Forest of Dean parkrun # 230 External Results
Forest of Dean
23 Aug 14
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:46Ian Murdey  V40MBeaumont16:5816:584.7 
217:46John Hamilton  U15MForest of Dean AC17:3117:091.3 
317:59Kyran Hale SBU20MSevern17:4816:4030.5 
418:10Jason Scott PBS25MUnattached17:2817:286.4 
519:00James Dobbing  S25MForest of Dean AC18:4618:4642.3 
619:08Leyton Fleet  V40MForest of Dean AC18:4818:088.0 
719:16Michael Jenkins  S25MForest of Dean AC19:1319:1024.8 
819:17Jack Fleet  U18MForest of Dean AC18:4418:0513.3 
919:18George Phillips  U18MDoncaster17:4215:52-3.5 
1019:28John Russell  V40MUnattached19:0418:4921.3 
1119:29James Woodman  S20MKirkstall19:0718:3236.4 
1219:30Gavin Robertson V35MUnattached    
1319:33James Ellingford U20MUnattached    
1419:36Dave Lowthian  V45MForest of Dean AC18:4518:4519.7 
1520:16Scott Sinclair Berry PBV35MForest of Dean AC20:1620:167.8 
1620:16Thomas Tremlett  S20MUnattached19:4518:0436.7 
1720:19Richard Cronin  S25MWestbury19:2517:529.9 
1820:24Joseph Phillips  U15MDoncaster19:1516:434.9 
1920:30Mark Blake  V45MForest of Dean AC20:2119:537.7 
2020:44Marcus Bennetto  S20MForest of Dean AC18:2216:18-0.8 
2120:47Richard Dennant SBV45MUnattached20:4720:2920.3 
2220:49Jason Drake  V50MWest 419:4619:337.8 
2321:09Edward Phillips  U11MDoncaster20:1618:247.0 
2421:18Mark Mathews  V40MForest of Dean AC19:5119:256.4 
2521:36Martin Phillips  V40MDanum Harriers20:0417:153.5 
2622:12Nicholas Probert  V45MForest of Dean AC22:1022:1015.0 
2722:15Ian Lowton  V45MUnattached21:0820:1025.6 
2822:21Ian Halliwell V45MUnattached    
2922:34Mark Jeffries  V45MForest of Dean AC20:3819:4535.5 
3022:40Callum Francis  U20MForest of Dean AC22:1020:0321.5 
3122:49Brian Francis SBV50MForest of Dean AC22:4920:5411.2 
3223:12Valerie Hamilton  V50WForest of Dean AC23:1023:1016.6 
3323:15Richard Hallam  V45MNotfast20:1419:4618.4 
3423:17Andrew Johnson  V50MLliswerry22:1021:0121.8 
3523:25Sherryl Hall PBV45WForest of Dean AC23:1621:5717.0 
3623:27Mary Watkins PBS20WForest of Dean AC23:2722:4715.1 
3723:29David Payton V50MUnattached    
3823:39Mary Hamilton PBU20WForest of Dean AC23:3822:3542.1 
3923:56Unknown Athlete   Unattached    
4024:02Matthew Harrison PBV35MBodmin Running Club23:1122:4932.4 
4124:02Fiona Creasey  V45WForest of Dean AC23:2623:2615.5 
4224:09Ben Payton S20MUnattached    
4324:15Piers Tremlett  V50MUnattached22:4922:4932.7 
4424:16Joanna Senior V45WUnattached    
4524:41Ian Shipley V35MUnattached    
4624:44Gavin Rea V40MUnattached    
4724:49Emma Williams PBU15WForest of Dean AC24:4924:4954.0 
4824:58Jacqueline Green PBV55WForest of Dean AC24:5824:5827.3 
4924:59Peter Covington-Jones PBV55MForest of Dean AC24:2523:0019.1 
5025:02Andrew David Jones  V40MUnattached24:0722:5726.1 
5125:12Dolores Fawcett-Till U15WUnattached    
5225:13Ryan Hewitt V35MUnattached    
5325:18Eleanor Flack PBU15WForest of Dean AC24:5224:5254.0 
5425:21William Fawcett V45MUnattached    
5525:26Stefanie Francis  V45WForest of Dean AC24:4324:1617.4 
5625:26Chris J Moore  V60MForest of Dean AC22:2821:3521.5 
5725:37Rachel Nash PBV40WForest of Dean AC24:5423:3118.8 
5825:37Alan Robertson  V60MForest of Dean AC/Scottish Vets H21:4120:4917.8 
5925:38Wayne Stewart  V45MUnattached21:4421:1126.6 
6025:41Andrew Bray  V55MChepstow H24:4323:5524.8 
6125:44Robert George V50MUnattached    
6225:53Graham Bennetto  V55MForest of Dean AC/Fire Service24:3224:1527.2 
6325:59Lily Crawley PBU15WForest of Dean AC25:5925:5948.1 
6426:03Michael Adams V45MUnattached    
6526:07Emma Amor  S25WHyde Park Harriers23:5423:2321.2 
6626:12Jensen Coppen PBU15MForest of Dean AC/Newport H23:0923:0954.0 
6726:15Neil Oliver Howell SBV50MUnattached25:2624:3554.0 
6826:16Mike Fowler V35MUnattached    
6926:17Ian James  V55MUnattached24:2324:1434.0 
7026:17Harry Fleet  U15MForest of Dean AC23:0723:0749.7 
7126:22Laurence Hazell V45MUnattached    
7226:24Chris Barnes  V45MLonely Goat RC25:1822:5113.6 
7326:41Paul Allen V40MUnattached    
7426:53Jane Creed SBV35WForest of Dean AC25:0722:5113.4 
7527:03Danny-Ray Murdey  U11MLeicester23:2619:0121.4 
7627:06Jill Murdey  V50WBeaumont23:4923:4918.8 
7727:10Adam Caldicott S25MUnattached    
7827:37Jessica Tremlett SBSENWUnattached27:2925:5154.0 
7928:01Keiran Jones  U15MForest of Dean AC24:5421:5541.7 
8028:02Emma Moss  U11WOrpington26:5121:1610.4 
8128:11Martin Moss  V40MOrpington22:1820:098.2 
8228:33Tony Highfield V50MUnattached    
8328:49Ian Powell  V35MForest of Dean AC27:4421:5926.9 
8428:50Ysabel Murdey U11WBeaumont RC    
8528:52Sharla Fleet PBV40WForest of Dean AC27:4927:4928.3 
8629:02Helen Phillips V45WUnattached    
8729:03Sue Ashton SBV60WChepstow H27:1523:2835.3 
8829:11Mandy Weare SBV45WForest of Dean AC28:4928:0354.0 
8929:15Clare Small S25WUnattached    
9029:53Polly Blake V40WUnattached    
9130:02Bev James  V55WForest of Dean AC/Unattached29:0627:0827.4 
9230:04Sarah Miles Griffiths V50WCanix    
9330:20Leona Price  V35WForest of Dean AC28:1128:1032.0 
9431:25Atsuko Barnes V45WUnattached    
9531:48Peter Compton  V45MForest of Dean AC31:2231:2234.9 
9632:11Andrew William Philip Knott SBV35MForest of Dean AC32:1122:3128.8 
9732:26Fiona Crawley V45WUnattached    
9833:07Rhian Maw S30WUnattached    
9933:40Angela Foster  SENWHorsham Joggers28:5428:5452.3 
10033:49Nina Hazell U15WUnattached    
10133:52Heather Darlow V40WUnattached    
10234:11Tracy Hale  V35WUnattached32:1829:4054.0 
10334:40Paddy Kelly  V50MNewmarket J31:2929:1354.0 
10434:54Claire Lavender  V35WForest of Dean AC33:0730:5033.6 
10535:14Margaret Simpson V45WUnattached    
10635:15Fiona Simpson U11WUnattached    
10735:43Debra James V55WUnattached    
10839:01Megan McCartney S20WUnattached    
10939:02Emily Goncalves S20WUnattached    
11039:59Sydney Wheeler  V75MChepstow H27:1425:4745.9 
11142:16Charlie Churchill U11MUnattached    
11242:17Emily Peniston U15WUnattached    
11342:17Sam Cole U15MUnattached    
11442:18Craig Churchill  V35MTeignbridge20:4420:2318.4 
11542:20Gemma Hewitt  S30WForest of Dean AC26:2022:3619.7 
11642:20Michael Marks  V45MForest of Dean AC23:0921:5320.3 
11756:37Jamie Lavender  U11MForest of Dean AC36:3824:1433.7 
11858:36Lindsay Lucas V55WForest of Dean AC    
11958:36Philippa Parton V45WUnattached    
12058:39David Lucas PBV65MForest of Dean AC58:3958:3954.0