Nick Holmes
Fleet & Crookham
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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a Polar heart rate monitor.

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HM94:38Isle of Wight Half Marathon1.8-0.620 Aug 17+
10K44:50Alice Holt 10K3.3-0.223 Sep 17+
Mar3:26:27Isle of Wight Marathon2.8-0.48 Oct 17+
Mar3:18:56Virgin London Marathon1.1-0.223 Apr 17+
Mar3:27:11Kent Coastal Marathon2.8-0.23 Sep 17+
HM94:42BHF Bournemouth Bay Half Marathon0.80.92 Apr 17
Mar3:25:30Zurich Marató Barcelona0.81.812 Mar 17
Mar3:26:29Isle of Wight Marathon3.0-0.29 Oct 16
10K41:39Fleet Peter Driver Memorial 10K0.5-0.123 Oct 16
HM95:19Gosport Half Marathon0.91.120 Nov 16
Mar3:32:20Kent Coastal Marathon3.60.44 Sep 16
HM96:55Isle of Wight Half Marathon2.60.121 Aug 16
Mar3:54:43Meon Valley Marathon6.02.46 Nov 16
10K44:56Alton Sports Hampshire League1.81.83 Dec 16
10K42:38Brading 10K1.60.226 Jun 16
HM1:42:08Farnborough Winter Half Marathon0.74.222 Jan 17
HM1:45:06Needles Half Marathon5.90.729 May 16
Mar4:12:00Hampshire Hoppit Marathon6.05.218 Jun 17
Mar3:45:28Halstead & Essex Marathon6.00.68 May 16
10K43:35Alresford 10K2.20.619 Jun 16
HM92:35Brooks Fleet Pre-London Half Marathon0.30.920 Mar 16
Mar3:29:29Taunton Marathon1.81.73 Apr 16
HM94:10Wokingham Half Marathon0.71.221 Feb 16
10M82:43Ryde 101.76.65 Feb 17
10M73:53Ryde 102.01.87 Feb 16
Mar3:29:43Isle of Wight Marathon3.00.511 Oct 15
Mar3:39:42Virgin London Marathon0.94.624 Apr 16
10K48:47Alton Sports Hampshire League4.72.97 Nov 15
Mar3:20:51Virgin London Marathon0.80.926 Apr 15
5M35:52Overton 51.82.56 Sep 15
10K44:38Ropley 10K2.21.724 May 15
HM92:19Wokingham Half Marathon0.41.08 Feb 15
Mar3:23:41Kent Coastal Marathon3.6-0.37 Sep 14
Mar3:59:41Meon Valley Marathon3.06.322 Nov 15
20M2:32:15Bramley 200.82.615 Feb 15
10M72:43Ryde 101.71.81 Feb 15
11.8K65:02Hampshire County Championships5.47.39 Jan 16
HM93:26Isle of Wight Half Marathon2.0-0.117 Aug 14
Mar3:33:46Cornish Marathon2.82.616 Nov 14
10K41:13Ropley 10K1.8-1.025 May 14
HM1:43:42BHF Bournemouth Bay Half Marathon1.84.312 Apr 15
Mar3:57:18Halstead & Essex Marathon3.85.110 May 15
10K43:39Gibbet Hill 10K3.4-0.29 Jul 14
10K41:57Yateley 10K Series1.20.36 Aug 14
Mar3:13:38Virgin London Marathon1.3-0.113 Apr 14
10K41:32Yateley 10K Series1.10.02 Jul 14
10K41:47Brading 10K1.20.229 Jun 14
10M69:48Alton 101.9-0.111 May 14
Mar3:27:30Milton Keynes Marathon3.01.15 May 14
10K41:20Yateley 10K Series0.70.24 Jun 14
15K76:29South of England AA Championships4.64.424 Jan 15
Mar3:36:55Isle of Wight Marathon2.04.012 Oct 14
HM93:21BHF Bournemouth Bay Half Marathon1.80.130 Mar 14
HM91:27Fleet Half Marathon1.00.016 Mar 14
10M69:02Ryde 101.6-0.32 Feb 14
Mar3:20:59New Forest Marathon3.80.822 Sep 13
20M2:29:27Bramley 201.21.416 Feb 14
10K43:50Alresford 10K1.22.215 Jun 14
HM93:46Surrey Half Marathon0.81.39 Mar 14
Mar3:24:19Isle of Wight Marathon2.03.36 Oct 13
5M33:13Overton 51.32.07 Sep 13
HM96:29Isle of Wight Half Marathon2.82.418 Aug 13
10K40:46Yateley 10K Series0.81.43 Jul 13
Mar3:15:03Virgin London Marathon1.32.121 Apr 13
Mar3:44:32Cornish Marathon3.26.217 Nov 13
10K42:15Yateley 10K Series1.02.75 Jun 13
10K43:29Yateley 10K Series0.64.37 Aug 13
10K42:33Brading 10K0.43.616 Jun 13
10K40:41Fleet 10K0.22.028 Oct 12
Mar3:19:18Halstead & Essex Marathon (inc Essex Championships)3.60.713 May 12
10M72:33Ryde 101.04.33 Feb 13
Mar3:26:45Luton Marathon1.84.018 Nov 12
Mar3:13:55Virgin London Marathon1.51.722 Apr 12
HM97:48Isle of Wight Half Marathon3.42.319 Aug 12
HM88:33Wokingham Half Marathon0.8-0.121 Feb 10
HM87:05Fleet Pre-London Half Marathon0.8-0.821 Mar 10
7M50:12Newport To Ryde 71.03.73 Apr 10
Mar3:12:55Taunton Marathon1.01.011 Apr 10
Mar3:03:29Virgin London Marathon1.1-1.125 Apr 10
Mar3:23:49Halstead & Essex Marathon1.03.39 May 10
10K40:46Ropley 10K2.6-1.330 May 10
10K44:55Alice Holt Forest Races 10K2.42.912 Sep 10
Mar3:20:45Isle of Wight Marathon1.02.73 Oct 10
HM88:04Barns Green Half Marathon1.1-0.631 Oct 10
HM85:03Gosport Half Marathon0.3-1.221 Nov 10
10M81:52Ryde 101.49.16 Feb 11
Mar3:18:12Virgin London Marathon1.52.617 Apr 11
7M57:45Newport To Ryde 71.510.323 Apr 11
Mar3:19:09Halstead & Essex Marathon (inc Essex Championships)3.60.78 May 11
10K41:10Ropley 10K1.61.029 May 11
10K41:34Brading 10K0.42.619 Jun 11
10K45:36Gibbet Hill 10K2.84.113 Jul 11
HM1:41:21Isle of Wight Half Marathon3.24.121 Aug 11
Mar3:31:14Kent Coastal Marathon2.64.24 Sep 11
Mar3:35:36Farnham Pilgrim Marathon5.02.618 Sep 11
Mar3:52:07New Forest Marathon3.27.725 Sep 11
Mar3:25:27Isle of Wight Marathon2.03.69 Oct 11
HM90:49Barns Green Half Marathon (inc Sussex Championships)0.91.830 Oct 11
10M70:18Ryde 101.03.05 Feb 12
20M2:35:57Bramley 200.85.512 Feb 12
HM92:16Wokingham Half Marathon0.03.319 Feb 12
HM89:09Fleet Half Marathon0.71.225 Mar 12
Mar3:12:11Taunton Marathon1.21.61 Apr 12
7M65:32Newport to Ryde 73.014.47 Apr 12
HM98:36Needles Half Marathon3.42.727 May 12
10K52:30Gibbet Hill 10K3.69.511 Jul 12
50M9:21:55Centurion North Downs Way 501.514.711 Aug 12
Mar3:54:25Kent Coastal Marathon3.67.72 Sep 12
Mar3:25:54Isle of Wight Marathon1.24.57 Oct 12
HM98:06Wokingham Half Marathon0.45.510 Feb 13
50M9:26:54North Downs Way 501.515.118 May 13

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XC48:43Hampshire League9 Oct 10
XCNTToday's Runner League4 Dec 11
MT2:29:58Milland Valley 135 Aug 12
XC47:50Hampshire League13 Oct 12
XC38:54Hampshire League10 Nov 12
XC43:46Hampshire League1 Dec 12
XCNTToday's Runner Winter League9 Dec 12
XCNTSouthern Cross Country League8 Dec 13
XCNTSouthern League7 Dec 14
XCNTSouthern League28 Dec 14
XCNTSouthern League13 Dec 15
XCNTSouthern League13 Nov 16
XCNTSouthern League11 Dec 16