St Davids Day 5K (Inc Welsh Champs) External Results
4 Mar 12

From race organiser: ''At the recent St Davids Day 5k, which incorporated the 2012 Welsh 5km Championships, it is now confirmed that some of the athletes ran a shortened course, erroneously cutting a corner at the 4.2km mark. The leader completed the correct route with the next 23 athletes running a 62 metre reduction in the length of the course, which equates to approximately 10 – 12.5 seconds for these athletes.

The organisers apologise to those affected by this error.

It is confirmed that from 25th to 430th position that the 5km distance was accurate. The unfortunate circumstances affected the leader at the time, Dewi Griffiths who was following the lead bike and on the correct route, causing him to stop in the confusion, in a race he was likely to win. The next 23 runners followed the wrong path despite being shown the route by the marshals. In consideration of this, Run Wales points will be allocated to him.''
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
114:52   Ieuan Thomas  U23MCardiff/Cardiff Met Uni14:3914:07-3.7 
214:53   Marc Hobbs  SENMSwansea14:4814:32-3.7 
315:02   James Thie  SENMCardiff/Cardiff Met Uni15:1214:36-2.7 
415:06   Adam Bitchell  U23MCardiff/Cardiff Met Uni14:4214:425.8 
515:11   Tom Phillips PBU23MWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Cardiff Met Uni 15:530.3 
615:13   Chris Carpanini PBU20MNewport15:1514:39-0.1 
715:15   Richard Gardiner  V35MAberdare Valley 14:481.4 
915:19   Michael Kallenberg  U23MCardiff/Cardiff Met Uni/Ingli15:2814:44-4.5 
1015:41   Johnathan Morgan PBU23MNewport/Cardiff Met Uni15:2815:286.5 
1115:48   Joshua Griffiths  U20MCarmarthen15:2914:19-5.4 
1215:50   Nathaniel Lane  V35MCardiff 14:570.6 
1315:51   Helen Jenkins PBSENWBridgend 16:2030.3 
1416:03   Caryl Jones PBSENWSwansea/Taf Running & Orienteering (TROTS) 16:52-0.4 
1516:05   Gwynant Jones PBU17MMaldwyn16:0716:0717.6 
1616:12   Martin Rees  V55MUnattached16:3814:515.9 
1716:30   Edward Donovan  SENMLes Croupiers16:2915:58-0.3 
1816:37   Elsidig Ibrahim  V35MCardiff16:1216:127.4 
1916:40   Tom Davis  U20MPorthcawl Runners17:1416:3821.5 
2016:42   Daryll Barnby PBSENMFairwater16:2515:591.4 
2116:46   Rob Sheen  V50MLeicester/Welsh Masters 14:333.0 
2216:48   Andrea Whitcombe  V40WSwansea16:4516:374.9 
2316:49   Evan Wynne PBU17MNewport16:5116:5124.4 
2416:54   Alaw Beynon-Thomas PBU23WSwansea17:2916:561.3