Yeovil Town RRC Summer 5K Series
9 May 07
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
115:23   Daniel Moore  V45MBristol & West/Midland Masters15:0615:06  
215:31   John Porter PBV35MArmy15:3115:310.5 
315:32   Julian Emery SBV35MClevedon/South West Vets15:2515:178.7 
416:01   Billy Sheppard PBSENMClevedon15:5115:2928.6 
516:12   Jonathan Gilling PBSENMWells City/Yeovil16:1216:123.6 
616:18   Iain Stuart  SENMBristol & West15:5215:5221.4 
716:23   Chris Burton PBV35MYeovil Town16:2316:2336.0 
816:24   Mike Blackmore  SENMBitton15:5815:583.6 
916:35   Tim Hawkins  V35MYeovil Town16:2516:194.0 
1016:39   Paul Rose  V40MYeovil Town16:3116:304.2 
 17:10   Steve Hollier  V55MClevedon/South West Vets17:0617:0612.1 
 17:13   Kevin Sparey  V50MAvon Valley/South West Vets17:0616:5824.0 
 17:31   Dickie Wythe  V50MWells City/Yeovil/South West Vets17:0316:0736.0 
 17:33   Leslie Lock  V55MWells City/South West Vets17:0917:0911.1 
 17:39   Brett Flook  V40MAvon Valley17:3317:3336.0 
 18:13   Anthony Sprules  V50MFrome18:1018:109.9 
 18:13   Karen Buckley PBV35WWells City/Newport18:1318:13  
 18:27   Brett Sadler PBV50MBristol & West18:1117:5710.1 
 18:31   Rebekah Randell PBSENWBristol & West18:3117:0834.4 
 18:39   Nick Brooke PBV50MYeovil Town18:2518:256.4 
 18:52   Chris Kelsey PBV50MWells City18:5218:5215.9 
 19:00   Martin Lascelles SBV50MYeovil Town18:3317:374.4 
 19:46   Jim Hill PBV60MLangport19:4619:4636.0 
 20:39   Gordon Wiltshire SBV70MCity of Salisbury20:3920:3136.0 
 23:01   Marion Colman  V55WWells City22:4722:4736.0