North Yorkshire & South Durham League External Results
5 Oct 14
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
135:22Gregory Jayasuriya SENMMiddlesbrough & Cleveland-4.7 
235:55Lewis Rodgers SENMLoftus & Whitby-4.3 
336:50Shaun O'Grady V35MNew Marske/Loftus & Whitby12.3 
437:05Drew Inglis SENMDarlington H-0.4 
537:33Paul Lowe V45MNorth York Moors2.4 
637:34Matthew Bailey U20MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)/Cleveland Schs7.4 
737:36Dean Newton U20MNew Marske-3.0 
837:37Alan Piggford SENMNew Marske25.8 
937:53Adam Mitchell SENMMiddlesbrough (Mandale)-0.9 
1037:59Paul Brown V35MNew Marske-0.5 
1138:34Rob Atkin SENMMiddlesbrough & Cleveland25.2 
1238:35Tony Lambert V40MSwaledale3.1 
1338:36Dominic Dunn SENMMiddlesbrough & Cleveland4.1 
1438:39Michael Joyeux SENMQuakers-1.4 
1538:52Dez Fielden V40MAycliffe4.3 
1639:35Nick Zissler SENMRichmond & Zetland2.4 
1739:42Paul Darroch SENMNew Marske-0.8 
1839:50Rob Scott U23MRichmond & Zetland-3.0 
1939:54Simon Bennett SENMHartlepool-1.1 
2040:22Paul Lewis V50MBillingham31.9 
2140:26Paul Wilson V35MHartlepool0.8 
2240:29Victor Brudenell V45MNorth York Moors5.7 
2340:34Barry Coulter V45MHartlepool22.5 
2440:49Michael Parry U23MQuakers13.0 
2540:50Ken Harker V40MRichmond & Zetland/VAA North East2.5 
2640:59Clive Thornton V50MFell Runners Association/Esk Valley/New Marske3.7 
2741:04Simon Rogers V40MDarlington H3.2 
2841:07Chris Jefferies V40MBillingham4.3 
2941:11John Hunter V50MLoftus & Whitby4.7 
3041:13Andy Chadfield V40MBillingham2.1 
3141:24Philip Utley V45MNorth York Moors7.2 
3241:28Simon Clements V35MNew Marske5.0 
3341:31Colin Taylor V35MDarlington H0.8 
3441:37Andrew Lilley V35MHartlepool20.3 
3541:39Richard Fawcett SENMNorth York Moors5.7 
3641:46Ben PotterU20MDarlington Tri  
3741:52Mark Young V40MLoftus & Whitby22.9 
3841:53Joe Blackett V50MNorth York Moors/Dark Peak4.9 
3942:05Rob MooreSENMM'bro & Cleve  
4042:10Wayne A Bouttell V35MNorth York Moors11.8 
4142:11Jonathan Skidmore V40MNorth York Moors3.9 
4242:15Nick Watson V40MQuakers18.3 
4342:43Peter Commane V35MQuakers20.8 
4442:45Tom Herbert V35MLoftus & Whitby/New Marske8.1 
4542:49Gary Dack V50MBillingham4.6 
4642:54Christopher Foster V40MLoftus & Whitby11.5 
4742:56Bryan Saysell V50MNorth York Moors/North East Vets17.6 
4843:05Carl Jones V40MRichmond & Zetland-2.4 
4943:08Paul McGough V40MNorth York Moors3.0 
5043:09Darren HarrisonSENMLoftus & Whitby  
5143:25Michael Lamb V45MHartlepool25.8 
5243:28John Davis V40MHartlepool9.8 
5343:30Brian Martin V55MQuakers5.1 
5443:32Keith Bindoff V35MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland2.9 
5543:46Michael Kay SENMQuakers30.7 
5643:49Paul Cook V35MDarlington H3.1 
5743:55David MulhollandSENMMarsh House  
5843:58Jack Hutton U23MHartlepool4.8 
5944:05Christopher Rumsey SENMMiddlesbrough & Cleveland0.2 
6044:08Craig Allen SENMMiddlesbrough & Cleveland6.5 
6144:09John Gray V50MBillingham5.9 
6244:16Lawrence CorbettV45MRich & Zet  
6344:27Jon Parker SENMNorth York Moors8.8 
6444:31Stefan McLoughlin SENMNorth York Moors6.9 
6544:44Paul Levett V40MNorth York Moors7.4 
6644:53Andrew Vernon SENMQuakers7.4 
6744:54Ben Jones V40MDarlington Tri11.8 
6845:01Mark Robinson SENMQuakers11.1 
6945:18Darren Clements SENMNorth York Moors6.7 
7045:22Robert James Dent SENMQuakers5.2 
7145:24David SaddingtonSENMMarsh House  
7245:27Mark Potter V40MNorth York Moors9.0 
7345:34Peter Prior V45MDarlington Tri30.7 
7445:37David Lake V40MHartlepool24.5 
7545:42Stephen KingV45MMarsh House  
7645:44Nick SmithV40MNYMAC  
7745:48Neil Duffield V50MLoftus & Whitby22.0 
7845:52Mark Evans V45MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland10.8 
7946:01Keith Westerman V45MLoftus & Whitby37.8 
8046:12George ReidV55MGuest Durham City H.  
8146:15Chris Ellis V55MLoftus & Whitby28.2 
8246:22Shaun Purkiss-McEndoo V50MRichmond & Zetland8.5 
8346:28Phillip Noble SENMRedcar/New Marske12.8 
8446:28Gareth Foreman SENMHartlepool13.1 
8546:34Graham Bell V60MDarlington H/Northern Masters16.1 
8646:36David Aspin V45MNew Marske8.5 
8746:41Michael Clarke V50MLoftus & Whitby13.8 
8846:55Kenneth Stephenson V50MBillingham12.6 
8947:04Bryan Miller SENMThirsk & Sowerby12.7 
9047:13Mark Tallon SENMQuakers12.4 
9147:36Rob Allinson V35MRedcar21.6 
9247:37James KennySENMH'Pool Burn Road  
9347:47Steven Small V40MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland7.8 
9447:52Darren Smith SENMHartlepool16.9 
9547:55Christopher Adams V50MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland39.8 
9648:11David Todd V40MQuakers10.6 
9748:20Darren Stockdale SENMQuakers13.4 
9848:26Gary Read SENMQuakers9.0 
9948:31Mike Robbins V40MBillingham12.1 
10048:46Gary TyremanV40MM'bro & Cleve  
10148:58Andy Everard V35MRichmond & Zetland14.8 
10249:15Andrew Buckle SENMMiddlesbrough & Cleveland17.4 
10349:28John K Mansfield V45MHartlepool21.3 
10449:43Simon Withers V45MRichmond & Zetland11.4 
10549:44David McClachlanV50MQuakers  
10649:45David Fawkes V35MThirsk & Sowerby8.8 
10749:46Paul Roberts V45MQuakers14.4 
10849:47Robert Howard V65MLoftus & Whitby27.9 
10949:48Dave AlbinsonSENMLoftus & Whitby  
11050:15Peter Milburn V55MAycliffe6.9 
11150:19Michael Larkin V35MBillingham14.5 
11250:21Andrew Tullock V40MRedcar5.8 
11350:24Christopher Watson SENMRedcar14.3 
11450:31Laurence Everitt V55MNew Marske10.7 
11550:52Paul Bainbridge V45MNorth York Moors12.6 
11651:01David Wallace V55MHartlepool8.6 
11751:17Nigel Shaw V50MHartlepool12.5 
11851:23Ian Anderson V50MHartlepool24.5 
11951:25Wayne D'arcy V40MNorth York Moors21.0 
12051:32David Aiken SENMQuakers5.6 
12151:37Richard Clark V50MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland12.6 
12252:02Malcolm Peggs V60MLoftus & Whitby16.8 
12352:24Joe FisherSENMMarsh House  
12452:35Walter Farquharson V60MBillingham40.4 
12552:49Peter Johnson V60MHartlepool17.2 
12652:52Andrew Griffiths SENMShildon15.4 
12753:18Dan Williamson SENMMiddlesbrough & Cleveland20.7 
12853:37Glenn McAlpin V40MBillingham24.7 
12953:41Kevin Greenall V60MAycliffe30.0 
13053:58Mark Colling V45MQuakers18.9 
13154:13Nigel Barnbrook V50MNew Marske9.6 
13254:18Matthew Clarkson SENMBillingham16.6 
13354:33Gavin ArmstrongSENMQuakers  
13454:45Simon Rek V45MQuakers13.4 
13554:58Eddie Meehan V60MNorth York Moors15.1 
13655:14Colin Gibson V55MAycliffe35.4 
13755:34Martin Cummins V60MThirsk & Sowerby36.5 
13855:42Keith Webber V35MMiddlesbrough & Cleveland33.0 
13956:01Graeme Surtees V50MHartlepool14.0 
14056:36Ian Barnes V75MDarlington H/VAA North East22.7 
14157:01Billy HarrisV50MQuakers  
14257:12Duncan Fothergill V35MThirsk & Sowerby16.4 
14357:19Stephen Johnston V35MQuakers26.3 
14459:16Tony Slater V55MNew Marske21.3 
14562:56Dave Thompson V55MAycliffe21.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:56Nathan Baker U17MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)-3.0 
219:39Sam Garratt U17MNew Marske1.1 
320:35Jack Spence U17MCity of York6.2 
420:41Ben Lambert U17MTeesdale8.1 
520:42Harry Allan U17MBillingham-2.0 
621:03James Wood U17MDarlington H24.3 
721:09Joe O'Hara U17MDarlington H25.0 
821:15Luke Hack U17MRichmond & Zetland3.1 
921:55Morgan Speirs U17MNew Marske30.1 
1022:04James Keenan U17MBillingham26.0 
1122:28Callum Martin U17MBillingham28.4 
1222:59Aaron Dodds U17MBillingham16.3 
1324:04James Greer U17MRichmond & Zetland17.2 
1424:42Ewan Henderson U17MQuakers26.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:50Reece Curtis U15MNew Marske24.9 
210:18Joshua Cowperthwaite U15MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)-4.9 
310:44Harry Robson U15MRichmond & Zetland12.4 
410:48Calum MacDonald U15MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)23.7 
510:49James Somers U15MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)13.5 
610:53Luke Pettit U15MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)3.3 
710:59Ben Bergstrand U15MNew Marske-2.7 
810:59Oscar Brown U15MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)21.7 
911:06Elias Ben TibaU15MNew Marske  
1011:07Joshua Fothergill U15MThirsk & Sowerby6.9 
1111:49Kian Wildmore U15MNew Marske30.2 
1212:22Adam Cowperthwaite U15MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)30.8 
1312:36Thomas Aspin U15MNew Marske-0.2 
1414:17James Martin U15MBillingham26.5 
1514:22Daniel KellU15MMarsh House  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:12Daniel Gunn U13MNew Marske6.0 
29:14Archie Lowe U13MNew Marske-3.4 
39:34Christian Mummert U13MScarborough4.3 
49:42Dominic Shipman U13MNew Marske-0.1 
59:53Daniel Payne U13MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)-1.7 
69:57Daniel Currie U13MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)-0.1 
710:04Matthew Chinnock U13MNew Marske19.5 
810:10Dylan Soley U13MRichmond & Zetland6.7 
910:17Joshua Wraith U11MShildon-0.2 
1010:23George Veitch U13MRichmond & Zetland30.6 
1110:30Joshua Bailey U13MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)4.5 
1210:35Ben Frankland U13MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)38.5 
1310:35Thomas Wraith U11MShildon1.5 
1410:42Joseph Busuttil U13MThirsk & Sowerby21.1 
1511:14Lewis Moore U13MRichmond & Zetland8.1 
1611:31Matthew SomersU13MMidd/Mandale  
1711:35Lucas Pentland U13MNew Marske43.9 
1811:42Josh ForemanU13MH'Pool Burn Road  
1911:59Dylan Soley U13MRichmond & Zetland6.7 
2012:02Louie BirkettU13MNew Marske  
2112:04Thomas GodberU13MH'Pool Burn Road  
2212:25Louis Braida U13MScarborough50.2 
2314:46Max McAuslan U13MNew Marske54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:48Benjamin Johnson U11MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)4.2 
26:56Adam Wanless U11MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)39.6 
37:07Daniel CutterU11MDarlington  
47:09Sebastian Pearson U11MNew Marske6.4 
57:10Ben Hodgson U11MBillingham1.4 
67:13Owen Brown U11MBillingham27.4 
77:16Reilly PotterU11MNew Marske  
87:18Freddie CuthbertU11MNew Marske  
97:21Nathan Nicholson U11MBillingham4.7 
107:23Jacob Rutter U11MDarlington H27.6 
117:35Joss Braida U11MScarborough  
127:38Harry Larkin U13MBillingham  
137:41Luke Hall U11MDarlington H36.7 
147:59Hamish TaylorU11MLoftus & Whitby  
158:08Joseph ButlerU11MMarsh House  
168:15Thomas Mason U11MHartlepool  
178:18Sam Baldwin U11MRichmond & Zetland49.0 
188:19Curtis Johnson U11MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)20.4 
198:19Sam CoulterU11MH'Pool Burn Road  
208:36Kaleb Mowbray U11MBillingham  
218:59Jamie GrimesU11MNew Marske  
229:05Jake ShawU11MMarsh House  
239:20Billy EllisU11MLoftus & Whitby  
249:46Marc CoupeU11MH'Pool Burn Road  
2510:22Finn GodberU11MH'Pool Burn Road  
2611:07Reece VenusU11MMidd/Mandale  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
126:48Dave Bell V65MRedcar42.6 
227:48Doug Welsh V65MNorth York Moors20.5 
129:07Danny Gordon V70MQuakers19.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
121:04Shona Fletcher SENWRichmond & Zetland7.1 
221:12Jo Adams SENWRichmond & Zetland/North Texas4.6 
321:36Michelle Hood SENWGateshead/Richmond & Zetland9.9 
422:22Angharad Owen SENWLoftus & Whitby11.7 
523:19Carolyn Ollis SENWMiddlesbrough & Cleveland14.2 
623:29Isabel Starkey U17WRichmond & Zetland11.5 
723:43Hollie Elliott U17WMiddlesbrough & Cleveland13.9 
823:57Kath Aspin V45WNew Marske9.2 
924:09Sue Phillips V50WDarlington H11.5 
1024:12Hazelle Webster-Costella U20WJarrow & Hebburn/Teeside Uni/Middlesbrough & Cleveland7.1 
1124:22Lucy Thompson SENWMiddlesbrough & Cleveland11.4 
1224:34Sarah Black V40WHartlepool30.3 
1324:55Grace Cuff U20WMiddlesbrough (Mandale)26.9 
1424:59Lisa Bennett V40WNew Marske10.3 
1525:18Sharon Stephenson V40WHartlepool14.1 
1625:21Joanna Bamlett SENWJesmond/Middlesbrough & Cleveland14.6 
1725:25Alice Campbell U17WDurham44.3 
1825:29Hannah Mainprize U17WScarborough11.9 
1925:34Elizabeth Wood U23WShildon15.1 
2025:55Sarah Gregory V40WRichmond & Zetland18.9 
2125:57Lily Brewer U17WNew Marske43.7 
2226:03Josie Green U17WMiddlesbrough (Mandale)8.4 
2326:04Valerie Clarke V55WDarlington H12.1 
2426:10Julia Jackson V40WLoftus & Whitby17.0 
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