Maldon Prom parkrun # 32 External Results
Maldon Prom
5 Apr 14
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:42Steve Hewes  V40MHarwich16:5416:468.7 
218:05Leo Cole SBV45MWitham (Essex)18:0517:335.3 
319:17George Wakefield PBS25MUnattached19:1717:5512.7 
420:05Andrew Conway SBV45MTiptree18:0918:059.8 
520:21Oli Butler U15MMaldon Rugby club    
620:33Richard Flutter  V45MHarwich18:2417:336.3 
720:39Chris McDonnell PBV65MDengie 10020:2520:2513.8 
820:44Ryan Grant S20MUnattached    
921:05Tony Faulkner S25MUnattached    
1021:20Nicholas Dobson  U20MSpringfield19:4718:535.0 
1121:26Jason Finch V40MUnattached    
1221:28Mark Pilkington V40MUnattached    
1321:33Phil Evans S30MBalanced Performance    
1421:36Alfie Summers U15MMaldon Rugby club    
1521:37Daniel Hewitt V45MUnattached    
1621:55Stephen Sawyer PBU20MDengie 10020:4618:043.7 
1721:56Simon Warnes S30MUnattached    
1822:17Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1922:35Stephen Cottis V45MBlackWater Tri Club    
2022:39George Clark U11MUnattached    
2122:40Paula Purtell SBV45WMid Essex22:4022:3119.3 
2222:41David Carey V40MLittle Baddow Ridge RC    
2322:41Bruce Nicol  V50MDengie 10022:3922:3946.6 
2422:41Iain Rhodes PBV50MTiptree22:1922:1212.2 
2523:04Christopher Lee  V55MUnattached21:4921:1417.8 
2623:05Joseph Orves S20MUnattached    
2723:18Richard Clark V45MUnattached    
2823:27Tim Baker V45MUnattached    
2923:39Daniel Hardy  V55MWitham (Essex)21:2321:2317.9 
3023:43Jack Scrutton U15MMaldon Rugby club    
3123:47Chris Brown  V55MLittle Baddow Ridge22:4522:4519.2 
3224:35Jason Searles  V40MUnattached23:3522:2919.5 
3324:39Jenny Taylor S25WBalanced Performance    
3424:44Simon Peters V35MUnattached    
3524:54Lorna Pelly S30WUnattached    
3625:32Chris Church S30MUnattached    
3725:35Wayne Singleton V50MUnattached    
3825:38Bill Smythe PBV40MWitham (Essex)21:3320:3510.4 
3926:01Benjamin Podd  U15MBlackwater Triathlon Club/Tiptree22:2818:4214.0 
4026:11Ellenor Chaplin PBU15WChelmsford26:1126:1154.0 
4126:12Teddie Summers U15MMaldon Rugby club    
4226:17Chris Axford  V45MJogging Made Easy23:0521:3511.9 
4326:21Jessica Summers U11WMaldon Rugby club    
4426:23Stephen Robinson  V45MTiptree24:1324:1125.6 
4526:34Barbara McDonnell PBV55WDengie 10026:2126:0422.1 
4626:40Harry Hughes U20MUnattached    
4726:40Joanne Overton V45WUnattached    
4826:43Matthew Childs U20M295 Striders    
4926:45Gill Winsor PBV50WDengie 10026:0625:1632.9 
5026:49Kay Tavinor PBV50WDengie 10026:4926:0121.6 
5127:10Ann-Marie Bearne PBV35WTiptree26:0526:0520.8 
5227:25Ben Freeman U15MUnattached    
5327:43John Buchanan V50MUnattached    
5427:47Tim Sheppard V50MUnattached    
5527:48Victoria Dupee V35WUnattached    
5627:48James Dupee V40MUnattached    
5727:50Alison Vincent  V45WDengie 100/Tiptree25:3925:1421.8 
5827:56Harry Berry U15MMaldon Rugby club    
5928:00Laura Daubney S20WUnattached    
6028:02Dionne Radley V45WUnattached    
6128:20Philip Wills V40MUnattached    
6228:22Susan Spiers V50WDengie 100 Runners    
6328:32Barbara Hobbs V50WUnattached    
6428:55Annette George V60WUnattached    
6529:02Danielle Holland S30WUnattached    
6629:02Tony Martinez V45MMaldon Rugby club    
6729:06Karen Berry V45WMaldon Rugby club    
6829:09Hannah Berry U15WMaldon Rugby club    
6929:18Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7029:52Jamie Lauder S30MUnattached    
7129:55Matt Podd U15MUnattached    
7230:13Graham Podd V45MUnattached    
7330:24Craig Kempley V40MUnattached    
7430:31Rachel Sarah Smith S25WUnattached    
7530:41Aimee Freeman U15WUnattached    
7630:42Jason Freeman V40MUnattached    
7730:54Claire Gibson V40WUnattached    
7830:54Richard Pennington V35MUnattached    
7930:57Victoria Poole U15WUnattached    
8030:58Mel Melody V45WUnattached    
8131:03Dave Bird  V40MUnattached30:0029:0731.0 
8231:08Laura Sprague U15WUnattached    
8331:14Jayne Vernon V40WUnattached    
8431:16Alistair Willis  SENMLittle Baddow Ridge25:0725:0731.5 
8531:18Rebecca Smith  V35WLittle Baddow Ridge24:0623:0614.5 
8631:23Craig Vernon V50MUnattached    
8731:24Holly Searles V40WUnattached    
8831:32Theresa Rossi V40WUnattached    
8931:38Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9031:43Alan Berry V45MMaldon Rugby club    
9131:46Sharon Hardwicke  V45WTiptree27:5527:0219.9 
9231:48Bryony Buck S30WUnattached    
9332:08Linda Coyne V50WUnattached    
9432:31Owen Pretty U15MMaldon Rugby club    
9532:43Kate Rodman V45WUnattached    
9632:56Dawn Shilling  S30WTiptree29:0925:5421.3 
9733:14Redmond Lee U11MBurnham on Crouch RUFC    
9833:15Jonathan Lee V45MBurnham on Crouch RUFC    
9933:20Abbirose Harwood U11WBurnham on Crouch RUFC    
10033:21Jordan Boshell U20MUnattached    
10133:22Joe Harwood PBS30MBlackwater Triathlon Club23:5823:5818.5 
10233:30Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10333:33Grace Clemo S20WUnattached    
10433:35Sue Long  V45WTiptree28:2128:2123.2 
10533:36Deborah Harwood S30WBurnham on Crouch RUFC    
10633:57Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10734:02Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10834:42Anna Holmes V55WLittle Baddow Ridge RC    
10934:50Ellie East U11WMaldon Rugby club    
11034:50Kerry East V40WMaldon Rugby club    
11135:52Andy Lumb V45MUnattached    
11236:09Jessica Rowe  SENWLittle Baddow Ridge27:2227:2230.7 
11336:10Rachel King V35WUnattached    
11436:15Clare Rowe  V40WLittle Baddow Ridge26:3525:3919.1 
11537:03Diana Lee V55WUnattached    
11637:04Trish Jarvis  V45WJogging Made Easy24:4824:4620.3 
11737:05Katy Webb U15WUnattached    
11837:44Spencer King-Binks U11MUnattached    
11937:45Jonathan King V60MUnattached    
12038:19Jonny Judd U11MMaldon Rugby club    
12138:20Mark Judd V45MMaldon Rugby club    
12238:29Belinda Amner V45WUnattached    
12351:53Bridgette Howard V45WUnattached    
12451:53Debbie Cattermole  V50WColchester H20:3219:4810.1