Michael Rimmer
Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
Age Group:
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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a Polar heart rate monitor.

 Rewards Running 2017 competition runs until September 2017

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Time  Hrs  Mins  Secs

8001:47.98Cork City Sports0.80.118 Jul 17+
8001:47.91Spitzen Leichtathletik0.80.111 Jul 17+
8001:48.29IAAF World Challenge Meeting1.00.021 May 17+
1M4:04.4New Balance 5th Avenue Mile0.41.410 Sep 17+
8001:46.72IAAF World Challenge Meeting0.40.110 Jun 17+
8001:46.89Memorial Francisco Ramón Higueras - Jaén Paraíso Interior0.40.22 Jun 17
8001:47.56Meeting Iberoamericano de Atletismo0.60.214 Jun 17
8001:50.37British Athletics Championships0.90.81 Jul 17
8001:49.90Trafford AC Grand Prix0.21.315 Aug 17
8001:48.83USATF Distance Classic0.40.818 May 17
8001:45.99Olympic Games0.4-0.112 Aug 16
8001:46.80Olympic Games0.40.213 Aug 16
8001:45.38IAAF Diamond League0.2-0.115 Jul 16
8001:46.13Memoriał Janusza Kusocińskiego0.4-0.218 Jun 16
8001:44.93Míting Internacional Ciutat de Barcelona0.0-0.130 Jun 16
1M4:12Great North City Games1.81.110 Sep 16
8001:48.78British Athletics Championships0.80.226 Jun 16
8001:46.63Spitzen Leichtathletik0.6-0.214 Jun 16
8001:46.72IAAF World Challenge Meeting0.40.018 May 16
8001:50.77British Athletics Championships0.80.825 Jun 16
15003:42.30Occidental Invitational1.20.17 May 16
8001:47.44IAAF Diamond League Meeting0.60.014 May 16
8001:47.67Sainsbury’s Glasgow Grand Prix inc Scottish National Junior Relay Championships0.50.320 Feb 16
8001:48.13AIT International Grand Prix0.50.517 Feb 16
8001:49.72Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe0.50.96 Feb 16
1K2:44Great Edinburgh Cross Country International (Inc Scottish Inter District Championships)6.00.69 Jan 16
15003:49.14British Athletics Championships0.51.827 Feb 16
8001:45.97IAAF Diamond League0.4-0.130 Jul 15
8001:45.67Sainsbury's Anniversary Games0.20.025 Jul 15
8001:48.70IAAF World Championships0.30.822 Aug 15
8001:45.75Meeting Madrid0.4-0.211 Jul 15
8001:47.62Grand Prix Sopotu im. Janusza Sidły0.60.227 Jun 15
8001:47.25Spitzen Leichathletik0.40.314 Jul 15
8001:49.10Sainsbury's British Championships0.50.84 Jul 15
8001:50.04Sainsbury's British Championships0.51.05 Jul 15
8001:46.71Commonwealth Games0.8-0.231 Jul 14
8001:47.64Commonwealth Games0.80.029 Jul 14
8001:47.70Commonwealth Games0.80.130 Jul 14
8001:48.51European Championships0.50.612 Aug 14
8001:45.89Sainsbury's Glasgow Grand Prix0.20.112 Jul 14
8001:48.00British Athletics UK Championships (Inc European Trials)0.70.328 Jun 14
8001:47.95Reunión Internacional de Atletismo "Villa de Bilbao"0.60.321 Jun 14
8001:46.75IAAF Diamond League0.60.014 Jun 14
8001:49.65British Athletics UK Championships (Inc European Trials)0.70.827 Jun 14
8001:47.82BMC Gold Standard Races0.00.91 Jul 14
8001:49.55Prefontaine Classic IAAF Diamond League0.60.830 May 14
8001:48.42USATF High Performance Distance Classic0.40.715 May 14
15003:42.41British Athletics Grand Prix0.50.815 Feb 14
8001:45.34Diamond League Weltklasse Zurich0.6-0.229 Aug 13
8001:46.09IAAF World Challenge Rieti Meeting 20130.40.08 Sep 13
8001:46.19Diamond League Belgacom Memorial Van Damme0.40.06 Sep 13
8001:46.29ISTAF0.40.01 Sep 13
10002:18.99Gugl Games0.60.626 Aug 13
8001:45.47IAAF World Championships0.40.110 Aug 13
1M4:10Great North City Games2.00.614 Sep 13
8001:45.46Sainsbury's Anniversary Games0.00.526 Jul 13
8001:45.34Sollentuna GP0.40.027 Jun 13
8001:47.06IAAF World Championships0.40.611 Aug 13
8001:45.51IAAF World Challenge Fanny Blankers-Koen Games0.6-0.18 Jun 13
8001:45.34IAAF World Challenge Moscow Challenge0.40.011 Jun 13
8001:47.79Sainsbury's British Championships0.60.614 Jul 13
8001:44.97Diamond League Doha0.6-0.310 May 13
8001:48.86Sainsbury's British Championships0.60.913 Jul 13
1M4:04Westminster Mile1.50.626 May 13
8001:49.49Internationales Pfingstsportfest0.61.120 May 13
10002:19.20XL Galan0.50.721 Feb 13
8001:46.55British Athletics Grand Prix0.50.316 Feb 13
8001:51.04European Athletics Indoor Championships0.51.71 Mar 13
8001:45.06Samsung Diamond League0.40.030 Aug 12
10002:17.13Gugl Games0.60.120 Aug 12
8001:46.42ISTAF Berlin0.60.22 Sep 12
8001:47.31Rieti 2012 IAAF World Challenge0.60.49 Sep 12
8001:47.70Aviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships1.00.224 Jun 12
8001:47.01BMC Grand Prix0.20.821 Jul 12
8001:49.05Olympic Games0.41.26 Aug 12
8001:46.71Fanny Blankers-Koen Games0.40.527 May 12
8001:50.78Aviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships1.01.123 Jun 12
8001:44.86Samsung Diamond League0.00.311 May 12
15003:47.70BMC Gold Standard Races0.32.122 Apr 12
8001:47.11IAAF World Championships0.30.727 Aug 11
8001:47.64Aviva World Trials & UK Championships0.90.231 Jul 11
8001:48.93Aviva World Trials & UK Championships0.90.630 Jul 11
8001:50.46Aviva World Trials & UK Championships0.91.129 Jul 11
8001:47.14Aviva British Grand Prix0.30.710 Jul 11
8001:46.79FBK Games0.60.329 May 11
8001:45.12Samsung Diamond League0.40.06 May 11
8001:47.68Samsung Diamond League0.60.626 May 11
10M55:47Stockport 101.30.011 Dec 11
15003:38.91Trafford Invitational 1500m0.30.825 Apr 11
8001:43.89IAAF World Challenge Meeting0.0-0.229 Aug 10
8001:45.91IAAF / VTB Bank Continental Cup0.40.25 Sep 10
8001:45.11DN Galan IAAF Diamond League0.6-0.26 Aug 10
15003:41.1Trafford Open Medal Meeting1.40.018 Apr 10
8001:46.29IAAF World Challenge Meeting0.60.124 Apr 10
8001:47.87BMC Gold Standard Races0.80.44 May 10
8001:45.96IAAF Diamond League0.60.014 May 10
8001:46.47Zlatá Tretra IAAF World Challenge Meeting0.60.227 May 10
8001:44.98IAAF Diamond League0.4-0.14 Jun 10
8001:45.62European Team Championships0.6-0.120 Jun 10
8001:49.79Aviva European Trials and UK Championships0.71.125 Jun 10
8001:48.19Aviva European Trials and UK Championships0.70.626 Jun 10
8001:47.22Aviva European Trials and UK Championships0.70.327 Jun 10
8001:44.49Athletissima IAAF Diamond League0.20.08 Jul 10
8001:49.99European Championships0.41.528 Jul 10
8001:47.67European Championships0.40.829 Jul 10
8001:47.17European Championships0.40.631 Jul 10
8001:46.51Aviva London Grand Prix Diamond League0.10.713 Aug 10

Order By:

XC36:15Manchester Area League3 Dec 11
800DQBritish Athletics Championships27 Feb 16
1500DNFBritish Athletics Championships28 Feb 16
1000DNFIAAF Diamond League Meeting25 Aug 16
1500DNFStanford Invitational31 Mar 17
1500DNFPayton Jordan Invitational5 May 17
800DNFGuldendensporenmeeting8 Jul 17
800DNFBrussels Grand Prix9 Jul 17