Champagne League External Results
Wauldby Green
19 Jun 12
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
150:53   Matthew Hayes V40MEast Hull0.8 
251:48   Gareth Young SENMCity of Hull2.6 
353:02   Jim Rogers V45MCity of Hull/East Hull3.1 
453:09   Joseph Kirkup SENMEast Hull11.6 
553:21   Tony Burgin V45MHull Springhead4.1 
654:11   Thomas McKee SENMCity of Hull8.4 
754:25   Nigel Sisson V40MEast Hull2.0 
854:45   Lewis Holloway V40MBeverley1.7 
955:37   Stephen Rennie V55MCity of Hull3.1 
1055:46   Darren Rodmell V35MBeverley7.3 
1156:26   Daniel Barrass SENMHull Springhead4.7 
1257:35   Mark Dalton V50MBeverley5.4 
1358:01   Gary Slater SENMCity of Hull23.4 
1458:09   Yannick Peron V40MCity of Hull18.6 
1558:21   James Mcgiven V45MBeverley33.1 
1659:10   Paul Body V35MCity of Hull9.5 
1759:14   Owen Williams SENMKingston upon Hull/City of Hull2.5 
1859:35   Trevor Misson V50MCity of Hull29.6 
1959:36   Brian Ward V50MCity of Hull4.6 
2059:43   Richard Watson V40MCity of Hull25.3 
2159:50   Paul D Clark V40MBeverley9.6 
2260:42   Andrew Hemmings SENMCity of Hull3.8 
2361:03   James Abel V50MHull Springhead8.5 
2461:07   Paul Cartwright V55MHull Springhead7.0 
2561:10   Andrew Tate V50MBeverley9.0 
2661:13   David Bell SENMWhite City (Hull)9.4 
2762:27   Steven Dawber V35MCity of Hull19.9 
2862:37   Becky Fielding-smith V40WCity of Hull27.6 
2962:41   Stephen Williets V45MBeverley21.5 
3062:48   Lucas Meagor V35MBeverley6.7 
3163:05   Amanda Dean V50WWest Hull13.5 
3263:06   Steve Parkinson V50MBeverley/Barracuda TC10.9 
3363:21   Alan Flint V60MBeverley8.2 
3463:25   Katie Dunn SENWCity of Hull23.5 
3564:07   David Anderson V50MEast Hull16.8 
3664:24   Alexandra Campbell V35WHull Springhead/City of Hull28.1 
3764:24   Charlotte Parker U20WCity of Hull14.6 
3864:29   Niki Whitaker V35WCity of Hull11.2 
3964:30   Peter Watkinson V60MBeverley13.9 
4064:40   Pam Richards V40WCity of Hull33.0 
4164:47   Roy Steele V50MBeverley20.0 
4264:47   Toby May U17MCity of Hull15.8 
4365:16   Elliot Hakner SENMBeverley12.7 
4465:20   Clare Nicholson V40WCity of Hull35.2 
4565:24   Ian McCoid V50MCity of Hull8.3 
4665:31   Daniel Hammond V35MBeverley15.1 
4765:34   Mark Gadie SENMEast Hull9.9 
4866:27   Carla Stansfield U23WStockport/Beverley2.5 
4966:37   Fiona Robinson V45WCity of Hull17.2 
5067:00   Graham Naylor V60MWhite City (Hull)10.6 
5167:04   Stuart Buchan V50MCity of Hull11.9 
5267:29   Ian Tasker V40MWhite City (Hull)13.4 
5368:53   Julie Donald V40WBeverley33.6 
5469:41   Graham Wilkinson V55MEast Hull10.7 
5570:38   Kenneth Barnes V70MEast Hull29.1 
5670:42   Tania Cream V45WCity of Hull15.1 
5771:10   Derek Ricketts V55MCity of Hull20.0 
5871:19   Bill Grieve V50MBeverley33.9 
5972:39   Tina Wardropper V45WBeverley29.4 
6073:27   Christopher Matthews V45MBeverley33.6 
6173:30   Brian Richardson V65MBeverley36.0 
6274:18   Kevin McManus V55MCity of Hull21.7 
6374:24   Steven M Dawson V50MWhite City (Hull)31.3 
6474:40   Alex GuymerV55MCOH  
6574:43   Stephen Coveney V60MCity of Hull15.5 
6674:44   Stuart Thomson V55MCity of Hull30.3 
6775:05   Andrew Gray V35MBeverley17.1 
6875:16   Christine Parkinson V45WCity of Hull36.0 
6975:16   Judith Lawtey V55WCity of Hull23.4 
7075:22   Tim Simpson V35MEast Hull22.9 
7175:43   Tony Beck V40MBeverley35.6 
7275:45   Neil Plummer V50MHull Springhead36.0 
7376:19   Geoffrey Probert V60MWhite City (Hull)19.4 
7477:20   Stuart Black V45MCity of Hull21.5 
7577:21   Mike O'Brien V50MCity of Hull17.3 
7678:01   Zoe Jameson U23WWest Hull22.1 
7779:26   Stephen Brotherton V40MBeverley19.8 
7879:45   Steven John Hadley V45MBeverley32.5 
7980:56   Chris Chadwick V40MWhite City (Hull)36.0 
8082:22   Andrew Meese V35MBeverley19.0 
8182:32   Timothy Welbourn V55MCity of Hull23.4 
8283:05   Mark Harrison V40MCity of Hull36.0 
8383:30   Jeffrey Copping V60MCity of Hull23.4 
8483:37   Kristina Rose SENWWhite City (Hull)22.3 
8583:37   Laura Curtis SENWWhite City (Hull)36.0 
8684:02   Andrew Clarke V45MWhite City (Hull)36.0 
8785:24   AN Other      
8885:36   Pam Atkins V65WBeverley23.9 
8985:59   Jill Jameson V50WWest Hull20.0 
9087:02   Frank Harrison V70MCity of Hull25.7 
9187:06   Adrienne Stansfield V40WWhite City (Hull)32.0 
9288:02   Janet Evers V55WWhite City (Hull)33.8 
9389:50   Verity Pick SENWWest Hull26.5 
9491:01   Sue Reast V45WCity of Hull21.0 
9591:58   Julie Thomson V50WCity of Hull28.2 
9692:34   Steve Oliver V55MCity of Hull36.0 
9795:05   Peter McNally V70MBeverley36.0 
9896:10   Katie May V45WCity of Hull28.3 
9999:00   Mary Carrick V60WEast Hull/Beverley31.6