Sweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 1 External Results
21 Jun 14
800 1500 3000 5000 

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800 SM A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:02.3Chris Hewitt  U20MRadley1:58.151:58.1528.5 
22:03.1Paul Kavanagh PBSENMHavering2:02.72:02.210.2 
32:03.7Dale Powell  SENMEnfield & Haringey/Essex Uni2:02.491:59.7418.0 
42:09.7Tom Wilmot  U23MBrighton & Hove2:09.12:07.445.7 
800 SM B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:04.8Billy Rungay  U23MHavering2:04.12:04.125.4 
22:15.8Nathan Cons U23MB&H    
800 SM ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
11:59.7Andrew Warburton  SENMNotts1:58.041:58.04-2.3 
22:06.3Steve Rand PBV40MHavering2:06.32:06.31.5 
800 SW A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:21.2Faye Fullerton SBSENWHavering2:21.22:05.988.5 
22:25.5Michelle McNamara  SENWEnfield & Haringey2:22.52:22.522.6 
32:31.4Jess Anstice PBU23WRadley/Cardiff Met Uni2:31.42:28.3422.1 
42:37.6Ella Witt SBU17WBrighton & Hove2:37.62:35.041.6 
800 SW B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:23.2Sarah Wilson  U17WHavering2:21.052:21.0526.9 
23:33.9Ellen Carrick  U17WBrighton & Hove3:14.182:32.221.9 
34:06.4Paula Owen SBV35WRadley/Midland Masters4:06.44:04.954.0 
1500 SM A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
13:59.8Ian Crowe-Wright  U20MBrighton & Hove3:55.93:43.19-4.7 
24:01.6Ben Nagy SBSENMEnfield & Haringey4:01.63:50.03-2.1 
34:15.2Paul Grange PBV35MHavering/Dagenham 884:15.23:57.57-3.0 
44:28.3Chris Hewitt  U20MRadley4:17.214:17.2128.5 
1500 SM B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:16.1Jamie Buckley-Stanton SBU23MHavering4:16.14:06.920.8 
24:22.9Ashley Witcomb  SENMBrighton & Hove4:20.04:17.113.0 
34:46.1AJ Kikwera PBSENMEnfield & Haringey4:46.14:46.138.3 
1500 SM ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:19.8Matthew Bland  V45MHavering/Eastern Masters/Brentwood RC4:19.163:50.02.1 
24:48.5Nathan Cons U23MB&H    
34:53.8Bradley West  U17MHavering4:43.54:43.528.5 
1500 SW A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:43.4Faye Fullerton SBSENWHavering4:43.44:10.248.5 
25:02.2Despina Aslam  U17WEnfield & Haringey5:01.124:56.8438.5 
35:24.6Katy Hedgethorne  SENWBrighton & Hove/Cambridge Uni Hare & Hounds4:48.184:37.462.1 
45:54.6Jess Anstice  U23WRadley/Cardiff Met Uni5:42.505:25.022.1 
1500 SW B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:44.6Vicky Smith PBSENWHavering/Birmingham Uni4:44.64:44.611.8 
25:28.8Ella Witt  U17WBrighton & Hove5:23.95:07.141.6 
1500 SW ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:19.4Sarah Wilson  U17WHavering4:54.894:54.8926.9 
3000 SW A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
110:47.6Robyn Matson SBSENWHavering10:47.610:07.597.8 
210:53.6Katy Hedgethorne PBSENWBrighton & Hove/Cambridge Uni Hare & Hounds10:30.09:36.842.1 
312:33.1Alison Smith SBV45WRadley12:33.112:15.9017.2 
3000 SW B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
110:59.0Camilla Bishop PBV40WBrighton & Hove/Steyning10:59.010:59.011.0 
211:19.0Gemma Phillips  U23WHavering/St. Mary's Uni11:04.411:00.8936.6 
5000 SM A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
115:37.1Howard Bristow  V35MBrighton & Hove/Crawley/Thames Hare & Hounds14:51.8814:38.19-1.6 
217:09.2Ian Anthony SBV35MHavering16:58.716:38.411.1 
5000 SM B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
115:50.9Andrew Donno SBSENMBrighton & Hove/Portsmouth Uni15:50.915:22.810.3 
217:52.9Martin Chester  V40MHavering17:29.317:29.33.3 
5000 SM ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:29.7Graham Godden  V45MBrighton & Hove16:10.5815:43.500.3 
219:28.6Christopher Coates SBSENMHavering/Unknown19:28.616:17.511.6 
322:20.4Christian Daly SENMDagen