Fritton Lake parkrun # 52 External Results
Fritton Lake
4 May 13
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
121:24   Simon Asher  S30MBungay Black Dog20:3220:0130.2 
221:57   Jonathan Bravo SENMUnattached    
322:38   Ian Taylor  V45MBungay Black Dog20:5918:4512.5 
422:43   Andrew Hammond PBV55MNorfolk Gazelles22:0620:3410.4 
523:00   John Cowan SBV35MOtley23:0022:5229.6 
623:54   Robert Gregory  SENMUnattached22:1421:1611.1 
723:57   Stuart Lawn PBS30MBungay Black Dog23:5721:2817.4 
824:28   Karen Manning  S25WGreat Yarmouth RR23:4322:5518.0 
924:34   Tabatha Sims  V40WUnattached22:5922:3118.0 
1024:48   Gary McDonald PBS25MLowestoft22:0520:489.5 
1124:53   Sophie Bell  U18WBungay Black Dog23:1521:1815.7 
1224:53   Marcus Andrew Sladden  U20MBungay Black Dog17:3616:573.3 
1325:55   Shona Bendix  V45WBungay Black Dog24:4124:4130.4 
1426:39   Nicola Baker  V45WGreat Yarmouth RR23:1020:5510.0 
1527:12   Janet Ivers V40WUnattached    
1627:33   Steven Alderson V50MUnattached    
1727:54   Laura Hind PBS30WOtley27:2526:4118.3 
1828:32   Jackie Bell  V50WBungay Black Dog25:5525:1922.3 
1930:15   Helen Horn  V50WUnattached26:5526:5225.2 
2045:45   Greg Mutimet SENMUnattached    
2145:46   Samantha Duvall SENWUnattached    
2245:48   Kevin Storey V35MUnattached