Hertfordshire County Veterans Championships External Results
Trent Park
22 Mar 15
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
129:34   Neil Miller V40MBedford & County/North Herts16.8 
230:12   Julian Critchlow V50MWatford3.6 
331:13   Paul Makowski V40MCambridge & Coleridge0.5 
431:31   Richard McCormick V50MBarnet/Enfield & Haringey4.0 
531:37   Costa Michael V50MBarnet/Enfield & Haringey5.5 
631:46   Matthew Adcock V45MWatford2.0 
731:52   Paul Scofield V40MBishops Stortford13.2 
832:08   Graham Smith V40MSt. Albans Striders2.7 
932:16   Karl Cable V50MRoyston7.7 
1032:36   Andy Kelleher V50MBarnet/Southern Counties Vets8.1 
1132:56   Ian Murray V40MRoyston35.8 
1233:11   Richard Keith Harrison V45MRoyston5.4 
1333:25   Michael Burgess V50MTring RC3.4 
1433:26   Graham Hill V40MRoyston5.9 
1533:28   Graham Foster V50MSt. Albans Striders12.7 
1633:40   Andy Holt V50MGarden City Runners/Herts Phoenix3.6 
1734:14   Paul Allen V50MTring RC/Police10.8 
1834:25   Vince Long V45MRoyston16.3 
1934:57   Alan Morris V50MBarnet3.7 
2035:22   Craig Dowie V45MSt. Albans Striders11.7 
2135:31   Colin Taylor V55MWatford Joggers10.8 
2235:39   Martin Halling V55MSt. Albans Striders8.5 
2335:55   Peter Beatty V55MBishops Stortford8.3 
2435:57   Adrian Harwood V45MWatford7.0 
2536:13   Kevin Harding V55MTring RC11.3 
2636:38   Oliver Last V45MBishops Stortford7.9 
2736:57   Tim Underhill V45MSt. Albans AC8.4 
2837:03   Sean Bowen V50MGarden City Runners4.8 
2937:39   Patrick Bird V55MGarden City Runners17.7 
3037:43   Paul Martin V50MRoyston23.0 
3137:53   Chris Green V40MBishops Stortford35.9 
3237:55   Bernard Barnaby V55MFairlands Valley Spartans11.4 
3337:59   Clive Cohen V55MTring RC11.4 
3438:02   Rick Ansell V50MTring RC17.0 
3538:26   Andy Tant V50MBroxbourne36.0 
3638:31   Stewart BryanV50MN Herts RR  
3738:42   Paul EdwardsV50MWatford Harriers  
3838:58   Marcus Edwards V50MWatford Joggers8.4 
3939:04   Philip Butson V45MBishops Stortford20.1 
4039:10   Martin Reed V45MStevenage & North Herts19.3 
4139:12   Richard Todd V50MSt. Albans Striders11.5 
4239:22   Robin Tremaine V55MTrent Park/Watford Joggers10.4 
4339:25   Trevor Mason V50MStevenage & North Herts13.0 
4439:53   Paul Pickard V45MStevenage & North Herts11.1 
4540:15   Thomas Sauka V40MFairlands Valley Spartans10.5 
4640:30   Andrew Maher V40MSt. Albans Striders15.2 
4742:17   Tim Woolridge V50MWatford Joggers35.4 
4842:29   Tom Weatherhead V50MGarden City Runners14.5 
4943:10   Tony Carolan V50MStevenage & North Herts16.8 
5043:42   Michael J Jack V55MSt. Albans Striders15.6 
5144:31   Steven D Alexander V45MSt. Albans Striders18.4 
5245:19   Martin WoodV50MFairlands Valley Spartans  
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
128:47   Jonathan R Haynes V60MBishops Stortford/Herts Phoenix3.7 
229:50   Brian James V65MWatford Joggers/Herts Phoenix15.0 
330:18   Peter Fitzpatrick V60MHerts Phoenix13.2 
431:12   Richard Bloom V65MHerts Phoenix11.8 
532:16   Richard Foskett V60MHerts Phoenix19.8 
632:25   John Owen V70MBarnet/Altrincham14.8 
732:28   Des Michael V65MBarnet/Southern Counties Vets/Police7.2 
833:49   Colin Rees V70MTring RC36.0 
936:12   Mick Wise V60MGarden City Runners16.9 
1037:45   John Davis V60MGarden City Runners21.3 
1137:52   Tony ReynoldsV70MWatford Harriers  
1238:28   Brian Bailey V65MNorth Herts23.3 
1338:47   Ian Sutcliffe V65MNorth Herts21.9 
1440:04   John Steed V75MHerts Phoenix29.7 
1549:42   John Nugent V70MBroxbourne36.0 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
127:52   Wendy Walsh V40WSt. Albans Striders7.2 
230:11   Angela Adcock V35WWatford11.0 
330:13   Zoe Lowe V45WSt. Albans Striders14.0 
430:40   Catherine Davies V50WDacorum & Tring32.2 
531:28   Yuko Gordon V60WNorth Herts9.2 
632:14   Gill Jubb V40WSt. Albans Striders26.9 
732:27   Karen Bradley V45WBarnet24.5 
832:34   Samantha Sullivan V40WDacorum & Tring11.5 
932:46   Julie Simmons V55WFairlands Valley Spartans/Allenbury's20.7 
1033:03   Wendy Pearson V40WDacorum & Tring12.7 
1133:20   Clare Bonnick V50WWatford Joggers13.5 
1233:27   Deirdre Heydecker V55WSt. Albans Striders12.9 
1333:59   Mandy J Attree V45WSt. Albans Striders14.2 
1434:47   Maria Evans V35WTring RC15.9 
1535:18   Amy JankiewiczV35WSt Albans Striders  
1636:13   Alison Richardson V40WDacorum & Tring16.5 
1736:23   Linda Aird V55WNorth Herts17.2 
1836:23   Sian MitchellV35WGarden City Runners  
1936:30   Alison Putko V35WWatford12.8 
2036:45   Kirsty Johnstone V50WBarnet17.7 
2137:36   Carole Jack V45WSt. Albans Striders19.6 
2237:43   Elaine Giles V45WGarden City Runners27.2 
2338:13   Peta Wilson V45WFairlands Valley Spartans33.5 
2438:23   Kirsty Barnett V40WTring RC24.8 
2540:01   Clare Boutle V45WBarnet19.5 
2640:56   Christine Sharp V55WNorth Herts36.0 
2741:05   Sandra Wise V55WGarden City Runners26.5 
2841:59   Maureen Steed V60WGarden City Runners30.7 
2942:49   Caroline Skyrme V45WSt. Albans Striders36.0 
3043:48   Sharon Crowley V55WFairlands Valley Spartans24.2 
3143:55   Lindsay CookV45WN Herts RR  
3244:19   Alison Campbell V45WSt. Albans Striders24.7 
3344:49   Iris Hornsey V70WFairlands Valley Spartans/Eastern Masters27.7