Forest of Dean parkrun # 224 External Results
Forest of Dean
12 Jul 14
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:29   Peter Ward  V40MNorthern Ireland Masters17:1817:073.7 
218:50   Steven C Harris SBV35MChepstow H18:5017:482.1 
319:05   Christopher James Penny PBV40MForest of Dean18:5118:5122.1 
419:08   John Russell SBV40MUnattached19:0418:494.8 
519:11   Jack Fleet  U18MForest of Dean18:4418:057.2 
619:14   Liam Marley V35MUnattached    
719:46   Marcus Bennetto  S20MForest of Dean18:2216:59-1.1 
819:51   Mark Mathews SBV40MForest of Dean19:5119:256.8 
920:17   Daren Mark Smith  V45MForest of Dean19:2118:5210.8 
1020:28   Walter Leach  V50MForest of Dean19:3919:145.4 
1120:35   Dean Tyler S30MUnattached    
1220:53   Mark Blake  V45MForest of Dean20:2119:537.2 
1321:39   Andrew Horlick  V40MForest of Dean20:3919:233.2 
1421:49   Ian Lowton  V45MUnattached21:0820:109.7 
1522:05   Julian Michael Boon  V40MForest of Dean19:2718:276.3 
1622:10   Grant Morris U20MUnattached    
1722:14   John Ward V45MNorfolk Orienteering Club    
1822:39   James Dobbing  S25MForest of Dean18:4618:4631.4 
1922:45   Gregory James Nash  V35MUnattached20:5320:5323.9 
2023:12   Tara Sladen  U15WGloucester21:3921:3935.8 
2123:14   Matthew James PBSENMUnattached21:3120:1110.3 
2223:16   AN Other         
2323:23   Piers Tremlett  V50MUnattached22:4922:4916.0 
2423:26   Nick Probert V45MUnattached    
2523:27   Martin Blakebrough  V50MSpirit of Monmouth21:2321:029.8 
2623:27   Oliver Rennison PBU15MForest of Dean23:1117:308.7 
2723:31   Harry Fleet PBU15MForest of Dean23:0723:0733.0 
2823:34   Jeremy Creasey  V45MSpirit of Monmouth21:0421:0410.6 
2923:35   Jenny Mcadie  V35WUnattached22:4321:4011.3 
3023:36   Victoria Baker  S30WForest of Dean22:3718:334.4 
3123:37   Graham James SBV45MUnattached23:3722:4515.0 
3223:38   Philip Rowe  V50MEgdon Heath22:1021:3025.1 
3323:42   Callum Francis  U20MForest of Dean22:1021:5231.6 
3424:00   Rickey Hughes SBSENMUnattached24:0021:3111.4 
3524:02   Andrew Kaye SBV50MForest of Dean24:0219:426.7 
3624:06   Daniel Lloyd S25MUnattached    
3724:08   Sherryl Hall  V45WForest of Dean23:1621:5714.8 
3824:15   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3925:10   Zachary Talbot U11MUnattached    
4025:14   Neil Peacey  V40MUnattached23:1023:1017.1 
4125:18   Neil Denison  V55MForest of Dean25:1123:4417.1 
4225:21   Patrick Rennison PBV50MForest of Dean24:4621:2013.9 
4325:52   Andrew Bray  V55MChepstow H24:4323:5520.5 
4425:58   Jacqui Wynds  V60WForest of Dean24:4323:5715.9 
4526:08   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4626:09   Michael Marks  V45MForest of Dean23:0921:5316.4 
4726:12   Andrew David Jones  V40MUnattached24:0722:5716.8 
4826:20   Rachel Nash SBV40WForest of Dean24:5424:5414.4 
4926:20   Katie Kearsey SBU15WForest of Dean24:5023:3730.5 
5026:21   Lily Crawley PBU15WForest of Dean25:5925:5930.5 
5126:22   Emma Williams  U15WForest of Dean24:4924:4936.0 
5226:26   Ken Samuel V50MUnattached    
5326:26   David Thomas PBV50MForest of Dean25:0525:0516.9 
5426:29   Emma Parsons  V35WUnattached23:5423:5418.0 
5526:30   John Talbot V40MUnattached    
5626:35   David Price PBV40MForest of Dean26:0823:1416.4 
5726:38   Graham Bennetto  V55MForest of Dean/Fire Service24:3224:1517.4 
5826:38   Christopher Michael Barnes V45MUnattached    
5926:40   Stephen McCoy V45MUnattached    
6026:42   Julian Watson  V60MForest of Dean26:0325:3436.0 
6126:50   Philip James  V55MForest of Dean26:3723:2614.4 
6226:54   Anna Marie Freeman SBV40WForest of Dean26:3224:3817.3 
6326:58   Colin Laver SBV65MForest of Dean25:1425:1417.5 
6427:02   Ian James  V55MUnattached24:2324:1419.3 
6527:25   Jessica Mead S25WUnattached    
6627:31   Martyn Gunter V50MUnattached    
6727:40   Ian Hill V55MUnattached    
6827:49   David Bourne V60MUnattached    
6928:09   Vanessa Pegler  V40WForest of Dean26:0825:3118.2 
7028:14   Claire Morgan  V50WForest of Dean27:2425:4422.6 
7128:36   Ger Ireland  V50MUnattached27:1425:3836.0 
7228:49   Kelton Morris U15MUnattached    
7328:53   Jo Ablett V35WUnattached    
7428:57   Jane Creed  V35WForest of Dean25:0723:5319.8 
7529:29   Karen Barnett  V45WForest of Dean28:2525:2822.5 
7629:30   Jo Babij  V40WUnattached27:2326:0728.6 
7729:31   Tony Highfield V50MUnattached    
7829:33   Sharla Fleet  V40WForest of Dean27:4927:4926.9 
7929:49   Mandy Knott  V35WUnattached28:4526:4821.3 
8029:53   Angela Bowkett  V45WForest of Dean27:4826:3521.0 
8130:07   Toby Sampson U11MUnattached    
8230:08   Beryl Sampson  V55WGloucester/Midland Masters22:4121:5918.2 
8330:09   Michelle Peacey  V45WUnattached27:1426:5424.1 
8430:10   Helen Kearsey  V50WForest of Dean29:3529:1236.0 
8530:17   Bev James  V55WForest of Dean/Unattached29:0627:0825.7 
8630:26   Darin Springate V45MUnattached    
8730:45   Mandy Weare  V45WForest of Dean28:4928:0335.8 
8830:50   Patricia Bicknell V45WUnattached    
8930:53   Leona Price  V35WForest of Dean28:1128:1034.6 
9031:03   Michelle Ward  V40WNorthern Ireland Masters26:3526:3524.7 
9131:30   Ellie Hall  U15WForest of Dean27:1523:2217.1 
9231:50   Amy Wilson V35WUnattached    
9331:58   Phil Morris V45MUnattached    
9432:03   Ross Denison SENMUnattached    
9533:01   Tony Hardy V50MSpirit Of Monmouth RC    
9633:03   Alexis Morgan S25WUnattached    
9733:28   Todd Morris U15MUnattached    
9833:42   Fiona Crawley V45WUnattached    
9934:26   Andrew William Philip Knott  S30MForest of Dean32:1122:3121.1 
10035:21   Gemma Goode S25WUnattached    
10135:21   Fiona Beverstock S25WUnattached    
10235:43   Bryan Greaves V65MUnattached    
10335:56   Claire Mansfield V35WUEL Triathlon    
10436:01   Claire Baker  V40WBrighton & Hove23:0022:2616.4 
10536:01   Edel Keating V40WUnattached    
10636:02   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10736:02   Amanda Wigzell V35WUnattached    
10836:31   Eef Van Gestel PBV40WForest of Dean34:5630:0135.8 
10936:36   Lee Ablett V40MUnattached