Riverine 10K External Results
Lifford, IRL
10 Aug 14
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
131:09   Declan Reed SBV40MCity of Derry31:0930:56-3.1 
231:13   Scott Rankin SBSENMFoyle Valley31:1330:39-3.0 
331:13   Gregory Roberts SBSENMCity of Derry/Ireland31:1330:373.6 
433:28   Andrew Considine SBV35MNorth Belfast33:2433:092.3 
533:31   Paul Barbour SBSENMOmagh32:3232:082.9 
734:34   Mark Mullan PBV35MCity of Derry34:3033:390.5 
935:42   Peter Neill  V40MOmagh34:3134:316.2 
 36:05   Sean Dudgeon SBSENMLifford/Ireland36:0535:4315.0 
1236:19   Paul Kelly SBSENMLifford/Ireland36:1935:404.5 
1736:46   Kyle Doherty PBSENMUnattached36:4632:17-1.5 
2137:48   Eamonn Monaghan SBV45MEnniskillen RC37:4836:5410.7 
5241:16   Denise Ward SBSENWFoyle Valley41:1639:345.7 
6342:38   John McDonnell PBV45MEnniskillen RC42:3839:3518.0 
8243:56   Ray Monaghan PBV35MFoyle Valley43:5643:5630.9 
11545:53   Martin Kelly PBV50MFoyle Valley45:0945:0918.4 
 49:59   James Knox PBV50MFoyle Valley49:5949:5926.2