Les Croupiers 5K External Results
14 Aug 14
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:30   Stuart Crees  V35MLes Croupiers16:3716:040.5 
217:44   Nick Tulp  SENMLes Croupiers17:3016:19-0.5 
318:02   Richard Bullen  V50MLes Croupiers17:4815:485.9 
418:15   Andrew Blair  V45MLes Croupiers17:4917:272.9 
518:25   Lyndon Tudor Maisey PBV35MLes Croupiers18:2517:006.8 
618:39   David Coles  V50MLes Croupiers18:2418:127.5 
718:42   Matt Govier PBV40MCardiff18:4218:013.4 
818:43   David Proud SBV45MLes Croupiers18:1118:116.1 
918:43   Matthew James Hopkins  SENMLes Croupiers18:1917:415.1 
1018:59   Richard Self  V45MLes Croupiers18:3118:126.6 
1119:11   Neema Mal  SENMLes Croupiers18:3518:355.4 
1219:19   Elio Lepore  V60MLes Croupiers18:2518:175.5 
1319:35   John Magee  V40MLes Croupiers19:2718:579.2 
1419:45   Marcus Coles  V40MLes Croupiers19:0119:0116.9 
1520:16   Dominic Shields  V45MSan Domenico20:0419:4211.3 
1620:52   Aine Kenny  SENWLes Croupiers20:4720:388.9 
1721:00   Howard Kent  V60MLes Croupiers20:0119:4019.1 
1821:04   David E Williams SENMLes C    
1921:05   John O'Shea SBV55MLes Croupiers21:0518:3520.5 
2021:11   Hazel Craven  V35WLes Croupiers20:4820:4817.5 
2121:20   Tim Green  V45MLes Croupiers20:5420:5412.2 
2221:20   Mike Davies SENMLes C    
2321:28   Roy Silver  V55MLes Croupiers21:2521:1919.2 
2421:30   Huw Parry  V55MLes Croupiers20:5420:5424.6 
2521:39   Alan Mason  V50MLes Croupiers20:5520:2511.5 
2621:49   Stephen Alexander  V45MLes Croupiers21:4620:2236.0 
2721:51   Angela Champion  V35WLes Croupiers21:3221:099.4 
2821:52   Cheryl Evans PBSENWLes Croupiers21:5220:359.0 
2921:59   Loretta Daley PBV45WLes Croupiers21:5921:5921.1 
3022:16   Stephen Robert Quin SBV40MLes Croupiers22:1620:4514.7 
3122:22   Beth Lewis  V35WLes Croupiers21:5521:5223.6 
3222:24   Julie Scholey  V55WLes Croupiers21:5119:4312.4 
3322:33   Paul Chapman  V45MLes Croupiers22:2521:3214.0 
3422:33   Veronica Singleton-Lawley  V50WLes Croupiers/Bedford H/Police21:5720:0714.1 
3522:41   Marcia Gouveia  SENWSan Domenico21:0320:1114.6 
3623:04   Jenny Martin  V35WLes Croupiers22:2421:4712.5 
3723:39   Graeme Donnan SBV60MLes Croupiers23:3918:5916.3 
3823:57   Ian Mackenzie SBV50MLes Croupiers23:5723:2217.7 
3924:03   Alan Mann  V55MLes Croupiers23:4721:1123.0 
4024:04   Lolly Burvill SENWLes C    
4124:04   Alison Whittaker PBV45WLes Croupiers24:0424:0229.8 
4224:12   Andrew M Sedgmond SBV60MLes Croupiers24:1221:4017.9 
4324:29   Jeff Aston SBV65MLes Croupiers24:2918:3527.8 
4424:38   Bill O'Keefe SENMLes C    
4524:43   Yvonne Bullen SBV50WLes Croupiers24:4320:5511.4 
4624:44   Kate Russell SENWLes C    
4726:30   Glenda Edwards SBV50WLes Croupiers26:3024:2720.0 
4826:34   Richard Crawford SBV60MLes Croupiers26:3424:3435.6 
4928:53   Geoff Wright SBV65MLes Croupiers28:5328:2221.4 
5029:13   Nicola John PBV45WLes Croupiers29:1329:1336.0 
5129:55   Sarah Meah PBV45WLes Croupiers/Unattached29:5529:1332.9