Maldon Prom parkrun # 29 External Results
Maldon Prom
15 Mar 14
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:47Tommy Careless  S30MSpringfield17:2816:5827.7 
219:02Leo Cole  V45MWitham (Essex)18:0517:335.3 
319:14James Haskey-Jones  V45MTiptree18:2818:288.9 
419:21Jack Willis SBS25MSpringfield19:2118:0240.0 
520:00Andrew Low PBV40MBenfleet18:2216:565.5 
620:35Graham Sayer V40MUnattached    
720:42Thomas Amner SENMUnattached    
820:45Phil Oakley V40MUnattached    
920:52Craig Beech SBV40MUnattached20:5219:158.2 
1021:09George Jones SENMUnattached    
1121:25Ben East U20MMaldon Rugby club    
1221:40Chris McDonnell PBV65MDengie 10020:2520:2513.8 
1322:13Guy Scrutton V45MMaldon Rugby club    
1422:19Max Holland U20MUnattached    
1522:20Iain Gear S25MUnattached    
1622:30Sam Davies SENMUnattached    
1722:33James Blackshaw  V35MWitham (Essex)21:4619:457.6 
1822:54Simon Warnes S30MUnattached    
1922:56Thomas Russell SENMUnattached    
2023:06Oliver Morris SENMUnattached    
2123:12Stephen Sawyer  U20MDengie 10020:4618:043.7 
2223:17Oliver Wiseman SENMUnattached    
2323:19George Thorpe S25MUnattached    
2423:27Edward Bennett SENMUnattached    
2523:30Nick Baker SENMUnattached    
2623:49Archie Peters SENMUnattached    
2723:52Tim Baker V45MUnattached    
2823:57Lee Kevin Woodward V50MUnattached    
2924:01William Amner SENMUnattached    
3024:12Alexandre Davis SENMMaldon Rugby club    
3124:13Kerry Marsh PBS30WSpringfield22:5522:5516.1 
3224:19Dean Coppen V45MUnattached    
3324:30Jack Scrutton SENMMaldon Rugby club    
3424:34Jonathan Lee V45MBurnham on Crouch RUFC    
3524:45Andy Hall V45MUnattached    
3625:05Alfie McVelia S20MTiptree Road Runners    
3725:06Steven Phipps S25MUnattached    
3825:07Jason Searles  V40MUnattached23:3522:2919.5 
3925:09Paul Gregory V40MUnattached    
4025:19Jason Freeman V40MUnattached    
4125:28Jessica Summers SENWMaldon Rugby club    
4225:40Jake Low U20MUnattached    
4325:40Joseph Sawyer U20MUnattached    
4425:41Mick McTighe V55MUnattached    
4525:49John Clemo V55MUnattached    
4625:53Sean Purcell S30M295 Striders    
4725:54Bill Smythe  V40MWitham (Essex)21:3320:3510.4 
4826:00Thomas Smythe U20M295 Striders    
4926:01Bob Taylor  V55MWitham (Essex)23:4522:0930.0 
5026:05Nadine McNeill V35WUnattached    
5126:06Andrew Hodder Smith S30MUnattached    
5226:08Simon Peters V35MUnattached    
5326:09Chris Church S30MUnattached    
5426:10Matt Goodfellow SENMUnattached    
5526:12Matthew Childs U20M295 Striders    
5626:20Simon Baker PBV45MTiptree24:0622:2713.9 
5726:27Andy Murphy V45MUnattached    
5826:30Megan Daniels U20WUnattached    
5926:32Sean Morris V50MUnattached    
6026:38Benjamin Podd PBU15MBlackwater Triathlon Club/Tiptree22:2818:4214.0 
6126:46Rosie Vina SENWUnattached    
6227:09Barbara Hobbs V50WUnattached    
6327:10Luke Collison SBV45MTiptree27:1023:1016.6 
6427:16Maggie Fraser SENWUnattached    
6527:23Rob Davies V45MUnattached    
6627:24Suzanne Easley  S30WDagenham 8826:5323:4714.5 
6727:26Joanne Overton V45WUnattached    
6827:48Russell Neave V45MUnattached    
6927:53Barbara McDonnell  V55WDengie 10026:2126:0422.1 
7027:55Angus Fraser U20MUnattached    
7127:56John Buchanan V50MUnattached    
7227:57Lou Grimwood S20WUnattached    
7328:12Kate Priest V35WUnattached    
7428:16Tony Martinez V45MMaldon Rugby club    
7528:31David Clark V40MUnattached    
7628:37Iain Rhodes  V50MTiptree22:1922:1212.2 
7728:38Gemma Jones PBS30WPhoenix Striders28:1623:3820.8 
7828:48Alison Peace PBV35WTiptree27:0426:0824.2 
7929:00Ellenor Chaplin PBU15WChelmsford26:1126:1154.0 
8029:15Nathan Pretty SENMMaldon Rugby club    
8129:16Jane Brunt V40WMaldon Rugby club    
8229:42Ann-Marie Bearne  V35WTiptree26:0526:0520.8 
8329:43Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8429:43Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8529:58Rachel Frankish U20WUnattached    
8629:59Georgina Haskey-Jones SENWWitham RC    
8730:01Louise Wiseman V45WUnattached    
8830:06Natalie Bourne  V35WTiptree28:2928:2951.6 
8930:09Bryan Daniels V45MUnattached    
9030:24Peter Ottaway V50MUnattached    
9130:25Christine Lucas V55WUnattached    
9230:50Hannah Berry SENWMaldon Rugby club    
9330:59Sally Jane Peaker V45WUnattached    
9431:05Sarah Chamberlain V35WUnattached    
9531:06John Chamberlain V65MUnattached    
9631:09Jessica Rowe PBSENWLittle Baddow Ridge27:2227:2230.7 
9731:30Alistair Willis  SENMLittle Baddow Ridge25:0725:0731.5 
9831:32Rebecca Smith  V35WLittle Baddow Ridge24:0623:0614.5 
9931:39Stanley Gibson SENMMaldon Rugby club    
10031:42Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10131:44Holly Searles V40WUnattached    
10231:46Harry Berry SENMMaldon Rugby club    
10331:51Clare Rowe PBV40WLittle Baddow Ridge26:3525:3919.1 
10431:57Alan Berry V45MMaldon Rugby club    
10532:29Linda Coyne V50WUnattached    
10632:32Wyndham Brunt SENMMaldon Rugby club    
10732:33Henry Gibson SENMMaldon Rugby club    
10832:59Clive Gibson V50MMaldon Rugby club    
10933:10Grace Clemo S20WUnattached    
11033:16June Woodward V50WUnattached    
11133:16Alison Daniels V45WUnattached    
11233:25Craig Vernon V50MUnattached    
11333:53Sue Long PBV45WTiptree28:2128:2123.2 
11434:03Kate Rodman V45WUnattached    
11534:12Matt Podd SENMUnattached    
11634:50Katie Layley SENWUnattached    
11734:51Andy Layley V45MBlackWater Tri Club    
11837:54Belinda Amner V45WUnattached    
11937:54Mark Amner V45MUnattached    
12039:50Fern Webb SENWUnattached    
12140:38Denise Grimwood V55WUnattached    
12241:14Alison Hughes V45WUnattached    
12343:27Emma Vaughan SENWUnattached    
12443:45Megan Webb SENWUnattached    
12544:47Mary Powell V60WUnattached    
12646:02Jessica Russell SENWUnattached    
12746:05Owen Vaughan SENMUnattached    
12846:44Elaine Vaughan V40WUnattached