Dewsbury parkrun # 107 External Results
28 Jun 14
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
1NT   Simon Bolland  S20MSpenborough/Kirklees17:2816:29-0.3 
10NT   Faye Beckett  U18WWakefield19:2218:4621.7 
100NT   Robin Price  V70MClayton le Moors28:2028:2029.0 
101NT   Katie Fothergill V35WUnattached    
102NT   Keith Ritchie  V35MUnattached31:1431:1435.6 
103NT   Martin Wainman V50MUnattached    
104NT   Christine Webster V60WUnattached    
105NT   Carrie Harper V35WUnattached    
106NT   Tricia Stanley V50WUnattached    
107NT   Zoe Nicholson S25WUnattached    
108NT   Julie Thompson V50WUnattached    
109NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
11NT   Matthew Sutton  SENMUnattached18:2718:181.6 
110NT   Jane Midgley V55WUnattached    
111NT   Lisa Starkie S30WUnattached    
112NT   Tracey Smith V50WUnattached    
113NT   Pauline Watson V45WUnattached    
114NT   Kristy Hepworth S30WUnattached    
115NT   Laura Wilson S30WUnattached    
116NT   Natalie Sampson  S25WUnattached28:4626:2720.0 
117NT   Ruth Scholefield V35WUnattached    
118NT   Michael Oates V50MUnattached    
12NT   Andrew Miller S30MUnattached    
13NT   Danny Swindells S25MUnattached    
14NT   John Calvert  V45MDewsbury19:2518:458.0 
15NT   Wayne Ryan  V50MDewsbury20:4620:3111.5 
16NT   Andrew Byram  V35MUnattached20:1219:104.9 
17NT   Mike Keddie  V45MDewsbury20:2418:566.2 
18NT   David Batty  SENMUnattached19:3019:3032.0 
19NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2NT   Tom Dart  S25MSpenborough17:2817:180.0 
20NT   Stephen Chapman  V50MDewsbury/Unattached21:2820:109.2 
21NT   Tim Dean  V35MDewsbury19:5917:142.7 
22NT   Richard Beckett V45MUnattached    
23NT   Mark Devlin  V45MUnattached22:2422:2415.4 
24NT   Jake Walder U20MUnattached    
25NT   Paul Smith  V45MDewsbury21:4621:4610.1 
26NT   Tom Fryers  U15MPenistone20:5319:395.9 
27NT   Lee Dolman  V40MSpenborough22:1521:1513.8 
28NT   Daniel Chatterton SENMUnattached    
29NT   Chris Hardy  V50MDewsbury21:1720:5110.2 
3NT   Andrew Thompson  V50MWakefield Triathlon Club18:2717:547.2 
30NT   Flora Skidmore  V55WDewsbury22:4521:4910.4 
31NT   Andrew Robinson S30MUnattached    
32NT   James Dunham  V40MRoberttown22:2421:5415.4 
33NT   Martin Whitehead V55MCalder Valley Fell Runners    
34NT   Ian Gamble V65MUnattached    
35NT   Edward Mark William Chapman  SENMUnattached21:4220:4717.8 
36NT   Jamie Roberts S25MUnattached    
37NT   Rob O'connell  V50MUnattached22:5022:5020.1 
38NT   Alistair Walder  V45MDewsbury23:2919:507.7 
39NT   Darren Griffiths V35MUnattached    
4NT   Ian Ogden  V40MSpenborough/Saltaire Striders18:3318:336.4 
40NT   Jason Crooks V45MUnattached    
41NT   Mat Roberts S25MUnattached    
42NT   Steve Anthoney  V50MSpenborough23:2823:2818.5 
43NT   Alastair Leitch  V40MDewsbury23:3122:5813.0 
44NT   Rich Mckirgan  SENMUnattached25:5624:0936.0 
45NT   James Fryers  U11MPenistone21:5920:407.9 
46NT   Trish Kaye  V50WDewsbury24:0023:4317.3 
47NT   Grant Cooper  V45MSpenborough23:3122:5721.5 
48NT   Paul Fryers  V45MPenistone23:1021:4610.5 
49NT   Lucy Burn  S25WWakefield Triathlon Club23:1921:5916.1 
5NT   Gerard Skippins  V40MSpenborough18:1718:085.4 
50NT   Asif Dabhad V40MUnattached    
51NT   Georgia Smith-Calvert  U18WSpenborough/Dewsbury22:5319:2113.4 
52NT   Jim Graham V50MUnattached    
53NT   Graham Yeomans  V45MDewsbury23:2021:4912.6 
54NT   Pauline Leitch V40WUnattached    
55NT   Anne Mcqueen  V45WDewsbury24:0324:0318.5 
56NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
57NT   Tim Rowling  V50MDewsbury22:1521:1410.8 
58NT   Andrew Chatterton V45MUnattached    
59NT   Heather Mitchell  V60WDewsbury/Police24:5624:5620.5 
6NT   Noel Lowdon V35MUnattached    
60NT   John Whitelock  V45MDewsbury22:2121:1212.6 
61NT   Lydia Hall  U15WSpenborough24:5224:1021.8 
62NT   Sephie Collins  V50WDewsbury25:3525:1317.7 
63NT   Phyllis Cao  V45WDewsbury24:2524:2519.1 
64NT   Elaine Gamble V60WUnattached    
65NT   Mhairi Simpson  V40WFalkirk23:4221:5420.0 
66NT   Katherine Storey  V45WDewsbury26:2725:2318.6 
67NT   Jonathan Kidd V45MUnattached    
68NT   Alice Cooper  U15WSpenborough25:0923:0836.0 
69NT   Chris Avis V35MUnattached    
7NT   Bradley Stansill-Todd  U20MSpenborough19:2316:4332.8 
70NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
71NT   Ammaarah Ravat U20WUnattached    
72NT   Matthew Ramsden  SENMUnattached20:4519:4136.0 
73NT   Kieran Pickles  S30MDewsbury20:1019:1511.0 
74NT   Liam Stobbs SENMDewsbury Road Runners    
75NT   Deborah Nicholson S25WUnattached    
76NT   Matthew Thurman S25MUnattached    
77NT   Wendy Hargreaves  V45WDewsbury28:1428:1436.0 
78NT   John Elliott V50MUnattached    
79NT   Andrea Speight V40WUnattached    
8NT   Tom Howard  S25MDewsbury18:0318:0319.4 
80NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
81NT   Claire Telford  V35WDewsbury28:3524:4419.1 
82NT   Lou Ross S25WUnattached    
83NT   Lauren McManus S25WUnattached    
84NT   Christine Lay V50WSouth Leeds Sisters    
85NT   Louise Walker  V35WRodillian Runners26:4525:2521.9 
86NT   Susan Wood V55WUnattached    
87NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
88NT   John Wilde  V40MUnattached26:1924:0715.9 
89NT   Daniel Annakin  SENMUnattached25:4821:2731.2 
9NT   Tony Bromley  V35MSpenborough19:1319:1316.8 
90NT   Robert Keegan  V60MDewsbury25:3125:3127.1 
91NT   Debbie Gatland  V40WSpenborough27:3127:2836.0 
92NT   Sharon Cooper  V40WRoberttown27:3726:5526.0 
93NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
94NT   Judith Satchell V60WUnattached    
95NT   Elizabeth Stevens V65WUnattached    
96NT   Heather Ellis  V40WDewsbury30:0727:0818.9 
97NT   Tracy Chatterton V45WUnattached    
98NT   Simon Ellis  V40MDenby Dale29:5125:5728.2 
99NT   Lewis Thompson U11MUnattached