliswerry16.8 
8NTJames Blore SENMChepstow H3.5 
9NTDuncan BellV45MChepstow  
10NTChris Harrhy V45MPont-Y-Pwl34.8 
11NTDamian Williams V45MParc Bryn Bach29.7 
12NTSimon Lewis V45MParc Bryn Bach22.9 
13NTSteve Davies V55MGriffithstown/Pont-Y-Pwl6.8 
14NTStephen ReesV45MParc Bryn Bach  
15NTMark Balch V45MUsk46.7 
16NTMark Hurford V35MPont-Y-Pwl18.7 
17NTJosh JonesSENMGriffithstown  
18NTPaul Dodd V55MChepstow H5.4 
19NTIestyn Rhodes V35MUsk5.3 
20NTMichael Richardson V35MIslwyn2.9 
21NTPaul White V35MPont-Y-Pwl1.5 
22NTMartin Jones V35MIslwyn8.3 
23NTRay Evan Morgan SENMPont-Y-Pwl12.5 
24NTAlun King SENMLliswerry11.7 
25NTAlun Wood SENMIslwyn3.0 
26NTAndrew Lee V40MPont-Y-Pwl2.1 
27NTJonathan Carter V45MChepstow H3.9 
28NTDimitri Vorr├ęsV50MPont-y-Pwl  
29NTRichard John Lloyd V35MFairwater12.5 
30NTDaman Jukes V40MParc Bryn Bach42.3 
31NTJulian Williams SENMParc Bryn Bach50.4 
32NTLloyd Cottrell U17MLliswerry-1.3 
33NTPhilip John Williams V35MIslwyn3.5 
34NTMatthew Lawson V45MChepstow H8.8 
35NTCathal O'hara U23MParc Bryn Bach47.6 
36NTSam Lewis-JonesSENMParc Bryn Bach  
37NTBleddyn Jones V35MLliswerry/Rhymney Valley12.6 
38NTRoger Mills V40MFairwater24.4 
39NTThomas Guy V40MGriffithstown12.1 
40NTChristopher Lloyd SENMIslwyn12.3 
41NTMatthew Webb V35MPont-Y-Pwl15.8 
42NTPaul Lidgett V45MChepstow H17.8 
43NTSean HaddockSENMIslwyn  
44NTAdrian BullSENMUsk  
45NTDavid Kris StekSENMIslwyn  
46NTSteven Matthew Lane V40MIslwyn4.7 
47NTAndrew Spencer V50MGriffithstown11.4 
48NTAndrew Dickens V40MPont-Y-Pwl15.2 
49NTKim Wehden V50MIslwyn8.5 
50NTPhil Miles V60MParc Bryn Bach17.6 
51NTRobert Davies V40MLliswerry14.8 
52NTRobert Hook V50MChepstow H8.4 
53NTNeil Grant V60MChepstow H13.7 
54NTHoward Charles Mason V50MCaerleon34.6 
55NTRicci Watts SENMPont-Y-Pwl1.4 
56NTPaul Donovan V45MPont-Y-Pwl35.9 
57NTOleg KostimeSENM   
58NTPaul Chick V45MLliswerry30.8 
59NTDafydd Jones SENMPont-Y-Pwl50.4 
60NTDave Austin V40MChepstow H12.5 
61NTChris O'Brien V40MPont-Y-Pwl5.9 
62NTDavid Waters V40MIslwyn9.3 
63NTPeter Rodger V55MCaerleon15.7 
64NTLee Hammond V40MFairwater23.1 
65NTGary Adams V40MFairwater18.9 
66NTChristopher Gittings V35MParc Bryn Bach46.2 
67NTDavid Smout V65MParc Bryn Bach32.5 
68NTTom Riddington V40MChepstow H16.8 
69NTKevin McEntee V55MChepstow H18.6 
70NTRichard Elgar SENMLliswerry/Newport & East Wales TC17.3 
71NTSteve Dury V40MIslwyn9.2 
72NTDaffydd Weetman V40MIslwyn43.9 
73NTRob Beves V50MChepstow H6.7 
74NTRobert King V35MParc Bryn Bach23.9 
75NTMartin Chammings SENMParc Bryn Bach29.8 
76NTRob Symons V50MFairwater9.7 
77NTStephen Morgan V40MFairwater15.3 
78NTMichael John Bunston V45MIslwyn13.4 
79NTPaul Dursley V60MLliswerry22.5 
80NTTom Evans SENMCaerleon47.1 
81NTKerry Price V55MIslwyn19.4 
82NTPaul Thomas V35MIslwyn19.9 
83NTJon Hancock V55MUsk26.2 
84NTJonathan Williams V45MFairwater53.5 
85NTMartyn Jenkins V55MFairwater21.8 
86NTMichael Skyrme V45MFairwater12.5 
87NTWayne RaynerV40MLliswerry  
88NTMichael Probert V45MPont-Y-Pwl13.2 
89NTMartin BlakebroughV50MMonmouth  
90NTPeter Roberts V55MGriffithstown26.5 
91NTRhys Thomas V35MGriffithstown25.1 
92NTGareth BarringtonV40MLliswerry  
93NTAlan Dobbs V35MChepstow H16.2 
94NTPaul NolvaczekV45MIslwyn  
95NTIan William Lewis V40MIslwyn34.5 
96NTHoward Martin Attwood V65MLliswerry19.0 
97NTRichard M Bowie V50MFairwater18.9 
98NTPeter Welbirg V60MGriffithstown12.9 
99NTNeil Williams V50MUsk18.6 
100NTBrian MoffetV60MParc Bryn Bach  
101NTPaul Grainger Jones V40MPont-Y-Pwl24.8 
102NTKevin BradfieldV45MParc Bryn Bach  
103NTJon Davies V45MIslwyn42.7 
104NTDave Timson V45MPont-Y-Pwl40.8 
105NTJeremy CreaseyV45MMonmouth  
106NTPaul Harvey SENMIslwyn20.6 
107NTAdrian Gwilliam V45MFairwater19.7 
108NTDean Arnold V45MPont-Y-Pwl46.0 
109NTGlyn Hicks V65MIslwyn23.5 
110NTGerry Ashton V60MChepstow H18.8 
111NTAndrew Taylor V55MCaerleon35.0 
112NTKelvin HenleyV45MPont-y-Pwl  
113NTCarl Roberts V35MPont-Y-Pwl22.0 
114NTDavid MatherV50MMonmouth  
115NTTim MurphyV55MFairwater  
116NTAidan Davies U20MIslwyn24.0 
117NTAnthony PhilipsV55MGriffithstown  
118NTTerry Lewis V50MIslwyn29.5 
119NTGraham SimpsonV50MUsk  
120NTChristopher Hill V45MLliswerry20.8 
121NTNigel BakerSENM   
122NTRichard HolroydSENM   
123NTTom Southwell U23MUsk27.9 
124NTJames WilliamsSENMParc Bryn Bach  
125NTPaul Watts V55MLliswerry23.4 
126NTGeoffrey Cram V65MChepstow H33.0 
127NTDavid Davies V45MCaerleon18.9 
128NTMatthew Rees V35MLliswerry35.6 
129NTGarry Woods V50MFairwater29.1 
130NTAndrew Bray V55MChepstow H24.6 
131NTGeoffrey Bayliss V65MChepstow H31.5 
132NTNeil Chipper V50MLliswerry20.7 
133NTLouis Morgan SENMIslwyn54.0 
134NTNeil Sidney V40MLliswerry31.4 
135NTDesmond Jones V40MLliswerry18.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTClive Cooksey V70MParc Bryn Bach44.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTEmma Wookey U23WLliswerry4.5 
2NTAngela Jones V45WFairwater38.1 
3NTNicola Jukes V40WParc Bryn Bach5.5 
4NTLiz Davies SENWCardiff/Sutton Runners31.0 
5NTNiki Morgan V45WChepstow H5.8 
6NTLou Summers V45WPont-Y-Pwl10.1 
7NTGeorgie PriorSENWChepstow  
8NTVanessa Lawson V40WChepstow H13.1 
9NTSarah Bell V35WChepstow H6.9 
10NTHelen Duffield V40WChepstow H19.5 
11NTLisa Jeffrey V40WChepstow H8.7 
12NTEmma Sowrey V35WPont-Y-Pwl32.4 
13NTClaire Thompson SENWGriffithstown52.4 
14NTSandra Chipper V40WLliswerry4.9 
15NTKeri Jones V40WLliswerry/Unattached/Royal Air Force24.3 
16NTKelly WallSENWIslwyn  
17NTMaria Richards V40WPont-Y-Pwl10.4 
18NTHolly Janes-Thomas SENWPont-Y-Pwl19.0 
19NTJan Morris V45WChepstow H11.2 
20NTLouise Bright V35WPont-Y-Pwl20.2 
21NTAN Other      
22NTSophie Gilbert V40WChepstow H45.0 
23NTEsther Barrett V40WChepstow H39.0 
24NTDebbie Cockram V50WFairwater36.5 
25NTKelly Collins V35WParc Bryn Bach22.7 
26NTJulie Lees V40WFairwater17.1 
27NTEmma KingSENWMonmouth  
28NTKaren Elvers V40WChepstow H21.9 
29NTJenna RobertsSENWFairwater  
30NTHelen Williams V40WFairwater16.3 
31NTJoc DoddV60WChepstow  
32NTElizabeth Richards V45WCaerleon13.7 
33NTJacky Miles V60WParc Bryn Bach20.7 
34NTDenise Evans V50WForest of Dean AC/Chepstow H18.3 
35NTFiona Cross SENWPont-Y-Pwl30.0 
36NTTeresa Tranter V60WChepstow H16.9 
37NTJulie Roche V45WFairwater20.0 
38NTRachel Lewis V35WParc Bryn Bach13.4 
39NTEmma Morgan V40WPont-Y-Pwl47.4 
40NTRiannon Sian Griffin V35WParc Bryn Bach44.8 
41NTJeanette Jenkins V50WFairwater25.9 
42NTMichelle Johnston V35WLliswerry22.0 
43NTCeri Whent NelmesV35WParc Bryn Bach  
44NTNicola Brunnock V45WPont-Y-Pwl20.2 
45NTKaren Payne V40WCaerleon16.7 
46NTSara Arnold V40WIslwyn18.7 
47NTJade Wakley SENWCaerleon8.7 
48NTMichelle JohnsonSENWIslwyn  
49NTSian Price SENWParc Bryn Bach10.2 
50NTSarah FranesV35WLliswerry  
51NTGemma Beves SENWChepstow H51.4 
52NTNicola Howls SENWIslwyn28.9 
53NTRoberta I Havers SENWChepstow H29.5 
54NTLouise CrockettV45WChepstow  
55NTRachel Kennedy V45WLliswerry20.2 
56NTElizabeth Patricia Stokes V40WGriffithstown17.6 
57NTNatalie Hern V45WGriffithstown31.8 
58NTShelagh Adkins V65WCaerleon35.4 
59NTSharon Newell V45WPont-Y-Pwl14.8 
60NTMichelle Jayne V35WParc Bryn Bach35.1 
61NTZoe Elver V40WPont-Y-Pwl26.4 
62NTGayle Sheppard V40WLliswerry37.1 
63NTJane Lewis V45WFairwater16.2 
64NTKay Dixon V40WIslwyn24.6 
65NTHayley JacksonV40WParc Bryn Bach  
66NTJane Bayliss V60WChepstow H25.1 
67NTSue Ashton V60WChepstow H34.8 
68NTClaire CollinsSENW   
69NTKeri Hamer V35WEbbw Vale/Pont-Y-Pwl54.0 
70NTAmberley Morgan SENWPont-Y-Pwl40.7 
71NTStella Symons V50WFairwater28.6 
72NTTracey BurnsSENWMonmouth  
73NTSam Standerwick V40WParc Bryn Bach52.1 
74NTKathleen Jervis V55WParc Bryn Bach25.0 
75NTMelonie Senior V45WIslwyn41.1 
76NTNanette Virgo V40WGriffithstown47.6 
77NTCarol Woodford V55WLliswerry38.5 
78NTKirsty Holtham-Morgan V35WIslwyn25.4 
79NTMichele Deal V50WPont-Y-Pwl17.4 
80NTKay Morgan V35WPont-Y-Pwl37.1 
81NTSuzanne Williams V45WFairwater30.8 
82NTAlison Holton V40WParc Bryn Bach21.7 
83NTHelen Clancy V45WChepstow H30.5 
84NTLouise SadlerV40WIslwyn  
85NTMaxine Rhodes V45WPont-Y-Pwl46.4 
86NTPamela Grantham V45WLliswerry36.3 
87NTClaire Sullivan SENWParc Bryn Bach16.1 
88NTWendy Rees V50WGriffithstown31.1 
89NTSue CottrellV45WLliswerry  
90NTCheryl FrancisSENW   
91NTVirginia Stone V40WChepstow H54.0 
92NTKirsty Rhodes SENWPont-Y-Pwl31.9 
93NTSarah CliftonV35WMonmouth  
94NTLisa Riddington V40WChepstow H35.1 
95NTPat Richardson V65WIslwyn22.8 
96NTKate PalfreySENWFairwater  
97NTKelly JackaV40WIslwyn  
98NTHelen SimmondsSENWIslwyn  
99NTSheree Mann V45WFairwater26.3 
100NTGill Ellis V55WChepstow H26.6 
101NTEmma SkippV35WMonmouth