Scottish Athletics Masters' Championships External Results
15 Jun 14
800 1500 

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800 M35
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:02.01   Greg Hastie SBV40MCambuslang2:02.012:01.408.5 
22:02.80   Iain Robertson SBV35MClydesdale2:02.312:01.200.8 
32:16.65   Alasdhair Love SBV35MAberdeen2:16.652:10.215.3 
42:22.38   Richard Baker  V35MNorth Shields Poly2:16.72:16.015.4 
800 M45
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:10.03   Craig Johnston  V45MFalkirk2:07.692:05.968.3 
22:10.43   Kenny MacPherson PBV45MTyne Bridge/Cambuslang2:10.432:09.310.7 
32:13.61   Norman De Bruin SBV50MNorth Shields Poly/VAA North East2:12.82:09.33.6 
42:13.78   Grant Noble SBV50MDunbar RC2:13.782:09.995.0 
52:18.84   Benjamin Hands  V50MMotherwell2:18.712:14.7011.5 
62:22.25   Wallace McGown PBV45MDunfermline Track & Field2:22.252:22.2536.0 
800 M55
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:21.18   Alastair Dunlop  V60MStornoway/Scottish Vets H2:21.151:58.3615.2 
22:34.80   Ray Aiken SBV60MKeith/Scottish Vets H2:33.172:32.9614.8 
32:38.30   Tom Ord SBV55MVictoria Park City of Glasgow2:38.302:25.709.8 
42:41.21   Barnie Gough SBV60MCambuslang2:41.212:39.6114.2 
52:55.52   Archie Jenkins  V60MMorpeth/Cambuslang/Scottish Vets H2:55.12:16.620.2 
63:00.18   Alan Fulton  V65MAberdeen2:58.802:27.2020.3 
800 W35
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:31.09   Yvonne Crilly SBV50WLivingston2:31.092:23.027.0 
22:33.18   Sonia Armitage  V50WAberdeen/Cosmic2:32.312:19.324.1 
32:33.57   Hilary McGrath  V50WLaw2:28.02:28.023.1 
42:34.35   Claire Thompson PBV35WVictoria Park City of Glasgow2:34.352:33.188.1 
53:18.02   Lynne Marr  V50WTynedale/Shettleston/Scottish Vets H3:14.32:42.919.3 
1500 X35
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:32.06   John Thomson  V55MFife/Scottish Vets H4:28.564:16.554.3 
24:47.88   Rob McLennan  V55MGarscube4:45.204:40.793.6 
34:52.05   Alastair Dunlop  V60MStornoway/Scottish Vets H4:39.744:11.6415.2 
45:03.39   Hilary McGrath  V50WLaw5:00.445:00.0223.1 
55:07.02   Francis Hurley PBV60MCambuslang/Scottish Vets H5:07.025:07.027.3 
65:09.37   Ray Aiken PBV60MKeith/Scottish Vets H5:09.375:09.3714.8 
75:10.16   Claire Thompson PBV35WVictoria Park City of Glasgow5:08.804:55.958.1 
85:12.11   Sonia Armitage SBV50WAberdeen/Cosmic5:12.114:45.3624.1 
95:14.11   Barnie Gough PBV60MCambuslang5:14.115:14.1114.2 
105:16.88   Cath Ferry SBV40WEdinburgh AC5:16.885:08.488.8 
115:27.07   Matthew Newnham SBV55MEdinburgh AC5:27.075:22.818.6 
125:30.03   Stewart McCrae SBV65MCumbernauld/Scottish Vets H5:30.035:13.9414.2 
135:51.43   Archie Jenkins  V60MMorpeth/Cambuslang/Scottish Vets H5:39.394:26.1420.2 
145:56.24   Caroline Lawless SBV50WFalkirk/Scottish Vets H5:56.245:24.8221.7 
156:32.48   Lynne Marr  V50WTynedale/Shettleston/Scottish Vets H6:29.565:02.7119.3 
1500 M35
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:18.24   Stephen Allen  V45MLaw/Scottish Vets H4:18.064:09.090.3 
24:18.94   Gordon Barrie PBV40MDundee Hawkhill/Bedford & County4:18.944:15.090.1 
34:21.63   Iain Robertson SBV35MClydesdale4:21.634:12.610.8 
44:27.40   Louis O'Hare PBV40MKirkintilloch/Scottish Vets H4:27.404:25.120.5 
54:30.27   Ian Johnston SBV45MShettleston/Scottish Vets H4:30.274:10.91.0 
64:42.48   Anthony Devlin  V40MFalkirk/Scottish Vets H4:39.94:30.3930.2 
74:43.32   David Eckersley SBV50MCentral4:43.324:39.433.8 
84:45.39   Ian Mcpherson  V45MCorstorphine4:41.54:40.8817.3 
94:48.92   Daniel Newman PBV45MFife4:48.924:48.924.3 
104:51.20   Paul O'Hare  V35MKirkintilloch4:43.994:32.2012.4 
114:52.90   John Mill PBV50MDundee RR4:52.904:52.908.5 
125:11.45   Thomas Litterick SBV50MAberdeen5:11.454:58.411.3 
135:24.10   Alistair Cuthbertson PBV45MGarscube5:24.105:24.1020.6