Wavertree Mystery 5K Series
13 Jun 07
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:14   Paul Sankey  V35MLiverpool RC16:0715:411.6 
216:16   James Meldrum PBSENMLiverpool H16:1616:01  
316:23   Richard Shearer  V35MLiverpool H16:1515:41-0.1 
416:30   Alan Ashton  V35MLiverpool H16:1515:462.3 
516:40   Steve Freeman SBV35MLiverpool H16:4016:0214.5 
616:45   Simon McKevitt  V35MLiverpool H16:3316:2236.0 
 17:33   Nigel Grant SBV40MPenny Lane17:3316:425.7 
917:33   Nigel Grant SBV40MPenny Lane17:3316:425.7 
 17:37   Jenny Clague  SENWLiverpool H17:1216:5511.2 
1017:37   Jenny Clague  SENWLiverpool H17:1216:5511.2 
 17:41   Paul Schumann SBV40MRoby Runners17:4117:294.2 
1117:41   Paul Schumann SBV40MRoby Runners17:4117:294.2 
 18:37   Peter Maher  V50MVale Royal18:1617:1936.0 
2018:37   Peter Maher  V50MVale Royal18:1617:1936.0 
 19:17   Steve James  V65MSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters18:4816:4319.6 
2519:17   Steve James  V65MSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters18:4816:4319.6 
 20:11   Marina Ali  SENWLiverpool H19:4219:29  
3520:11   Marina Ali  SENWLiverpool H19:4219:29  
 20:18   Ann Eggington  V40WSouthport Waterloo20:0919:5736.0 
3620:18   Ann Eggington  V40WSouthport Waterloo20:0919:5736.0 
 20:42   Dave Evans PBV60MLancashire WC20:4220:4212.3 
3920:42   Dave Evans PBV60MLancashire WC20:4220:4212.3 
 21:14   Stan Erlam  V65MSt. Helens Sutton20:2420:2436.0 
4521:14   Stan Erlam  V65MSt. Helens Sutton20:2420:2436.0 
 22:53   Gen Williams SBV50WMossley Hill/Picton Sports Centre22:5322:2636.0 
6622:53   Gen Williams SBV50WMossley Hill/Picton Sports Centre22:5322:2636.0