Wessex Young Athletes' League External Results
13 Apr 14
800 1200 1500 

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800 U17M A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:09.8Sam Brown Araujo PBU17MPoole Runners2:00.61:54.001.9 
22:12.8Ashley Parker  U17MPoole AC2:03.562:03.5632.7 
32:12.8Samuel Davies PBU17MSwindon2:12.82:12.833.7 
800 U17M B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:22.5Connor Wright PBU17MPoole AC2:22.32:19.538.9 
800 U15M A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:19.9Daniel Cooke  U15MCamberley/Aldershot, Farnham & District2:14.341:56.28-2.7 
22:24.7Elliot Doughty PBU15MSwindon2:19.41:58.83.5 
32:27.4Joshua Reeves PBU15MNewbury2:22.52:22.536.8 
43:05.5George Croton PBU15MAldershot, Farnham & District3:02.33:02.353.9 
800 U15M B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:24.0Lawrence Gilfrin PBU15MAldershot, Farnham & District2:17.02:13.9617.5 
22:26.8Joseph Mitchell  U15MPoole Runners2:16.02:04.317.2 
32:31.8Nathan Heard  U15MCamberley2:27.12:27.149.2 
43:02.3Daine Ackers SBU15MSwindon3:02.32:24.728.5 
800 U15M ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:20.7Matthew Oakley PBU15MCamberley2:19.32:11.334.1 
22:40.1James Keymer  U15MCamberley/Winchester Uni2:27.32:08.012.6 
800 U13M A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:31.6Ben McIntyre PBU13MSwindon2:21.41:58.30-0.9 
22:31.8Josh Jack PBU13MPoole Runners2:29.42:16.710.3 
32:35.0Daniel Weston PBU13MAldershot, Farnham & District2:31.61:58.916.0 
42:37.2Jack Mawer PBU13MCamberley2:36.12:29.840.7 
52:52.3Rhys Ainsworth  U13MNewbury2:37.12:20.129.2 
800 U13M B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:36.6Elliot Pocock PBU13MAldershot, Farnham & District2:36.62:02.90.7 
22:50.3Henry Reeves SBU13MNewbury2:50.32:47.943.5 
32:58.4Dan Roche SBU13MCamberley2:58.42:33.742.8 
43:14.1Josh Land PBU13MPoole Runners3:14.13:14.154.0 
800 U13M ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
13:04.0Freddie Betts PBU13MNewbury3:04.03:04.054.0 
23:26.8Max Whitby PBU13MNewbury3:26.83:26.854.0 
800 U20W ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:51.9Sophie Hay  U15WCamberley2:48.92:47.434.3 
800 U17W A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:22.5Aiste Razmaite PBU17WPoole AC/Leicester Uni2:19.32:19.315.3 
22:23.3Molly Pocock  U17WAldershot, Farnham & District2:21.932:15.579.4 
32:29.6Alex Phillips  U17WPoole Runners2:26.02:23.4638.7 
800 U15W A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:30.3Izzy Fry  U15WNewbury2:19.22:17.3-1.8 
22:33.8Amelia Davis  U15WPoole AC2:25.12:25.140.6 
32:40.0Sophie Dove  U15WCamberley2:27.42:19.620.8 
42:45.9Molly Hyde PBU15WAldershot, Farnham & District2:45.92:45.932.4 
52:52.7Lita Short  U15WPoole Runners2:43.42:30.013.9 
62:54.5Saskia Collins PBU15WSwindon2:54.52:54.554.0 
800 U15W B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:42.5Jessica Chitty  U15WNewbury2:38.12:38.147.3 
22:42.7Megan Mawer  U15WCamberley2:29.42:29.445.6 
32:43.5Macy Godden  U15WPoole AC2:37.92:37.919.4 
42:49.7Becky Alexander SBU15WSwindon2:49.72:46.852.9 
52:52.3Gemma Drake  U15WAldershot, Farnham & District2:33.22:33.248.1 
800 U13W A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:40.9Katie Corbin SBU13WPoole AC2:38.062:38.0645.1 
22:41.6Ellie Krefting PBU13WNewbury2:31.782:31.7848.8 
32:58.7Sophie Hill PBU13WSwindon/Wiltshire Schs2:54.82:54.853.9 
43:01.1Emily Squibbs  U13WAldershot, Farnham & District2:51.12:51.123.4 
53:11.4Libby Howse PBU13WPoole Runners3:11.43:11.419.6 
800 U13W B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
13:03.0Georgina Robbins PBU13WSwindon3:03.02:49.131.1 
23:03.6Imogen Davis  U13WPoole AC3:03.12:53.736.4 
33:04.7Grace Twyford  U13WNewbury3:02.52:48.232.8 
1200 U13W A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:21.6Amy Dove  U13WCamberley4:17.84:00.516.5 
24:30.5Rachel Oram  U13WSwindon4:13.24:13.212.3 
34:42.1Katherine Jackson-Challen PBU13WAldershot, Farnham & District4:42.14:42.122.6 
1200 U13W B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:39.3Sophie Capel  U13WSwindon4:36.64:36.618.2 
1500 U20M ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:25.1Jack Fawcett PBU23MSwindon4:25.14:25.143.8 
1500 U17M A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:20.7Sam Brown Araujo  U17MPoole Runners4:15.03:59.41.9 
24:41.5Niall Instone  U17MPoole AC4:30.34:30.315.0 
1500 U15M A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:21.6Will Crisp PBU15MSwindon4:21.63:54.40-3.1 
24:43.6Aiden Grainger  U15MCamberley4:19.244:19.2425.7 
35:03.0Ben Wedlake PBU15MPoole Runners4:58.34:58.344.9 
45:10.0Benji Fry PBU15MNewbury5:10.05:10.047.5 
55:12.1Kye Nash PBU15MAldershot, Farnham & District5:12.15:12.148.6 
1500 U15M B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:52.2James Fleming  U15MCamberley4:40.74:39.0137.4 
25:02.3Isaac McAdam PBU15MSwindon4:54.44:08.570.3 
35:09.0Oliver Howse SBU15MPoole Runners4:52.54:52.543.0 
1500 U15M ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:54.0Max Heyden  U15MCamberley4:29.553:47.28-4.6 
1500 U13M A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:59.2Luke Mann PBU13MCamberley4:55.24:39.19.1 
25:28.5Owen Silcox PBU13MPoole Runners5:14.75:05.440.3 
35:30.3Edward Fry PBU13MNewbury5:30.35:30.345.3 
46:26.5Kieran Kirby  U13MSwindon6:25.766:25.7654.0 
1500 U13M B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:22.0Cameron San Emeterio  U13MCamberley5:21.85:16.935.5 
25:56.3Tobias Allen  U13MNewbury5:40.24:36.59.8 
1500 U13M ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:46.5Hugh Beattie  U13MNewbury5:44.974:36.215.4 
1500 U17W A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:12.3Charlotte Dannatt  U17WCamberley4:47.574:24.52-0.3 
25:13.0Emma Martin PBU17WPoole AC5:13.04:51.818.2 
1500 U17W B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:29.6Sarah Heddle  U17WCamberley5:01.685:01.6838.5 
1500 U15W A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:09.1Lizzie Squibbs  U15WAldershot, Farnham & District4:56.94:48.226.9 
25:23.2Lucy Sturton  U15WCamberley5:04.85:04.844.3 
35:42.8Annie Chitty SBU15WNewbury5:42.85:35.049.6 
45:58.8Chloe Hayward SBU15WSwindon5:58.85:08.6133.6 
1500 U15W B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:26.0Amy Ratcliffe  U15WAldershot, Farnham & District5:15.845:10.7833.5