Peter Pan parkrun # 61 External Results
Peter Pan
7 Jun 14
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:39Joshua Jones  U18MBarton & District AC16:3616:0923.1 
218:39Mark Nettleton  V45MBarton & District AC18:1317:555.6 
318:48Sam Witherwick  U18MKingston upon Hull17:3417:0527.0 
418:55Adrian Bushby  V45MCity of Hull18:2817:463.1 
519:52David Birkin  V40MCity of Hull19:2918:348.8 
620:08David Bell SBV35MWhite City (Hull)19:5818:5210.3 
720:11Alan Pollard  V40MCity of Hull19:4419:3515.3 
820:29Corinna Emily Turner  S25WCity of Hull19:5119:5112.0 
920:30Joel Hartley  SENMUnattached19:5219:3017.4 
1021:00Mark Stevenson  V35MUnattached20:3520:0316.4 
1121:09Neil Gordon  V45MEast Hull20:4720:0212.9 
1221:12Harry Smaje  U20MUnattached19:3119:3135.6 
1321:27Mark Robinson V45MParkside Panthers    
1421:38Caroline Green  S25WBarton & District AC21:0220:5814.7 
1521:51Rupert Wilks SBV40MHull Uni21:1120:4112.5 
1622:03Frank Bell  V65MCity of Hull21:4821:4816.5 
1722:45Peter Taylor  V65MCity of Hull/Unattached21:2320:5313.5 
1823:59George Nash  U15MKingston upon Hull22:4821:4423.1 
1924:07Daron A Lewis V40MUnattached    
2024:26Jacob Jackson U15MUnattached    
2124:31Verena Golach SBV55WCity of Hull24:0224:0217.6 
2225:22Arnold Martin V55MCity of Hull AC    
2325:25Ben Parker V35MUnattached    
2425:37Martyn Hicks V55MUnattached    
2526:12Tony Arnold V60MUnattached    
2626:30Michelle Clay S20WUnattached    
2726:41Amy Woods S30WUnattached    
2826:52Adrienne Stansfield  V40WWhite City (Hull)26:1425:5529.4 
2927:28Ian Pattison V50MUnattached    
3027:51Dawn Saville V35WUnattached    
3128:12Pete Watson S25MUnattached    
3228:18Benjamin Attila Greenwood U11MUnattached    
3328:19Michael Greenwood V40MUnattached    
3428:23Michael Watson PBV60MCity of Hull25:1224:3117.6 
3528:28Maxine Whitelock V45WUnattached    
3628:30John Pawson  V65MCity of Hull26:5825:0721.5 
3729:13Peter Draper  V55MWhite City (Hull)27:1326:0423.8 
3830:04Sarah Jones V40WUnattached    
3930:34Mike Napper V70MUnattached    
4030:44Elizabeth Watson S30WUnattached    
4130:54Jonathan Knaggs S20MUnattached    
4231:03Gareth Jones  V35MUnattached30:4728:2952.1 
4331:18Caroline Clark V45WUnattached    
4431:29Helen Nash V45WUnattached    
4532:20Sarah Wilson SBV50WWest Hull Ladies31:2327:3826.2 
4632:32Kate Lloyd V60WUnattached    
4736:34Angela Peck V55WUnattached    
4837:18Isabel Fellowes V45WUnattached    
4937:19Pam Atkins  V65WBeverley27:0926:1227.5 
5037:19David Andrew Fellowes V45MUnattached    
5139:27Ivor Michaels V75MUnattached    
5243:33Eleanor Latus SENWUnattached    
5344:13Joanna Arnett V35WUnattached    
5445:43Liz Phillips V35WUnattached    
5548:17Jill Atkins V65WUnattached    
5648:18Paul Atkins V70MUnattached