Cardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan Schools Combined Events Championships External Results
6 May 14
800 1000 

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800 U17M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
P2:14.4Jordan Fender  U17MCardiff2:05.872:05.8744.3 
P2:15.3Luke Scammell SBU17MCardiff2:15.32:14.6353.4 
P2:25.5Harry Hillman  U17MCardiff2:16.542:13.3523.0 
P2:25.6Robert Boyt  U17MBarry & Vale2:22.412:22.4151.6 
P2:27.8Kurtis Tirrell SBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:27.82:22.3754.0 
P2:30.0Lewis Gibbon PBU17MBarry & Vale2:30.02:30.054.0 
P2:32.2Christian Terrell PBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:32.22:32.254.0 
P2:32.4Jake McInery PBU17MBarry & Vale2:32.42:32.454.0 
P2:34.2Ben Vincent  U17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:16.892:16.8952.9 
P2:36.3Tom Ireland-Life SBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:36.32:34.2654.0 
P2:39.3Sam Palmer PBU17MCardiff Archers2:31.992:31.9954.0 
P2:39.8Rhys Beynon PBU17MCardiff2:39.82:39.854.0 
P2:41.5Adam Webb PBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:41.52:41.554.0 
P2:42.0Rhys Thomas SBU23MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:42.02:41.944.6 
P2:44.2Charlie Pegrum SBU17MCardiff2:44.22:23.554.0 
P2:44.4Deri Leitch SBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:44.42:42.2254.0 
P2:47.5Owen Jones SBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:47.52:41.554.0 
P2:52.9Tom Pitman SBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:52.92:51.754.0 
P2:59.4Ben Jones  U17MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:23.012:23.0146.9 
P3:04.0Peter Brind PBU17MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:04.03:04.054.0 
PDNSLuke Rogers  U17MCardiff & The Vale Schs 2:59.754.0 
800 U15M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
P2:16.0James Vincent  U15MCardiff2:02.891:55.0111.1 
P2:23.0Ben Paris  U15MCardiff Archers2:19.832:19.0241.4 
P2:28.0Seth Kelly  U15MCardiff2:16.62:02.4230.3 
P2:30.3Rhys James  U15MCardiff2:23.742:15.142.9 
P2:30.4Harry Ryan PBU15MCardiff Archers2:30.42:30.453.0 
P2:31.4Alfie Davies U15MC&V Sch    
P2:32.7Samuel Snaith PBU15MBarry & Vale2:32.72:32.754.0 
P2:33.2Declan Ellis SBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:33.22:25.150.8 
P2:34.8Joseph Batte PBU15MBarry & Vale2:34.82:23.7549.1 
P2:36.3Sam Corkill PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:36.32:36.353.5 
P2:37.1Harrison Risborough PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:37.12:37.154.0 
P2:38.7Jamal Abdilahi SBU15MCardiff2:38.72:27.4854.0 
P2:40.3Kieran Grimwade PBU15MCardiff2:32.832:32.8354.0 
P2:40.8Jac Gould PBU15MBarry & Vale2:40.82:40.854.0 
P2:41.6Joseff Williams PBU15MCardiff/Poole AC2:27.392:27.3948.0 
P2:44.8James Chan PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:44.82:44.854.0 
P2:46.4Benjamin Cabango SBU15MCardiff Archers2:46.42:37.654.0 
P2:47.1Cameron Lang SBU15MBarry & Vale2:47.12:30.2352.2 
P2:47.2Jay Jones PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:47.22:47.254.0 
P2:48.8Adam Malik PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:48.82:48.854.0 
P2:49.6Connor Bright SBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:49.62:42.152.6 
P2:49.7Emyr Jones SBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:49.72:30.449.2 
P2:52.0Kai Hockey PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:52.02:52.054.0 
P2:52.3Harry Carter SBU15MBarry & Vale2:52.32:30.6952.3 
P2:52.9Harry Kirkham SBU15MCardiff Archers2:52.92:50.8054.0 
P2:54.9Aron Arthur PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:54.92:54.954.0 
P2:57.9Ryan Hodge PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:57.92:57.954.0 
P2:58.3Ryan Manfield PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs2:58.32:58.354.0 
P3:01.3Daniel Thomas SBSENMCardiff & The Vale Schs3:01.32:10.654.0 
P3:02.8Tom Vanstone PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:02.83:02.854.0 
P3:06.3Fergus Hodgson SBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:06.32:45.654.0 
P3:06.5Ewan Reed SBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:06.52:50.8654.0 
P3:07.3Cameron Richards PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:07.33:07.354.0 
P3:08.2Beau Vincent SBU15MCardiff3:08.23:04.0754.0 
P3:11.5Tomos Jack PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:11.53:11.554.0 
P3:12.4Cole Roberts PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:12.43:12.454.0 
P3:13.0Laurence Bowman SBU15MBarry & Vale3:13.02:57.654.0 
P3:13.0Bavlos Lazarou PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:13.03:13.054.0 
P3:13.3Johan Hoogendoorn  U15MCardiff Archers3:07.523:07.5254.0 
P3:13.8Harri Burbridge PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:13.83:13.854.0 
P3:13.9Cameron Burke SBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:13.92:56.454.0 
P3:14.0Jamie Cross PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:14.03:14.054.0 
P3:42.5Baylee Hobson PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:42.53:42.554.0 
P3:45.2Ethan Harris PBU15MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:45.23:45.254.0 
PDNSShaheer Kareem  U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs 2:56.5254.0 
PDNSConnor Loddo  U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs    
PDNSTom Williams U15MC&V Sch    
PDNSTom Hartley  U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs  52.1 
PDNSIoan Lloyd  U15MCardiff Archers2:39.152:29.854.0 
PDNSMax Cunnington  U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs 2:40.5154.0 
PDNSAlex Wall  U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs 3:02.7754.0 
PDNSTJ Du  U15MCardiff & The Vale Schs    
800 U17W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
P2:45.3Belinda Wallace SBU17WCardiff2:45.32:45.2147.6 
P2:51.0Ella Huggins PBU17WBarry & Vale2:51.02:51.054.0 
P2:54.9Nel Williams  U17WCardiff2:52.942:47.1640.2 
P2:56.3Bethan Little PBU17WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:56.32:56.354.0 
P2:56.6Sian Jones  U17WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:42.092:42.0954.0 
P2:58.1Kelsea Peterson  U17WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:56.152:48.3152.7 
P2:58.3Brooke Langton-Cryer  U17WCardiff2:57.052:49.1054.0 
P3:02.8Niamh Galton SBU17WCardiff3:02.82:47.0554.0 
P3:03.2Rhian Jones  U17WBarry & Vale2:36.62:35.350.3 
P3:07.0Elin Lewis  U17WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:03.273:03.2754.0 
P3:07.2Faye Gibbon  U17WBarry & Vale3:02.632:52.7454.0 
P3:08.9Megan Davies PBU17WCardiff3:08.93:08.954.0 
P3:09.8Luca Hill PBU17WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:09.83:09.854.0 
P3:12.2Megan Aspell PBU17WBarry & Vale3:12.23:12.254.0 
P3:15.1Charlotte Robinson SBU17WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:15.13:09.354.0 
P3:15.2Catherine Liguz PBU17WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:15.23:15.254.0 
P3:15.5Sophie Doogue PBU17WBarry & Vale3:15.53:15.554.0 
P3:20.0Tamara Pitt SBU17WCardiff3:20.03:02.954.0 
P3:28.6Katie Chatwell PBU17WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:28.63:28.654.0 
800 U15W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
P2:38.9Carys Bill SBU15WCardiff2:38.92:18.3513.4 
P2:46.5Ffion Morgan  U15WCardiff Archers2:30.072:21.9334.7 
P2:49.0Menna Hill  U15WCardiff2:46.632:38.751.8 
P2:53.4Sarah Omoregie  U15WCardiff2:44.902:44.6152.8 
P2:54.4Seren Davies  U15WCardiff Archers2:37.02:37.051.5 
P2:55.6Ellie Peterson  U15WCardiff & The Vale Schs2:46.472:43.542.0 
P2:56.6Caitlin Jones U15WC&V Sch    
P2:59.8Caitlin Bevan  U15WCardiff Archers2:53.602:40.949.6 
P3:01.1Lauren Evans  U15WCardiff2:41.732:17.816.1 
P3:02.1Caitlin Thomas  U15WCardiff3:00.573:00.5754.0 
P3:05.6Fran Pawar SBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:05.63:01.0554.0 
P3:06.6Molly Ann Rees SBU15WCardiff3:06.62:41.9354.0 
P3:07.4Lana Culliford  U15WCardiff2:53.382:53.3854.0 
P3:07.5Georgia Cape PBU15WCardiff3:07.53:07.554.0 
P3:08.9Catrin Lord SBU15WCardiff3:08.93:04.7454.0 
P3:11.3Jasmine Wallace SBU15WCardiff3:11.32:52.8649.8 
P3:11.7Samantha Thomas  U15WCardiff3:00.682:59.354.0 
P3:12.9Olivia Hope  U15WCardiff Archers3:06.852:57.2954.0 
P3:14.8Shani Evans SBU15WCardiff Archers3:14.82:58.3154.0 
P3:14.9Sophie Lacey PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:14.93:14.954.0 
P3:16.2Kianna Deacon  U15WCardiff2:58.192:58.1954.0 
P3:16.2Rachel Relly SBU15WBarry & Vale3:16.23:1.754.0 
P3:17.4Sophie Rees SBU15WBridgend3:17.43:09.954.0 
P3:18.9Katy Williams SBU15WBarry & Vale3:18.92:43.654.0 
P3:19.3Carys Osborne PBU15WCardiff3:19.33:19.354.0 
P3:19.9Bethan Williams U15WC&V Sch    
P3:22.9Eva Thompson SBU15WCardiff Archers3:22.93:12.154.0 
P3:23.9Bethan Jones SBU15WBarry & Vale3:23.92:56.454.0 
P3:25.3Lisa James  U15WCardiff Archers3:15.763:12.9854.0 
P3:27.7Megan Griffiths SBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:27.73:18.3754.0 
P3:28.4Megan Griffiths  U15WCardiff3:13.643:04.7754.0 
P3:29.2Moli Beynon SBU15WCardiff3:29.23:08.6554.0 
P3:29.5Tia Meddick PBU15WCardiff3:29.53:29.554.0 
P3:29.9Lauren McLoughlin  U15WBarry & Vale3:22.933:19.254.0 
P3:32.5Caitlin Vincent PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:32.53:32.554.0 
P3:32.5Bobbie Feltham PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:32.53:32.554.0 
P3:34.3Roslyn Taylor SBU15WCardiff Archers3:34.33:26.9354.0 
P3:35.1Charlotte Sterio PBU15WCardiff3:35.13:35.154.0 
P3:35.8Halle Meddick PBU15WCardiff3:35.83:35.854.0 
P3:36.7Caitlin Taylor PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:36.73:36.754.0 
P3:40.2Chloe Davison PBU15WCardiff3:40.23:40.254.0 
P3:40.4Mia Watkins PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:40.43:40.454.0 
P3:48.8Ellie-Mai Platt SBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:48.83:37.0454.0 
P3:50.0Aliyah Shore-Nye PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:50.03:50.054.0 
P3:54.9Jess Thomas U15WC&V Sch    
P3:55.0Cerys Murphy SBU13WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:55.02:57.8554.0 
P3:56.3Molly Peachy PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs3:56.33:56.354.0 
P4:02.3Emily Baker PBU15WCardiff & The Vale Schs4:02.34:02.354.0 
PDNFMeliha Iona Hussain  U15WCardiff    
PDNSJordan Meek  U15WBridgend2:51.512:51.5154.0 
PDNSNia Davies  U15WCardiff & The Vale Schs 3:26.054.0 
PDNSElen Masters  U15WCardiff & The Vale Schs 3:35.354.0 
PDNSEleanor Lewis  U17WCardiff & The Vale Schs 3:34.0054.0 
PDNSFfion McNamee  U15WCardiff    
1000 U20M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
P3:14.3Matthew Collins SBU20MCardiff3:14.33:06.1148.9 
P3:38.7Zac Summerhayes PBU20MCardiff & The Vale Schs3:38.73:38.754.0 
P3:40.2Iori Moore  U20MCardiff3:27.103:27.1054.0