Cranham 5 External Results
9 Aug 14
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
131:54Peter Sammon SENM     
232:11Nathan Smith SBSENMGloucester32:1130:483.5 
333:10Mike Pfeiffer  V45MBrecon/Builth28:2227:343.2 
433:31Jon Mansfield  V45MTewkesbury RC29:1428:094.8 
533:41Jay Dowding  V35MTewkesbury RC28:1028:1024.6 
633:46Matt Boon PBSENMGloucester33:4633:4629.6 
734:15Andy Munro V40MHarlequins    
834:47Robert Bowery  V35MTewkesbury RC/Black Pear Joggers32:0228:432.2 
935:24David Gresswell SBV45MGloucester35:2428:203.8 
1035:59Dale Williams  V35MBrecon32:0931:0312.6 
1136:09James Head  V35MGloucester31:50 29:045.1 
1237:06Martin Low PBSENMStroud37:0637:065.5 
1337:14Dave McGrath  V50MAlmost Athletes30:2127:338.1 
1437:32Patrick Tarry PBU23MStroud37:3237:3242.1 
1537:39Brett Jones V40M     
1637:43Rachael Cary SBSENWCLC Striders37:4331:277.5 
1737:59Matthew Bedwell V40M     
1838:03Russell Steele  V35MTewkesbury RC34:4732:3014.0 
1938:05Matthew Newman SBSENMGloucester38:0530:3625.5 
2038:10Steve Maber SBV50MTewkesbury RC38:10 32:2314.7 
2138:24Gareth Hunter SENM     
2238:27Nick Spice  V35MAlmost Athletes33:0832:0010.4 
2339:14Michael Graz PBV40M100 Marathon Club/Germany39:1439:147.9 
2439:19Ian Coggin SBV35MAlmost Athletes39:1933:4414.7 
2539:42Richard Cook V40MCotswold Allrunners    
2639:59Belinda Alker SENW     
2740:35Diana Dee V45WHighworth RC    
2841:08Andrew McPeake SBU15MGloucester41:0832:487.9 
2941:34Fran Osborne SBV45WTewkesbury RC41:3434:4532.5 
3041:56Mark Jennings  V35MChichester35:5433:5321.3 
3142:00Tina Wickens V45W     
3242:25Ed Munro V60MAlmost Athletes    
3342:30Kate Browning  V40WDursley34:4833:3119.5 
3442:31Mike Moorcroft V40MChichester Runners    
3543:05Charlie Morris SENM     
3643:08Peter Tatham SENMNosnow    
3743:15Matthew Schofield SENM     
3843:42Craig Hemphill SENM     
3943:53Steve Adams  V55MAlmost Athletes37:4737:3413.3 
4044:04Jo Stevenson V40MStroud AC    
4144:19James Evans SENM     
4244:44Walker Antony V50M     
4344:52Chris Gaunt V50MSevern AC    
4444:56An Other SENM     
4545:01Rachel Smart SENW     
4645:04Amy Cook SENW     
4745:25Richard Finlayson SENM     
4845:29Matthew Chinnick SENM     
4945:37Colin Westbury PBV40MGloucester45:3745:3723.9 
5045:41Helen Fursman-Reid SBV35WAlmost Athletes45:4136:1014.5 
5145:42Richard Gilbert  V60MAlmost Athletes36:4536:4528.5 
5245:46Martin Chandler SENM     
5345:50Peter Jeffery SBV50MGloucester45:5035:108.9 
5445:51Rebecca Sammon SENW     
5546:36David Cook V40M     
5646:41Hester Coggin V35WAlmost Athletes    
5746:46Mathew Aiscough SENM     
5846:59Jamie Hunter SENM     
5947:06Emma Jeffrey PBV40WGloucester47:0647:0651.1 
6047:21Susie Phelps SENW     
6147:22James Cowdale SENM     
6247:31Becky Chinnick SENWStroud AC    
6347:48Colin Downey  V55MStourbridge37:1935:2743.5 
6447:51Karen Likeman V45WTewkesbury AC    
6548:17James Stuart SENM     
6648:33Andrew Payling V50M     
6749:09Rachel Labdon SBV40WTewkesbury RC49:0937:5619.9 
6849:11John T Galpin  V55MAlmost Athletes43:4039:4521.6 
6949:55Nicola Coniam V35W     
7050:18Alex Hodson SENM     
7150:55Arthur Snell SENM     
7251:09James King SENMCotswold Allrunners    
7351:24Levi Leanne V35WAlmost Athletes    
7451:30Trudy Wells PBV45WGloucester51:3051:3018.7 
7551:30Lorraine Brinton  V40WAlmost Athletes42:22 42:0532.5 
7651:34Petere Holmes V60M     
7751:43Dominic Crawford SENM     
7852:30An Other SENM     
7952:42Claire Water V35WAngels    
8053:05Rachel Teverson V45W     
8153:36Becky Stephens V35WAlmost Athletes    
8253:46Barry Walker  V50MAlmost Athletes47:5543:2246.5 
8354:07Matthew Gravatt SENM     
8454:15Catherine Sammon SENW     
8554:28Catherine Mason PBV45WAlmost Athletes54:2854:2818.5 
8654:36Lucy Blandford  V40WTewkesbury RC45:2945:2949.1 
8754:47Calvin Blandford SBV45MTewkesbury RC54:47 42:3325.3 
8855:08Kimberley Boskett SBV45WTewkesbury RC55:08 42:0627.5 
8955:11Derry Whitehead V50M     
9055:58Lynn Holmes SENW     
9156:11Anthony Stick V40M     
9256:33Sandra Stuart  V50WAlmost Athletes46:3846:3823.4 
9357:30Paul Henworth SENM     
9458:25Grant Wenban SENM     
9558:27Emma James SENW     
9659:58Kate Morris V45W     
9759:58Phil Morris V50M     
9860:12Richard Gough SENM     
9961:59Chris Walker V50M     
10063:33Kate Bedwell V35W