Belfast Victoria parkrun # 143 External Results
Belfast Victoria
25 Jan 14
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
1NT   Michael Thompson  V35MOrangegrove17:4417:4431.6 
10NT   Andrew Allen V45MUnattached    
11NT   Jonathan Martin  V40MUnattached21:4720:5911.4 
12NT   Chris Downey  V35MUnattached19:2917:573.1 
13NT   Paul Wilson  SENMUnattached21:2120:2610.3 
14NT   Gavin Leslie Marshall  V35MUnattached23:1020:0236.0 
15NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
16NT   Malcolm Guy  V55MUnattached21:3121:3115.7 
17NT   Ivan Prue  V40MUnattached21:2919:478.3 
18NT   Peter Mckenzie  V40MUnattached23:3321:5528.7 
19NT   Colin Colligan  V50MUnattached23:1821:3613.5 
2NT   Keith Purdy  S30MAnnadale15:3915:391.1 
20NT   Colin McCrum V45MUnattached    
21NT   Jason Lanyon V40MUnattached    
22NT   Michael Samuel Ennis V35MUnattached    
23NT   Patrick Martin  V50MUnattached22:0321:3513.7 
24NT   John Proctor  V55MWillowfield23:2522:4919.5 
25NT   Colin Sykes V40MOrangegrove Athletics Club    
26NT   Andrew Hassard S30MUnattached    
27NT   Martyn Weir V45MUnattached    
28NT   Colin Haddick  V65MUnattached23:4323:1616.3 
29NT   Ashleigh Collim  SENWUnattached21:5621:5111.9 
3NT   David Proctor  S30MWillowfield17:2917:201.6 
30NT   Hannah Macleod  S30WUnattached23:1923:1916.7 
31NT   Stephen Markwell  V55MOrangegrove23:5623:5624.1 
32NT   Simon Doyle  V35MUnattached20:0817:203.7 
33NT   Cathy Fraser  V40WUnattached23:4622:2515.2 
34NT   Ronan McCormick V40MUnattached    
35NT   Trevor Murphy  V60MDub Runners of Belfast24:0124:0122.5 
36NT   Emma Smith  V35WOrangegrove24:4522:3222.1 
37NT   Reg Sanlon  V60MBelfast RC23:1923:1515.0 
38NT   Colin Graydon V50MUnattached    
39NT   James Mc Cotter V45MUnattached    
4NT   Thomas Carson  V40MWillowfield17:3417:132.4 
40NT   Alison Bingham V35WUnattached    
41NT   Selina Myles  SENWUp and Runners25:2125:2119.4 
42NT   Janice Sheppey V45WNorth Down AC    
43NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
44NT   Lance Swarbrick V40MUnattached    
45NT   Denise Tweed  V40WDub Runners of Belfast25:2725:1120.5 
46NT   Kathy Mayhew  V45WDub Runners of Belfast25:1524:1416.3 
47NT   Barry Graydon S30MJog Belfast    
48NT   Paul Quinn V45MUnattached    
49NT   Gordon Crozier S30MUnattached    
5NT   Des Husin  V45MUnattached19:1119:116.8 
50NT   Stuart McLean V40MUnattached    
51NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
52NT   Thomas Mckinstry  V45MNorth Belfast26:2523:0916.8 
53NT   Claire Quinn U15WUnattached    
54NT   Janice Rosemary Mccartney  V45WUnattached27:1126:3430.5 
55NT   Allen Shaw V50MUnattached    
56NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
57NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
58NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
59NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6NT   Paul Cordner  V35MOrangegrove20:2419:2218.7 
60NT   Andy Coles V45MUnattached    
61NT   Michael Gilmore V45MBallydrain Harriers    
62NT   Karen Markwell  V55WUnattached28:1627:4335.8 
63NT   Barrie McClure S30MUnattached    
64NT   Susi Wakely V35WUnattached    
65NT   Jaroslav Gal V35MUnattached    
66NT   Owain Evans V35MUnattached    
67NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
68NT   Eoin Armstrong U15MUnattached    
69NT   Nigel Armstrong V45MUnattached    
7NT   Jennifer Black  V35WBelfast Association of Rockclimbers & Fellrunners18:1418:145.2 
70NT   Sarah Johnston S30WUnattached    
71NT   Sarah Harvey  SENWUnattached34:2832:1036.0 
72NT   Lemuel Black  V35MUnattached18:3517:217.9 
8NT   Nathan Robinson  SENMUnattached20:3719:137.3 
9NT   Neill Ritchie  V35MUnattached19:5019:1118.0